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Completed 26 Challengeskompaniet wrote:
doesnt work in opera browser at all just a blank page

Works just fine in Opera (44.0)

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works for me too. i had to purge web history in opera. very nice work with this tool. looks great.
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Good afternoon! I have been using this site for a long time! Very convenient! Except for one, is it possible, on the tab with the tree of skills, to make a button that would copy it for import to other programs. Thanks for your work!
interesting tool, first glance looks like you have an issue with leaguestone charge count:

Is this going to be updated?
Is this going to be updated?
Can't see any stash, always say no publics stashes, but my stashes works in pow.trade i can see my items there on sell. Tryed other profiles, and on all i can't see the stashes :( (i use google chrome)
Update 1.0:
  • Added Ladder page, where you can see public accounts and their characters from chosen league.
  • Added Twitch page, where you can see online streamers and their last played character.
  • Added Favorites page now we show last played character
  • Home page shows list of characters for ladder,twitch and favorites.
  • Unfortunately we don't have enough space on our VPS, so from now on we will index only stashes from new leagues.
  • PoE 3.0 changes:
    • Bandits sections now work with
    • Added images for new skills
    • Passive skill Tree changed
  • add Check for Passive skill Tree if it got reseted recently.
The Skilltree Doesn't seem to be working.

It just shows up as a black screen on both Chrome and Firefox.

But other then that very nice update!

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