2.5.1c Patch Notes

Failed to instance has been plaguing this game for weeks now. Ruining portals and lab runs and even trades when you try to tp back to hideout.

0 fix for it

100% disappointment on this patch
Will this patch fix EU servers as well? Oh, also what about crashing instances where your map is lost as a result? FeelsBadMan
what about the server lag and fps drops?
MMMM targeting
ign kharver
I'm gay
only fixing some bugs takes 500mb?
I'm gay

Hi gay, I'm lord.

I am a simple guy, I see patch notes , I upvote ^ gg
Looks great. Thanks for the fixed :)
Game starts up in full windowed mode, and quickly switches between desktop and back to game.

They must have fixed a few other things, 183+ meg patch.

Thank you.

Getting this error for 1st time.

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