[2.5.1] Low Life Elemental Blade Vortex Shaper & Guardians with Videos

This Build dont perform in league environment like you see here because you need LEGACY STANDARD GEAR
Please do not use this build link for discussions to prove your point regarding league environment balance as it would be totally POINTLESS!


Deps in Gear 5 Mode



Screenshot was made with faster casting instead of echo otherwise the dps is 550k

Hello everyone time for another build guide!

Some might know me as the "science guy" from my previous Mjölner builds see spoiler below

My old Mjölner Builds REST IN PEACE

As GGG decided to Roflstomp TNT nerf Mjölner due to performance reasons i decided to do another viable build that is obviously not Mjölner. The requirements were pretty simple:

- It was required to feel as melee'ish as possible
- It was required to facetank everything in the game as a viable strategy
- It required to deal a lot more damage than discharge Mjölner ever could (in 2.4)
- It was neccessary to have more clear speed than Mjölner
- It must be able to always open unidentified chests without hesitation (QoL)

My first decision went on Blade Flurry BUT i will save that for another build guide (incoming melee buffs). So the second choice I felt doing was a Blade Vortex build since its the most melee'ish feeling this game has to offer (while not being totally gimped trash).

Some words on my build:

Anyone who has followed my previous guides know that im obsessed with doing facetank builds. This is because I think facetanking is the only viable strategy in this game - if you want to succeed past lvl 95 in END GAME content without ripping like a damn scrub. In fact I dont judge builds by their ability to speed clear maps but to facetank bosses without the danger of dying. This also implies that I rather prefer slower clearing builds if they perform better at the end game content bosses. As the Topic says this build is based on elemental damage and therefore does zero poison damage.

If you are curious if this build beats double dipping poison deps - the answer is no its not. Therefore i recommend anyone already having a poison double dipper to stick with it!

Dont believe me?

Here is a very budget friendly 2.5.2 poison double dipper build in league environment:
You can see that i clearly lose the DPS race against 3 ex build cost in poison double dipping.

Some credit goes out to Stormyknight who came up with a CI Version of this build. I took it and refined it for better aura usage and going low life for more deps.


Pros & Cons

Battlecruiser like defenses (in the following called "viable defenses"): 10k ES, Max Block with legacy Rumis, Phys to Cold conversion thanks to legacy Taste of Hate, legacy Vinktars instant leech, 89% Fire/89% Cold/84% Light/ 100% one shot resistance. This build comes with two matching 4 finger fist rings that say "FACE" and "TANK". Orbital Ion Cannon like damage (in the following called 'deps'): Full buffed can reach up to 500k tooltip and more (see Deps section). Does not rely on poison in fact does deal ZERO poison damage.

This build not only facerolls shaper with eyes closed but also with hands tied behind my back while pressing buttons with my nose! You dont wanna see how that looks like.

No, seriously the build is safe enough to do shaper while having 50% XP on the way to lvl 95 check my Shaper video! Its 100% deathproof against shaper except you do a severe mistake by yourself (e.g. not pressing buttons with your nose).

Poison double dipper builds faceroll shaper even faster!
This build like you see here does NOT WORK in a league environment due to LEGACY gear in STANDARD
This build cost a SHIT TON of currency so its nothing for beginners




Flasks in usual setup:

Switch Sin's Rebirth for Dying Sun to facetank phoenix blast:

Or Switch it for Rumis to facetank Chimera without TP or dual Rigwald wolfstream with vulnerability:



Im Using:

As usual I say thanks for watching and feel free to ask questions or contribute improvements/feedback in the comments!

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The damage is ridicously high lol

Great job, hoping to get back to mjon one day ;)
Having never fought Shaper, is it normal to facetank those black beams?

dps seems absurd.
Looks like another fun build....insane damage...too bad out of my price range....good job
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Completed 23 ChallengesJuiceShow wrote:
Having never fought Shaper, is it normal to facetank those black beams?

dps seems absurd.

A lot of builds facetank now a days. Regarding the DPS if poison double dipping would be displayed in the tooltip those people would had something like 10 million dps. Therefore its not as absurd as it looks since i use zero poison damage :)
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Amazing build, loving it. Will try it out next league, shatter the illusion that it can only be done in Standard perhaps. :P
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