Breach Statistics

one thing is bugging me... only 26% completed 12 challanges... or 26% currently is sitting on 12 challanges? graph would say that there are more ppl with 12 :o (including ppl who made 24 and more challanges)
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player count breaking records?? tell them to go into trade chat please.. just the same 4 people posting.
Nice! Im in 7% of players, soon will be in 0,7% :D :D :D
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I'm the 1% PogChamp
Breach was fun-

Nice to see some decent challenge difficulty making its way back!
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Thank you, was hoping for these statistics!

Could you guys at GGG maybe some time do an ALL league statistics? ... Like how many players have gotten 40/40 in all leagues, how many players have gotten all the challenge microtransactions from all leagues, how well played were the leagues(dont need/want actual numbers, percentages is fine). Things like that. Some more: How many players finished all four labyrinths with atleast one character in all leagues combined. The average amount of characters created per league by a single player. How many players have gotten to 100 in all leagues combined. How many characters were created in leagues overall. Etc etc.

I would LOVE something like this!

PS: For the statistics on how many players played each league, you could do something like: "First league we have a 100% player amount", "the 2nd league the amount of players increased to 132% compared to league one", "Third league the amount of players got to 156% compared to league one."

Edit: Forgot to say, the demonic wings and breach portal effects look awesome!
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Welp, 10 more challenges if I want them wings... o-o
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
I though Chayula would be one of the deadly zones.

Hmm, about half the completion rate on 24 and 36 challenges compared to Essence.

Also much lower than both Perandus and Prophecy for halfway through the league.

I have to be honest I do object to challenges that are just downright impossible for a solo player to complete. I don't want to spend my time farming and trading so that I can afford to buy a shitload of div cards. Or hanging out in global 820/trade 820 waiting for the challenges I need to be offered.

I managed to get 40/40 in Perandus, the only league I've managed to complete, and only needed to join Zana rotas for 1 challenge. Heaven!

When you're an anti-social solo player co-operative play sucks. GGG need to stop forcing it ;) I am enjoying this league tho so all's good ^_^
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