Well the most important change in 3.8 is that RF now deals "base" damage + life component. The base damage can be increased by gem level... so an Empower + Efficacy setup beats Arcane Surge + Swift Affliction in a six-link by a huge margin.

Also using items with + socketed level of gems is now the best option to increase damage... so best in slot would be a chest with double corruption (+1 socketed gems + 2 socketed aoe gems).

Since that kind of corruption would increase your RF by 4 (2+1 to RF itself and +1 indirectly from Empower) and would also give +3 to Conc Eff and +1 to the other supports (Efficacy, Burning Damage, Ele Focus).

So even though youll lose the +30% more damage from helmet, such a six-link body armour setup will actually deal more damage.
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After spending a lot of currency I still get 1 shot a over 7k health, Im only in my 80s but still sucks. I pretty sure its a freeze and my regen ends and I kill myself orthat plus the mob damage is booom. Delving horrible
For me, it feels like RF can leech with 1% of ascendancy.
At maps with - max resistances without vitality used my health was degens slowly, until i stand near enemies, it healed me, with dmg dealt.

I have this helm, and I'm confused as to the best gems to put in them. Between arcane surge and swift affliction or what I have in them currently. Could someone help me out and let me know what would be best.
First of all thank you so much for keeping this build alive :)

I have a small tip for extra survivabillty and also more effective cursing.

Instead of a CWDT setup, I am using a:
Cyclone - Curse on hit - flamabillity - Life gain on hit.

This wil lalso make for a more ingaging playstyle :)

With regards :)
This build still relevant anymore? I tore it up when I played a few leagues ago, but I notice no update for 3.9

Also, it's been awhile, what were the links to all of the leveling trees and when to spend them etc?
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With the changes to the life and resistance of bosses early acts and rare/ magical monsters, i dont recomend using this build as a build start in 3.9. You will strugle a lot to do damage with any other skill and will take foraver to kill bosses.
I don't get the point of using Molten Shell with Elemental Equilibrium. Molten Shell counts as a Hit, which makes the enemy resistant to Fire, and even at max CWDT it still procs all the time, especially in this league.
3.9 viable?
rf seems to be out the window this league

I just want a safe delve to get the crafting

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