2.5 CI Scorching Ray Occultist Tri-curse

dolan_grey wrote:
no elemental equilibrium?
you serious?

Woops, thanks for mentioning. I updated the tree :)
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ihavea4 wrote:
If you're not generating charges, why do you have Immortal Call linked to CWDT? Also I'm curious, how does this build handle later bosses and mapping? Since you basically have to stand still for quite a bit, it seems you're much more vulnerable to one shots, with no way to handle them. Is the best strategy to get as many stacks as you can on the boss then avoid getting hit and let the burning keep going until you can move to a new spot and do it again? I really want to bring this build as far into end game as I can, but that's my biggest concern so far. I just got to Cruel without much difficulty and I love it so far!

The immortal call linked to CWDT got a 0.5sec duration which means i dont really get one-hitted a lot times, atleast to physical damage.

For boss kills, some of them takes a little longer than others, my strategy is placing a decoy totem, and then pulverizing the boss.
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still no vid?
So then you dont have zealots oath, or Ghost Reaver?
Johnson022 wrote:
So then you dont have zealots oath, or Ghost Reaver?

Thats correct, however i am using the sorrow of the divine which gives zealots oath.
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Just wanted to give this build two big thumbs up.

It's great fun and clears pretty much all content quite easily. I'm hitting 80 soon and have no problems; even with my rather mediocre gear.

I was just ran through uber lab with a guy playing this and he destroyed it! Going to try it as a next build.
Atziri viable with meh gear (see post above)? Check!


Vaals and Trio was a breeze. Only tricky thing is the split phase. The rest is a piece of cake really.
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Hi, just gave this build a try and its really a lot of fun. I'm 58 now and incredible damage so far :)
But I have one Problem and that is mana. I could now run dual curse blas + disci but i can't because I need to run Clarity. I have every mana reg node from your tree and even using Praxis + 2nd Mana reg ring and still not stable. How do you keep your Mana up?

Here is my Gear and Tree so far:


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