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Attributes are being calculated incorrectly(I assume due to jewels), and that's causing errors in other stats, I assume.

My account, so I can check attributes, life, and ES all in-game and verify.
Generate POB import code doesn't seem to be working.


since the update yesterday 11.14.18 you cannot see the skill tree anymore.

Big TY for the work you did - its really helpfull to help other players.

Hi! How i can transfer my favorites and saved builds to another browser?
When you favourite a profile, you get a small bar above saying "Account is added to favorites . To see all favorites go to "Home"" However, if you press "Home" the page you are taken too, "http://poe-profile.info/home" doesen't exist.
Update 2.4
  • Complete refactoring on Ladder page and UI changes
    • Added compact/normal view
    • Added Exp per hour and rank changes
    • Visual indication if account is online
    • Delve solo/team ranks and ability to sort
    • Expirience progress bar
    • Added filters to Ladders URI, now you are able to share links
    • Displaying private leagues
    • Added link to twitch
    • List support gems for skills on hover
    • Added button in skills for updateing skills

  • Added calculation for Fluid Motion Solution transform jewel.

also i would like to add link to kammell friendship race
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Nice job!
Hm my profile seems to be dead now - http://poe-profile.info/profile/FaustVIII otherwise a great site to share your builds with friends. Thanks for your effort :)
Thanks for the report, your profile should be working fine now.

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