[2.6] SignalShot™ CI Full Ele Conversion TS/Barrage / Shaper & Uber Deathless / with video!

_Saranghaeyo_ wrote:

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i know everything about all that it was more sarcastic about how she's responding to all that so late..... seems like someone beating a dead body at that point ...

That reaction when he got ban would have been fun or entertaining, doing it now is just retarded.
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
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AlexAndonov wrote:
Is this build still viable for standard? I saw some of you guys its out of date, but I am planing to play standard and since I havent so far, I am wondering should I look for builds that are currentyl doing well in 3.1 or some old builds can perform good aswell in standard

its 100% working for sure, jsut not that stronk anymore

playing as a wander with Barrage+KB and have 11k es, without the shild i m sitting at 9k es, but you will need legacy gear so rings with % es and helm / armor with good roles aswell

you can check my char "Lindsey_Stirling" 11k es and 800k shaper deeps

swapping amu/belt for T16 bosses and above

30 Shores with Double Pack / Breach / Max Sextants https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2006424/page/1
First Selfmade Build as Sparker ( MF ) https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1637690
1 Million Tool Tip Dps Sparker https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1761162

Hi guys. In my experience, the build is still viable clearing all content of the game but it needs legacy es items, good jewels and obviously in standard. If you use energy within and harbinger bow with 400-420 pdps , your barrage damage will be over 1 million with 8000-8200 es. Of course you will need Barrage +2, signal shot +1 and the flasks. Personally, I use Rumis and ToH without Vinktar. The difficult part for me is uber elder, as I am not such a good player. I did it, but with many deaths.

I tested the build in life version as well with legacy vinktar and acuity. With belly you end up around 6000 life and probably more damage, but I wasn't enjoying so much. Whoever wants to check the tree and character, my profile is free.
The build is definitely still viable, and a cold/fire version seems to be miles ahead of the old fire/lightning version, because you can drop vinktar and use a taste of hate, then use the cold conversion nodes (or a watchers eye) for the remaining conversion. Currently can pull about 5.4m dps against shaper in full dps mode (5 dmg flasks) using a chin sol, and can also switch to a mapping variant with a rearguard/rumis for 7.5k es with 67/20somthing block.

As I said before, I'm considering writing a guide that would include an updated CI version, in addition to a life-based variant that would be playable in temp leagues, and would likely be a raider.
IGN: birds
New build guide up if anyone is interested
IGN: birds
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