The launch of Content Update 2.5.0 and the Breach Challenge League over the weekend went extremely well! We are proud to announce that this has officially been our most successful update so far. Not only have we completely destroyed past player concurrency numbers but a huge portion of those players have noted the smoothness of the launch and are really enjoying the new Breach mechanics!

Here are some things you might have missed in the community while you were busy playing the league: Dayvi posted a brief guide on how to differentiate between various Breach Hands meanwhile JustJank created a colour code for those looking to complete the Corrupted Jewels challenge.

In Content Update 2.5.0 we updated how melee targeting works and made other balance improvements. ZiggyD sat down with Senior Game Designer, Rory to talk about some of these changes. Check out the video below!

If you're looking for a build to get started with in the Breach League, Mathil has created a video compilation of builds he recommends. There's a wide variety to pick from. You can check out the video below or visit his YouTube channel for links to the guide-resources in the video description.

The community has uncovered a few other things in the past few days, like the new potential of the Eye of Chayula amulet, what happens when you get hit by Explosive Arrow and the result of linking a Breach Gem with Spell Totem.

While there have been many highlights in the community, we've also had some that have happened internally. For example, I overheard Chris warning Jonathan during a fight with Chatters in the prison, "Careful, Glacial Hammer has had a 6% buff."

We really enjoyed creating the Breach League and are even happier to see that so many people are enjoying it. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone in the community! It's due to your ongoing support that these kinds of additions to the game are possible. Thank you again and we hope you continue to enjoy the Breach League!
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Grinding Gear Games
Harvest sucks! But look at my decked out gear two weeks in!

Labyrinth salt farm miner.

"But my build diversity" , "Game is too hard!" - Meta drone playing the same 1-3 builds for years.
Op breaches
Plz fix - its been super slow
Amazing update, guys!
Plz fix - its been super slow
Excellent content. Only complaint is Scorching Ray CwC Firestorm interaction.
fix the god damd auto realm change pls,keep getting high ping when sundenly change from sg gateway to aus gateway.this happen to my friend and guild mate from sg/my also.
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Where's my essence tab???
Smoothest launch ever for me anyway, gz and keep up the good work! :)

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