[2.4]Mine Bladefall - Two-Curse CI | Uber Farming (Low Budget)

How about SABOTEUR and life tree ?
Check my [3.0] [STARTER] [MINER] FROSTBolt KING - ATZ/uLAB /Guardians/Vaal Temple # CI/LIFE-MOM # ### pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1903979
Voroseeg wrote:
I'm running a spell damage bow + Soul Strike quiver with this build. Lost about 800 ES but survivability is a TON better and can use Blink Arrow. Must go with Normal Kraityn, though.

i'm testing with

It was good, but I did not feel much difference.
Damiano_POL wrote:
How about SABOTEUR and life tree ?

I did not test it, but my friends tested it and it was good too +/- 5000 life, but it loses chaos damage damage from the ascension, and that's very important
Nice build.
I'm running everyday uberlab and finally i have 30% effect temporal chains

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