Path of Exile Community Designed Unique - Part 3 - Select the special property

What should the secondary special property of the unique be?

10% chance to dodge against taunted enemies, Melee attacks have a 25% chance to Maim taunted enemies, 2% of attack damage leeched as life against taunted enemies
You have Onslaught while Fortified, 15% chance to gain Fortify on Melee Stun
20% chance to blind Bleeding Enemies on hit, Attacks have a 20% chance to cause bleeding
Double the number of Frenzy and Endurance Charges you gain, 50% increased Frenzy and Endurance Charge Duration
Poll closed
Ever wanted to design a unique item for Path of Exile? Here's your chance! With this community designed unique project you'll have a chance to vote on a series of choices to design a new unique! The previous two votes decided the base type and the design goal: A belt that provides additional effects for stacking Armour and Evasion.

We've decided that the belt will have this stat to achieve this goal:

1% increased attack damage per 300 of your lowest value between armour and evasion

The unique will be on a brand new Armour and Evasion belt that will be coming in the 2.4.0 content patch.

ZiggyD and the GGG team will be working with the community to create this unique item design. Here is a video from ZiggyD explaining the choices for the third vote.

This vote decides the other special properties of the belt. Values may need to be adjusted as testing on the item occurs. Depending on the votes and balance testing, the item will have the top voted mods in addition to common stats like life or elemental resistances.

Edit: Voting is now closed!
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It's been too long guys but we're back! Happy voting! Look forward to seeing what you decide.
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That endurance/frenzy charge doubling and increased duration sounds insane :O
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Onslaught is the only option.
Would be nice to have permanent Onslaught.

with a slice of Champion's Fortify ;)
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- raics, 06.08.2016

ZiggyD wrote:
It's been too long guys but we're back!

No biggie, I love to have the full unique design experience with the humongous delays, XD

That being said, the Onslaught while Fortify seems excessive...
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Awh, nothing with something with 450 (defense)...

gonna be awesome though
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19 frenzy charges build incoming.

Yeah, thats not gonna happen.
OlaSarcasm wrote:
19 frenzy charges build incoming.

Yeah, thats not gonna happen.

It's x2 charges gained, not Maximum.

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Double charges + Daresso's Defiance

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