[Tool] (Poe-Profile) The Ultimate profile page

Poe-Profile.Info is ultimate PoE profile page.
You can browse your public stashes and see all the characters with combined stats data from passive skill tree and items.

Test out with this popular streamer accounts: ziggyd , krippers , nugiyen , mathil

  • Browse characters from PoE account.
  • Combined stats data from the passive skill tree and items into easier to browse structure.
    • Combined stat: from tree, from jewels, from items etc..
    • You can search and add favorite stats.

  • Add multiple favorite accounts and easily switch between them.
  • Integrated search for characters and separation by league.
  • Visualization of skills and their support gems.

Update 2.1:
  • Automatically make Snapshots of Twitch streamers.
  • Resistance in Stats tab show real value (-60% resistance).
  • Added Public Stashes (redirect to pathofexile.com/trade/).
  • Added PoB Code in builds.
  • Added Snapshots tab in profile.
  • Improvements on Ladders.
  • Added Tutorial for Builds.

Update 2.0:
  • Project updated to Laralve 5.5 using Vuejs 2.x
  • We are now on GITHUB if you wanna contribue you are welcome.
  • Added new feature Builds, you can save Snapshot of gear and skill tree (saved build can be shared).
  • Added Ranks tab in Profile so you can see privious league Ranks.
  • Improvements on Ladders.
  • Fixed major bug. Since we moved to github two weeks ago, we were not able to load any new public accounts that are not already in our database.
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Looks good.
when you set a profile to your favorites , there is a spelling error when it notifies you it was "addet".
Thanks, gonna be fixed :).
Much spelling errors. Like "numbars" or "filtar" in public stash search description. Another error was doubling the view for my whispering ice and contained gems, but i am not able to reproduce it.

Altogether i like the site. It's really nice!
What is new in (version 0.2)
  • Added Misc tab to Stat Section with lots of stats related to it.
  • Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Multiplier rework.
    Added Attack Critical Chance/Multiplier it includes Global Critical Chance/Multiplier plus Critical with specific weapon.
    Added Spell Critical Chance/Multiplier it includes Global Critical Chance/Multiplier plus Critical with spells.
  • Attack Speed and Physical Damage now includes stats with specific weapons.
  • Added Infused Shield(15% More ES) in calculation to Energy Shield,if taken.
    Remove "with Chaos Inoculation" from Total Stats section
  • Added "with Aura" to Total Stats for Energy Shield,Evasion and Armour . (note: Aura effectivess included in our calculations)
  • Added Gem tooltip when hovering in item.
  • Added stats: Incresed Area Effect, Area Damage, % Accuracy Rating, Wand Damage, Weapon Elemental Damage and more.
  • You will no longer lose league selection after choosing a character.
  • Fixed bug where in Skill section, sometimes support gems icons overlap.

If you have any suggestion or see any bugs feel free to report.
Looks fuckin amazing.. :D remind of d3 profile by graphics.. looks even better! but is this safe?
Crafter of GODLY ES CHEST 1011 ES 50int 6L Dual Res *before eternals and masters existed* /view-thread/257102
sorre no work for me :P
Nice work, it's pretty slick and clear design, functionnal, and faster/smoother than loading pathofexile.com profile page for me, i also like the favorites feature for keeping track of your friends profiles without storing bookmarks. Overall great and promising tool, especially knowing this is an early/beta version.

Just one thing, i think in the future i'd rather have my preference (favs) stored / linked to a physical classic account rather than using cookies (because i may loose them if i reinstall my system or symply using another computer).
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Just one thing, i think in the future i'd rather have my preference (favs) stored / linked to a physical classic account

This is already in our todo list.

sorre no work for me :P

If you typed your account name properly,then probably you have to make your character page to public to do that you need to go to: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/{accName}/privacy and uncheck Hide Characters tab

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