Content Update 2.5.0 Patch Notes

Blade flurry and bv nerf lol seen it coming
"Cospri's Malice and Mjölner now have 250ms cooldowns on triggering socketed skills (up from 100ms)."

lol you nerf mjolner and no pathfinder, your brain is dead ? Oo
welp, wormblaster is dead again

yay, lets see what they do to make it work now!
I really dont know why i was waiting some buffs to old skills and not just create new META builds.... GGG money are most important right?
Rip Harvest FeelsBadMan
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My crystal ball shows golem builds and summoners and maybe return to cyclone?
Now mjolnir is truly dead T_T
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
-> Pathfinder still OP OP
-> minimal balace changes

damn, so frustating
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Dominating blow being neglected Once again...

There have been no Buffs to the skill... Ever lol

all it got was 2 waves of Nerfs resulting in 55% less minion damage

If the skill bring so much performances problems, both server and clientside, why dont just elegantly reduce the number of minions like this

What if, instead of converting Monsters into minions, Dominating blow was Converting 1 monster of each kind and that monster feeds from the monsters you dominate. Lets call that monster/minion, a **Prime**.

ie: Kill an Avian retch, all the next Avian Retch you Dominate will be absorbed by this Prime Avian Retch . So instead of having 10 distinct Avian retch, you now have 1 Avian retch with the power of 10.

So lets say we have the Prime that does 1-10 damage and has 200 hp, then he absorbs a monster with 1-8dmg/100hp and a rare with 10-20dmg/300hp/extra life(dunno real % but lets say 30%)/Increased physical damage aura.

Then this Prime now has stats that goes like:

Damage: 12-38 base

life: 800hp(600*1.3)

mods: extra life (previously added) and Phys aura

then you can have 1 Prime Roah, 1 prime titty bitch,etc

Duration would still be how it works, all the absorbed monsters would be like Buffs on the Prime and buff disapear after a time, like Dom blow minions do.

The more absorbed monster(buffs) it has, the bigger it gets. This would just take the Souleater+Headhunter feeling we have with Dom blow and take it to its final and perfect form, a complete and polished skill.

this could fix Bloodline issues and the lag Dominating blow generates

Increased monster diversity could be way more interesting with such skill mechanic
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-5% to BV this is a nerf LUL
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