[2.5 Breach SC/HC] Crit Dagger DW Blade Flurry by fiqst

A Blade Flurry build using Bino's Kitchen Knife and Doryani's Catalyst.

The build mixes various lightning based elements such as gathering lightning resistance for critical chance with the Choir of the Storm unique amulet, using lightning resistance on the tree to gain power charges with The Blue Dream unique jewel and using a combination of the Physical to Lightning and Weapon Elemental Damage gems, a Doryani's Catalyst sceptre and Choir of the Storm for strong lightning damage.

Defensively, high life (6k+), evasion and dodge make the first line of defence, followed by the powerful leeching abilities of the Slayer class.

A strong, versatile build perfect for all occasions that ignores boss immunities and Uber Lab traps, high enough life to take most hits and swift-enough clear speed for Breach boss runs.

Current stats:
6173 life
11.3k damage
7.46 as
91% acc
95% crit chance







The Blue Dream

Placed just below the Scion starting area, it gives me 28% chance to gain a power charge on kill, removing the need for Assassin's Mark and Death's Hand.

The jewel location is pretty versatile as you can change the Dream jewel to power/frenzy/endurance charge at any time.

Choir of the Storm

I lose an attack amulet but i gain significant crit chance and lightning damage. By maximising lightning resistance on all my gear to the current amount of 212%, i am able to cap crit chance on a bino at 4 power charges.

Alternative version

This version was made for Essence league and doesn't include Chior of the Storm and Blue Dream.


6085 life
12k damage
89.6% crit chance
89% accuracy

Blade Flurry
Faster Attacks
Melee Phys Damage
Added Fire Damage
Physical to Lightning
Increased AoE

character Sheet:


110 points

To calculate a rough dps of charging 6 stacks and unleashing immediately:

1 hit = 1d (damage unit)
2 hit = 1.2d
3 hit = 1.4d
4 hit = 1.6d
5 hit = 1.8d
6 hit = 2.0d

During the 6 stacks we deal 9 units of damage. At the end of 6 stacks we unleash them for 6 more units, a total of 15d.

So, the time it takes to charge 6 stacks and unleashing, we deal 15 damage. 15/6 equals 2.5 per stack.

To calculate true dps during the charging and unleashing of 6 stacks, we use the formula:

(average damage per hit) x 2.5 x (attacks per second)

nb. the 6 hits unleashed at the end may or may not have the 20% bonuses applied to them, the calc is made without this bonus, with the bonus it could reach 3.7

Thanks to /u/whitw0rth123 for providing the calc

Standard versions

These are various versions of the build i like to play around with on standard:


Max solo dps

With Conc Effect, Vaal Haste, Flasks and Abyssus


Breach Journal

level 26


Used cleave to start with because it's quite strong while dual wielding, its also very versatile since you can find upgrades very easily.

Add soon as you can, find another player that is selling an elreon jewelry piece. This makes your mana problems go away. One piece is fine for one support gem. With cleave plus 3 supports I need to mana pot every 10 seconds or so, so another is recommended.

At level 28 I plan to start using blade flurry.

I normally spec into RT early on and respec into Crit nodes later on when i gather the right equipment, but I think i will go ahead and go full Crit as I have found in the past that good crit equipment (accuracy and crit stats) can usually be found fairly cheaply.

level 43


At level 28 i equipped Lakishu's Blade, which has multistrike in it, a gem you can't get until lvl 38. Its a pretty good weapon if you don't plan to use Blade Flurry.

At lvl 30 i equipped Thief's Torment, my favourite levelling unique. +30 life on hit and +15 mana on hit. With this simple ring i can essentially play the game without pots.

Since then i've just been cruising through content and am currently in Cruel.

My next move is to get a decent weapon (160-180pdps).

level 56


Rushing through content and currently act 4 cruel.

Current weapon is underpowered but i have a
to equip at level 60.

As soon as get into merciless i will immediately buy the equipment i need to cap resists.

level 71


As I hit merciless, I spent almost all my currency into upgrading every piece of gear to call resists and get decent life. This includes buying a scaeva sword.

