2.4.0 Skills Delayed

You may have noticed that the recent announcement of the Atlas of Worlds expansion didn't include mention of the two channeled skills that we have been prototyping for inclusion. This was partly because we had lots of other stuff to announce, and partly because we weren't yet happy with the state of those skills.

We've made the decision to delay the release of those skills out of 2.4.0 itself and into later patches. We're hoping these are as early as 2.4.1, but we can't promise that yet.

We really need to take the time to make the skills as fun as possible. We're very sorry about the bad news, but we look forward to the skills benefiting from the improvements we have planned. They're going to be awesome… they're just not quite there yet.
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Sweet, more buffs for them please. :)
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: /
pvp loooooooool
better give us polished skills, instead of skills like wildstrike :)
We really need to take the time to make the skills as fun as possible.
Thank for considering FUN into making and releasing skills

will this approach apply on already existing skills too?

ie: Static strike, elemental sHit, Dominating blow
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they're just not quite there yet.

I blame you guys for doing Monopoly Mondays and MTG Games!

In all seriousness better to have a finished product than one that'll be implemented and consistently changed (or not even finished) during a league imo.
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GG no RE
It's better than releasing them broken. But I was looking forward to seeing if they interest me.

Edit: How do you turn supporter titles back on? Mine have been broken since last patch.
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It's always best to test things until they're working properly before release. Good call. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new trend? *crosses fingers*

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