[2.6] Life Elemental Lacerate/BladeFlurry Inquisitor, Great clear/Damage (Guardian/Shaper viable)

Hai.. thanks for answering..

And This Is My Jewel


Life : 5.8
Res: 75 / 75 / 70
Acurasi : 82% ( With Ice Golem )
Evation : 2880

Question :
1. Im Still Need Advice For Jewel, what shoul i change ? can give me the LINK poe.trade search ?
2. In 2.6 Patch its still good build or any advice to change jewel? coz i see the lacerate and else will change

NB : Thanks again again n again
Sorry for much asking first play poe, 1st char, 1st build LOL
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Hey, played this last league and enjoyed it quite a lot! Seems like the sword crit nodes on the lower right side of the tree have been removed with the patch, and bladeflurry damage decreased. Any idea yet how badly this will affect the build?
Hi! A friend of mine is playing this build but it seems like the tree is not yet updated. Any idea whether this will happen or not? It's difficult playing a build without a skill tree ;)
I changend my tree to this. But I am not sure if there is a better way


I lost about 1k Hideout dps because blade flurry and tree changes. With my gear I have 6k hp and about 10k tool tip dps. Gear is Tempelbaer in my Account Settings. Don't know how to link it here
What weapon do people suggest using before you have enough for Hand of Thought? 1 hand swords or some 2 hand variant?
Thanks for a good guide!
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Is there someone who can help me with my build? I'm getting rekt on t12 maps and I followed this guide as close as possible but I'm stuck at lvl 86 and theres no other option for me, this build or nothing.

thx in advance
I don't have 2 ex for Doryani's Catalyst, what should I use? Sorry for bad English
AbyssMagia wrote:
I don't have 2 ex for Doryani's Catalyst, what should I use? Sorry for bad English

2 ex? you can buy one for 10 chaos

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