The performance is ok so far as I farm the lake and do early maps.

The plan to farm enough currency to buy a bino and improve my life start from 3.8k to maybe 5k. At that stage I can look into running uber lab by myself.

Before bino I am considering using a touch of anguish.

level 76


I have hit my all my dps nodes and now its time to concentrate on life.

I'm happy with the gearing i have so far with the major upgrades being bino, death's hand and belly. All of these are ridiculously

Touch of anguish is a great alternative to bino. At this point on the tree, i haven't taken any specific weapon nodes so the option is there is i want to specialise is dagger or claws.

level 83


Got the bino for a ridiculous 2ex 15c and had a Tabula drop so i'm set for dps for now.

On the tree, the only points to spend are the 5 Adder's Touch nodes and the life wheel.

The last major upgrade to do is a 6L Belly.

The reason why Bino is so good is the crit value. 9.9% on the dagger is like using a 7.9% dagger and a crit strikes gem combined. This allowed me to drop critical strikes for Physical to Lightning, which is a huge upgrade in damage and reflect management.

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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Checked in the duelist section immediately after watching the vid. Should've known, heh.

Ive got a somewhat different idea with berserker and insane amounts of life. Should be ana easier version for league starting. I'll give the details when I get on a laptop this weekend(hopefully). I haven't tried blade flurry yet myself though. Fucking med school.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
its an amazing skill. I hope it doesn't get nerfed too hard.

If your crit reave can one-shot most trash then this skill has a comparable clearspeed and range, limited only by how fast you can travel, in that they play the same. BF destroys bosses much quicker though.

Its quite good at pvp too, you can charge it up towards an approaching offscreen enemy, unload the 6 stacks and whirling blade away and repeat.

i have plans for a berzerker vp version as well, my pronto starforge build has pretty awesome survivability and i'd like to see the same mechanics apply to a crit dagger bf.

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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Looks like a great build. Which bandits do you suggest?
- Swapped out rare dagger for Bino so the build can be easily replicated.
- Swapped out Crit damage gem for Physical to Lightning because of physical reflect, especially relevant when grouped with an auramancer that triples your physical output.
- Added bandits section to the guide


Blade Flurry is the best thing to happen to dagger builds post-reave.

The AoE is tremendous and can reach the edge of the screen with very little investment into AoE.

The single target damage is immense with the charge mechanic, this is especially evident when used in pvp as unleashing a full 6 stack on a player can potentially one-shot all but the most tanky of opponents.

In almost all random groups i join i find that i am usually the pace-setter since the clearspeed is so high.

i have the feeling that the skill will be toned back for the next league but even if the skill is halved in its effectiveness, it would still be on the level with reave.

Rat's Nest

This the stats when i use rat's nest:

and the calculated dps is 69,013
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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fiqst wrote:

i have the feeling that the skill will be toned back for the next league but even if the skill is halved in its effectiveness, it would still be on the level with reave.

That and the fact that it seems a lot more comfortable to play than reave. And you can actually loot.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
- Swapped out Abyssus for Starkonja's. Abyssus is painful to use while in the Uber lab.
- swapped in some standard gear to min max a little more.

BF isn't getting a drastic change so this build is still strong in 2.5, i'll update the numbers once the update hits.

There's is an AoE nerf, so we'll see how it affects clear speed.
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
hey man,i look for this build..can you say me how you generate power charge? and why you use death's hand instead of doryani catalyst,is it not better weapon?
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TheKan wrote:
hey man,i look for this build..can you say me how you generate power charge? and why you use death's hand instead of doryani catalyst,is it not better weapon?

The Death's hand gives you the power charges. Its pretty effective at doing so too.

This opens up the Blasphemy for a different curse. I usually use enfeeble so i can tank everything that uber izaro can throw at me. Another option is using Voidheart and Vulnerability.

The Catalyst is great and works well with P2L+WED, but i find that the ele output is too strong and i'd die pretty easily to ele reflect, especially if i accidentally unleash a 6 stack on one.
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
death's hand give the power charge when you stun enemy..That is question how often he stun enemies?

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