Path of Exile is Coming to Xbox One!

Wtf. That UI is hum, quite ugly tbh.
Maybe a single player version for both pc and xbox? With better currency drops for ssf and less shitty mmo-like master grinding? That's the reason why poe stopped being fun and i went back to d2 personally.
This game absolutely isn't turning into Diablo 3
Wahou didn't expect this Oo!
what about playstation?
How will this affect the main game development time in terms of putting priorities in balancing the two very different play styles that will come while being on console vs pc?

How will xbox users access from the coutch? AH confirmed?
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Checks calendar. Not April yet.

Hope the best for you, but really? ARPGs have historically done poorly on consoles. Might be the time for one though. Will wait for the reviews.

Wonder if this means were getting a trade interface soon... can't imagine the Xbox crowd using PoEtrade.
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Woah, good luck! hope its a success.

Keep up the greatness GGG
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