[2.4]The Trivializer - a Maxblock Diary w/ videos


This might look like a typical earthquake+maxblock-aegis Gladiator but it evolved into a double-dipping mechanic abuser.

Defensive mechanics:
For people wondering how the block adds up:
32 from Aegis
21 from tree
8 from Anvil
3 from Tempest shield
6 from Gladiator
8 from Gladiator when hit recently

After getting to 78% block and spell block we are allready pretty tanky but thats not enough.
We run Enfeeble-Blasphemy which will reduce total damage income by 30%, while also getting less hit and less crit damage.

We generate endurance charges through Reckoning and Vengeance being linked to Endurance charge on melee stun + stun-support. Another 12% Physical mitigation. (Generates charges with ease even in T15 maps)

We linked earthquake to fortify for convenience and another 30% less damage income.

Now while this is allready more damage reduce than most builds offer we use our 5% base evasion for the
OP Stibnite flask. Yes this flask is the real shit - it might get nerfed sooner or later.
Mobs with enfeeble allready have less accuracy and hard time hitting us, but we just facetank real dangerous mobs with Stibnites blinding smokecloud which will half the hitchance of mobs again and reduces the chance to receive a deadly crit. It also gives us a little armor boost since we took Iron reflexes. Also this flask has a super high duration and very very low charges used - its spamable.

Offensive mechanics:
While my sheet DPS do not look awesome i clear in a really decent speed.
This works because of the following reasons:
We run Vulnerability-Blasphemy which will increase our physical output by 29% more physical damage on every mob.
As we use voidheart for 40-50% bleed and poison, in addition to the gladiator ascendancy which will give us another 25-50% bleed onto attacks, the initial hit benefits from the curse and will proc higher dots BUT also the curse does increase the then procced dots again with 33% increased damage. Sound fun right?

Not to forget that the aftershock does benefit from that curse again too.

Since we link our Earthquake to rapid decay to improve our aftershocks the bleed/poison-dots do 39% more damage.
Additionally we try to get more doubledipping through damage-nodes and jewels like area-damage or pure physical-damage(not weapon-type based). (see wiki for more poison/bleed doubledipping information)




Normal: Oak
Cruel: Passive
Merciless: Endurance charge or Passive
I liked having a 4th Endurance charge for QoL reasons.


The only real requirtment is:

If you cannot afford Aegis yet you sould try out the lifebased maxblock gladiator linked in the credits.

Other accessories:

A Steelring with high flat physical damage would be optimum.

The new Vanguard belt is perfect too boost our armor up for aegis.

Example Chest:

Look for high armour and some energy shield. Try to get the resists needed for your caps.

Example Boots:

I use Windscream for the second needed curse. You can get a pair of rare boots or Death Door
when you get a +1 curse Anvil.
If you have better rare boots than a ring you might want to use Doedres +1 curse ring.

While i dont know all glove enchants i think the new gloves are a nice option to boost our damage/armor a little.
Maybe there is a good tanking/spamming enchant for gloves. Feel free to comment on that.

Example Helm:

Get a armor/es or pure es helm. Usually life resist and fill up things you need.
Earthquake enchant is a super sick damage boost to our build.

The Weapon:

I ran breath of the council until i could afford a Varunastra.
A good rare mace/axe can also substitute.


Earthquake - Less Duration - Melee Physical Damage - Increase aoe/Conc effect - Rapid Decay - Fortify
Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Vulnerability
CWDT - Tempest Shield(for maxblock) - Immortal Call - Inc. Duration
Movement skill of your choice.
Vengeance - Reckoning - Stun - Endurance charge of melee stun

This should give you a free 3-4L item to add something to your playstyle:
I like going with Stonegolem because it uses taunt which will lessen(10%) the AoE-Damage we receive.
Ancestral Warchief is a nice damage boost.
Rallying Cry is also a nice double-dipping damage boost for our build.

