[2.6] Life Elemental Lacerate/BladeFlurry Inquisitor, Great clear/Damage (Guardian/Shaper viable)

nucleus wrote:
AbyssMagia wrote:
I don't have 2 ex for Doryani's Catalyst, what should I use? Sorry for bad English

2 ex? you can buy one for 10 chaos

I'm playing in Hardcore
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Hey mate,

Seems legit build, I was wondering If this is viable for the 2 week race starting tonight?

Update: Build should be pretty strong for 3.0, killed Shaper with my 2W race character, died a couple times, but that was just bad playing from me.

what bandit for 3.0?
is this updated for 3.1 ?!
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Just a heads up. If you can't afford Doryani's then buy a Singularity. It gives decent damage as an offhand and it's dirt cheap.
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