[Possible 3.0 Update Coming SOON!]"Dbum's Occultist Essence Drain/Decay with a F***ing Bow!"

Potentially updating this build for 3.0. Waiting on the character wipe.

IGN @Dbum
Stalking the forum for the update
Stalk_stalk @_@
So wait a minute, and forgive me for how many times this has been debated back and forth during beta:

Would a typical wand with oh, 100% spell damage on it benefit an ED build more than a wand with 40% spell damage and the decay 'enchant' on it? The tooltip is for one very misleading, and with all the conflicting theories I've seen there still isn't a solid answer to this.

Does the decay stat on the wand benefit a 6 linked ED chest, or scale with any accumulated increased spell damage?

Better yet, can someone point me to a thread or post that might go into this in a bit more depth? I actually HAVE both wands in question and cannot see a difference visually, and numerically there is no reliable information -_-

That or I'm just not looking in the right place.

Do you use Ghost Reaver/Vaal Pact?

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