[DEAD in 3.0] DESTROY THE ATLAS! | 2H Dual Warchief Totem

Nice to know this still works BUT I do not like the fact GGG retro nerfed the disfavor. If they are going to pick and chose random uniques to retro nerf they are going to lose/pissoff many long time players. Especially casuals like me that had a significant amount of my 4 years worth of grinding for currency sunk in a well rolled 6L disfavor because well its BiS for so many builds and silly me I thought GGG policy was to allow legacy items in standard. Nerf rules should apply to all uniques...retro nerf all those 1000HP Kaoms or vinktars or double legacy RoC.
AbdulJafreeze wrote:
guggelhupf wrote:
stefun108 wrote:
Any other viable(for 3.0) ancestral warchief builds out there?

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Still never done uber lab with your build, always get 1 shot lol

wot? Are you standing in his special attack? I don't even
diegomineiro wrote:
Izaro can one shot this build easily. Avoid wasting your time like I did.

How do you guys think will this build works with the changes to Atziris Disfavour inflicting only bleed when you attack with the weapon itself?

You had me googling this to get a source and I couldn't find it. The bleed chance on thte weapon applies tot totems, you're wrong.
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Im going to start SSF playing abyss league (till shaper down i hope). I would like to know how patch 3.1 and abyss will influence that build? any gems changes (vulnerability/ancestral call support as a strenght based gems will replace any of the now involved??)


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