[Tool] (Poe-Profile) The Ultimate profile page

kompaniet wrote:
doesnt work in opera browser at all just a blank page

Works just fine in Opera (44.0)

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works for me too. i had to purge web history in opera. very nice work with this tool. looks great.
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Good afternoon! I have been using this site for a long time! Very convenient! Except for one, is it possible, on the tab with the tree of skills, to make a button that would copy it for import to other programs. Thanks for your work!
interesting tool, first glance looks like you have an issue with leaguestone charge count:

Is this going to be updated?
Is this going to be updated?
Can't see any stash, always say no publics stashes, but my stashes works in pow.trade i can see my items there on sell. Tryed other profiles, and on all i can't see the stashes :( (i use google chrome)
Update 1.0:
  • Added Ladder page, where you can see public accounts and their characters from chosen league.
  • Added Twitch page, where you can see online streamers and their last played character.
  • Added Favorites page now we show last played character
  • Home page shows list of characters for ladder,twitch and favorites.
  • Unfortunately we don't have enough space on our VPS, so from now on we will index only stashes from new leagues.
  • PoE 3.0 changes:
    • Bandits sections now work with
    • Added images for new skills
    • Passive skill Tree changed
  • add Check for Passive skill Tree if it got reseted recently.
The Skilltree Doesn't seem to be working.

It just shows up as a black screen on both Chrome and Firefox.

But other then that very nice update!
Very nice app. Great job!

Are there any plans to open source this? Would really like to help improving this.

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