Example Leveling Skilltree

I started with 1h+Shield because i enjoyed shieldcharge.
I avoid weapon specific passives until the very end because while leveling you sometimes wanna change your weapon.
If you have you can equip a facebreaker glove until you get a good weapon. (Should carry you to Maps)
For skills you should level a earthquake+less duration gem in your second weapon slot if you are not playing EQ in the early levels.

Level 40~:

Level 60~:

For Level 60-80 i recommend skilling a weapon specific wheel (on the left side) depending on your weapon of choice.
After that you should farm your Varunastra or Rare-Endgame mace weapon and regret some points.


My lowlevel start testing Wildstrike:

Second time trying Wildstrike:

Tried lacerate here and it felt dispite being a enfeeble map(T6 Canyon):

T8 Enfeeble map + Double T8 Boss w/ Vulnerability curse:

Double T13 Rigwald full facetank with Crit and Damage mapmod:

Quick Uberlab run:

Double Ambrius T15 full facetank w/ double curse map

Death and Taxes:

Guardian of the Hydra:

Guardian of the Chimera:

Guardian of the Minotaur:


The Mana question:
Just get a single jewel with 0,x% physical damage leeched as mana. This is enough to sustain even 0% regen maps.

Gratuitous Violence is awesome. Even in redmaps it clears packs with ease.

Essence league status:
Facetanked Hydra Guardian and killed her. Took some time because she(she??) is bleed and poison immune which sadly halves our damage.
Will try Shaper as soon as i get all my fragments together.

More videos comming soon.
Added Minotaur video.
Added Death and Taxes easy mode.
4/4 Guardians Down.
36/36 Challenges.
Added Guardian of the Hydra fight.
Added Uberlab run thru.
Added Bandits.
Added Blockinfo. (Thanks G1deon)

Update: 18.11.2016 (11-18-2016 for retards)
Its done boys. And also iam done.
PoE's future looks pretty bad in my honest opinion.
Last leagues i played casters and rangers and this league i wanted to make a melee, but man i never felt so weak.
Its complete garbage. I can't tell you what i dislike more, double dipping dots or yolo-clear-screen-meta.
I like to qoute itsYoji here: "PoE is becoming a buggier version of d3" and i hope this changes the next league or in the near future.

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Will upload Atzirikill on the weekend...

Should i only show Atziri or the whole thing?
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facetank double rigwald with crit/critdmg and bossdmg mod

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You should buy +1 curse anvil and get boots with res. It allow you to drop +15% res node and you could buy a ring with int on it, so you could drop +30 int node. Also maybe switch your connection from duelist to marauder from +10 dex and +10str to 2*+10str from life wheel for a bit more hp?
Hey there,

If you add some more details like your gear and some playstyle advices, I can add you to the Buildlist. :)
█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
added a rough draft as a guide as request.
Thank you, now its added. :)
█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
G1deon wrote:
You should buy +1 curse anvil and get boots with res. It allow you to drop +15% res node and you could buy a ring with int on it, so you could drop +30 int node. Also maybe switch your connection from duelist to marauder from +10 dex and +10str to 2*+10str from life wheel for a bit more hp?

+1 Curse Anvil is planned but i cant afford it yet.

First i had the connection to marauder on top but i feel that 10 little extra dex are worth it for the gems.
Although i realise you focus heavily on defense in your build. the premise of all these ailments like bleed & poison rely heavily on having decent base phys dmg and from the looks of it this build barely benefits of all these degen double dipping mechanics. You got the the defense aspects spot on so keep with that but you need to create enough base dmg to benefit on a larger scale as you will end up as the guy just opening doors in maps as the damage is no where near it should be for a balanced build.

Love the mechanics and hope to see a more evolved and streamlined skilltree that suits the dps mechanics you make use of. Btw you could drop varunastra and affected skill nodes with a high dmg base dmg weapon instead to make your scaling more efficient.

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