[2.4]Mine Bladefall - Two-Curse CI | Uber Farming (Low Budget)


This is a Version on the https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1633639

The build: mobs are slowed so much that they hardly pose any threat. You do so much burst damage with mines that any boss dies in seconds.

*You need: Stun immunity:

*Use 4X Coated shrapnel jewels:

*We run two curses:

Temporal chains(With Enhance LVL 3 "Cursed Enemies 54% more slowed")

Vulnerability (With Enhance LVL 3 "Cursed Enemies take 51% more physical dmg")

*Enhance lvl 3 /w +1 helm go to 4
+1 lvl gem's

*For Bosses, not Important:
Beyond the Golem, a totem is always good, and this skill, monsters receive more damage and chaos still slows

The build is actually really cheap. No expensive gear is required. For 6L you can buy cheap 6L ES bases for 1ex on market and try to roll them somewhat ok. Or continue using a tabula.

Normal: Kraityn/Alira or kill all. I went with Alira for bigger mana pool. The mines costs a wooping 150 mana!
Cruel: Oak/kill all. I went with Oak for phys dmg.
Merciless: Kill all.

My Status:

Damage Bladefall without Flask

Damage Bladefall with Flash

Passive Skill:

My Gear & Gems Linkeds:

What you want on gear:
Rings: DEX/STR resists / mana / mana regen / ES

Belt: STR / ES / resists

Shield: ES (250++) / Spell damage / resists. Beware, spell damage greatly increases price of shield. Not needed.

Helmet: See my gear. If you can get +20% temp chains/Vulnerability curse effect from lab, then GG.

Gloves: ES/res, if possible Spell damage.

Boots: ES/res, movement Speed.

INT on gear. This is not needed, BUT it does greatly increase ES and mana pool. Having a great mana pool makes the build better as you can put out more mines faster without mana flask.


More Questions https://www.twitch.tv/maiaracarolina
Nick: MaiaraCarolinaTr
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Reserver 2
Updated Uber Atzriri Video, and Flask
Worth a shot :) ty man
how to leveling ?
vkphong1812 wrote:
how to leveling ?

LVL 12 -28 Essence Drain
LVL 28 - 68 Trap Bladefall
I'm running a spell damage bow + Soul Strike quiver with this build. Lost about 800 ES but survivability is a TON better and can use Blink Arrow. Must go with Normal Kraityn, though.
EduardoFalcao wrote:
vkphong1812 wrote:
how to leveling ?

LVL 12 -28 Essence Drain
LVL 28 - 68 Trap Bladefall

Lvl 12-28 i can't leveling with essence drain because it's so weak. Can leveling by another skill ?

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