[Possible 3.0 Update Coming SOON!]"Dbum's Occultist Essence Drain/Decay with a F***ing Bow!"

Hey dude,first at all ..congratz this is build looks like pretty fun..and how about the ascendance?
Crimsonyd wrote:
For HC CI tankiness you might take
that will negate 25% phys damage.

The prob with that is you are giving up giant chunks of dps from the essence of woe :(
Have you done uber lab with this build? Just curious because I've been testing out the bow combo and find the damage lacking without Vaal Lightning Trap (only for Izaro, trash is a cakewalk). ~what is your dot DPS at?
Nice build so far, Merc Lab was a breeze at 72 with Lvl 17 ED and 7k ES with pretty rubbish gear.
Added Defense and Offense screen shots, still with my poop gear. Updated a couple pieces of gear also.

Will try to add the leveling section tonight or tomorrow night.

I'm hoping to upload a video or 2 sometime this week. Just need to record them.

IGN @Dbum
disregard all I said.
I'm dumb^^
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Leveling Section is done. This is how I leveled and was very tanky and successful.

Will be trying to add videos this week.

IGN @Dbum
Is it still pierce>rapid decay after the pierce nerfs?
pyroisback wrote:
Is it still pierce>rapid decay after the pierce nerfs?

Yes, piercing mobs even at 50% chance is a massive clear speed increase.

IGN @Dbum
I followed this build in ESC, I did not take any extra life nodes during the levelling process. It was a bit rough, but as soon as I got Wicked Ward it was a cake walk.

Completed uber lab, including argus and 1 extra key from idols at level 76.

Great build!


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