Build of the Week S06E06: The_x_ile's Cast on Ignite Build

Spermadzika wrote:
St0mpa wrote:


You didnt realise yet that ggg gave up on game developement?

Or maybe you didn't notice that they actually are still developing this game.

Don't listen all those kids filled with hate towards the whole world and life and poor it in game forums. They have yet to grow up and realize how life works etc. :) They will learn.

Game is being developed and it's good as it is. Ofc if you don't like the game, then you should go play/do something else :)
i loled so hard at 2:37 when it looked like the guy came out of an asshole :D
Can this kill shaper and guardians death less?
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3.13 was the golden age. Down the drain we go.
I tried this build in forge of the phoenix and had a really hard time.

What gives?
Never underestimate what the mod community can do for PoE if you sell an offline client.
Oh wow, what a lightshow. Im going to require anyone running this to have a PSA tattoo'd on their forehead so I know to keep them offscreen for the sake of my toaster :P

Awesome synergies, though I'm personaly wary of putting all my eggs in 1 basket like this. (Ignite, if your enemy is immune, or you roll no status ailments map mod then this guy is kinda outta luck)
MackBesmirch wrote:
Love the button at the end of the video! I'd call the build something more like "Passive-Aggressive Flamer" LOL

+1 :D or Moba-Player
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Guilty1 wrote:
maulepan wrote:
I would really like to know how you recorded that video. There is absolutly no chance that this smooth gameplay with a build like that happened on a live server. Usually you would attack, then have 0 frames for 2 seconds, then get another frame, then death.

Well yes if you don't have decent computer. I have yet to find any performance issues after 2.4. And im running cospri's discharger atm and have been in same group with summoner, ice trapper and blade vortex guy same time. No frame drops or anything like that. And i don't have high end pc. just i5 3570k (not overclocked) and GTX 770.

So with modern mid end pc you should not have issues. And with high end pc's (gtx 980, gtx 1070 or so) i think you can easily record this kind of builds with steady 60fps.

This has nothing to do with your computer. Its the GGG servers that cant keep up. I play on a 6600k clocked at 4.6 GHz with dual r9 390 and a 850 evo ssd. All settings are at minimum and as soon as any discharger, SRS, Summoner, or anything that deals a lot of hits the game lags like hell.
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