Developer Interview - Hrishikesh - Game Designer

Hey, thanks for the great interview, keep up the good work!

On a totally different note, am I the only one wondering what your build for CI, max block, mjollner with armour grand jewels is? I have kind of been obsessed with theorycrafting the past couple of days - seems like an awesome build! Do you mind sharing?
Archwizard wrote:
TrueDarkend wrote:
Chris wrote:

That's the American spelling. We use the New Zealand one.

Love this...

Americans always think their way is the right one...
Their not great with languages or geography even ;).

You know, if you're going to pick on people, try not to fuck it up.

They're is what you want here, not their.

Hmm did i pick on anyone here? If someone felt that way, I'd say that person is way to touchy and should grow some tougher skin. But hey, we are all different :)

What I wrote is the truth, it wasn't meant to enrage anyone, just a bit of fun.

English is not my main language (unlike original poster), so there are bound to be some spelling errors...
But of cause I do take your point... it's just a bit misplaced.

Oh, and thanks for the correction... My spelling can obviously get better...
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That's cool, but I am more interested into interview with the guy which totally killed my fun of this game, and the fun of thousands other guys with the killing the witches, CI and ES.

As well I would like to read an interview with the guy which decided that PoE should be a "balanced game".

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