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I tried to figure the system out but i cant seem to add normal "Glorious Plate" to Greengrooves filter, i want it to show just like Sorcerer boots

You can add it in "Misc" tab (under preview area) - "Chance bases" is the first option. example
FilterBlast - a web-hub with up-to-date item filters and extra features
I'm happy to present you new filter-related solutions:

API for other developers, which provides list of actual filters, with extra info (like preset/themes), allows to check current version and get source code of latest version of desired filter (it also can apply previously saved customization).

Filter Auto-Updater tool (AHK script), which (using that API) checks version of your favourite filter and auto-updates it on your PC if there is new version. The script checks for updates each hour. All you need to do - is to configure it once.

The tool is simple and light-weighted. It doesn't use all API features and doesn't have user interface, but it does it's job. I will not have enough time to significantly improve it, while working on other projects. So I encourage other community developers to check out API - maybe someone would like to improve the script or make even better tool, which will allow, for example, to manage multiple customized variations of a filter and auto-switch them in-game via hotkeys :)

The tool is currently in beta - it has been tested only on few computers, so if you'll have any issues - let me know!
FilterBlast - a web-hub with up-to-date item filters and extra features
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