[2.5] Grand Spectrum CI HoWA ST

There is a lot of HoWA builds out there, so i won't go into general details and rather show what i did differently and why.

Note: Do not try this build unless you already have lvl91+ character with good gear.

There is a lot of mandatory/highly beneficial nodes all over the tree (CI, Vaal Pact, Elemental Overload, Vitality Void, Forces of Nature, Static Blows and even Unwavering Stance) - that alone makes you want to travel around the skill tree a lot, Grand Spectrum type of builds wants the same thing, and general stat node pathing is beneficial for HoWA scaling.

1. Wrath is somewhat weak compared to the base lightning damage you get from HoWA.
2. I currently get 76% evasion from skill tree w/o specifically investing into it, another 32% with frenzy charges up, 100% from dexterity, and since Avatar of the Veil gives status immunity i am able to use Stibnite Flask of Reflexes for another ~200% evasion.

This is also the reason why i don't go for Unwavering Stance.

Gameplay Vids:
Cancer Hydra
Ghosted Minotaur + Vuln (still with 12 GS)


Unbuffed DPS (GMP, L.Pen)2xcogY2
Unbuffed DefFEWMreN
Buffed DPS (GMP, L.Pen)RTN3YWl
Buffed DefoCu1QXR
Buffed DPS (Slower Proj., L.Pen)yY80Kjb
Add ~20% dps if you want to know what it would be with wrath.

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Bought cheapest aka worst rolled hydra map for extra challenge - enjoy! Boss fight starts @5:25.
Cancer Hydra

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