[2.3] Voltaxic LA - Still Broken :^) [Gameplays included]


Before you read this guide keep one thing in mind. I wont update this for the rest of the league, but i bought a t15 map just to show of the build on a nother video (boss went horrible cause i haven't played in a while). I will still answer ur questions in this thread / under my videos as good as i can.

I have thought .. with the Voltaxic nerf people are going to change their way to look at Voltaxic ...
And im right, Voltaxic is dirt cheap right now and i thought maybe i should make a guide and throw some videos in there to show it's still pretty balanced :).

Q: Is this HC Viable?
A: U one shot everything before it hits you, need more proof?

Q: Are you a HC Player?
A: No, I love pushing my builds to their limit, Can't do that in HC without the risk of losing a shit load of work :(

Q: Why are ur video's having such a bad sound quality?
A: I'm not investing a lot of time in them, basicly just recording (with shadow play) and uploading that :)

So, now that we cleared that out let's start with the guide


Q: Is leveling easy with this build?
A: It's meh at the start of a league (on HC atleast), but pretty good right now since everything is pretty cheap

Q: What are the big leveling uniques with this build i should get and are cheap?
Leveling Tree:

Okay, you are basicly looking for a weapon (leveling unique weapons are pretty good). I leveld with Storm Cloud into
, but u can also go Storm Cloud into

For a quiver you go for
which is also ur endgame quiver :) (the corruption is best, but expensiv for starting out with the build)

You dont need a tabula a 4L will do.

Also a pretty nice item to level with is a
Helps u getting your resists in place.


For Gear you are looking for weapon elemental damage with weapons (WED), on Rings, Amulet, Belt
Intelligence is a pretty needed stat you plan on getting with Amulet and Boots.
Helmet is a Rat's (BiS) with the Lightning Arrow entchant, if you can afford that
Gloves; i went for some Rare gloves with resists and attack speed, but if u can cap ur ressits without gloves you should get some low roll facebreakers for the critical strike multiplier.
Quiver; Drillneck (with +1 Arrow)
Body Armour: Belly of the Beast; Allows you to run a cast when dmg taken setup.
I'm running a koams heart but i had to get 110 strenght on gear which was a hustle

My Gear (as an example)

Stuff im going to get to upgrade my charakter is a Rat's nest with the lightning arrow entachant


Mirror Arrow - Inc. Duration - Vaal Haste Blood Rage
Frost Wall - Spell Echo
Wrath - Herald of Ice / Thunder - Curse on Hit - Assasin's Mark
If u are running a Belly of the Beast; Cast When DMG Taken - Inc. Duration - Immortal Call - Artic Breath (- GMP; if u have a 5l Belly)
And a Blink Arrow Somewere in any setup were you have a free socket

Main Attack: Lightning Arrow - Pierce - Added Lightning - GMP - WED - Slower Projectiles / Critical Strike Multiplier / Inc Critical Strikes / Void Manipulation (Since im not a 6l yet, No clue what's best)

Skill Tree:


Q: You are not running a single target, how you deals with bosses or rares?
A: Place a Frost Wall infront of them or behind them, Lightning Arrow will Pierce threw the wall's and chain of them with it's secondary stage

Deathless Atziri:


Plateau Map:

Springs Map:

Abyss Map:

If you have any suggestions for me to improve this guide or want to ask something throw that stuff @me

I hope you will have as much fun as i do with this build .. And Mathil hasn't done it first ;)

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Got my hands on a 6L yesterday will try to test around what is the best 6th link :)

Right now im at 40k unbuffed (39k but my crit dmg gem is like lvl 8)
95k fully buffed. Still about to get 1-2 lvls on wrath (depending on if i get a 21 from my 7 im lvling) and another lvl or 2 on herald of ice.

Also Still need an entachnted rat's nest but since no one farming that on rat's nest and its not the only build right now that uses it i might not be able to get one right now.

And im only lvl 89 right now. Will grab 2 more life nodes to get around 5.5k life and the goong for the jewel on the shadow tree.
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Thank you, was looking for 2.3 LA build.
Phase 1: Make D3

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Profit
Completed 16 ChallengesTheFalls212 wrote:
Thank you, was looking for 2.3 LA build.

NP, Hope u have fun with it
ayyy, thanks for this guide my friend, been wanting to play LA again. Cheers.
I'm guessing for bandits you went Oak, point , Frenzy/Power? Or actually instead of me guessing, id be glad if you mention them. Thank you.
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So have anyone made comparison? Go this one or LiftingNerd's LA? Skilltree seems pretty similar minus few details.

So have anyone made comparison? Go this one or LiftingNerd's LA? Skilltree seems pretty similar minus few details.

I'm playing LNB LA right now but im about to switch, tried to keep the life nodes from his tree and get the pierce stuff from BenDaa's tree.

This is what i got so far: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIBAJuNCC5rkBcm7YMS8XqEGY4vctCtAF4tTUHQ0359de96_rruDrvj_MWjisSiDY0j9luvh3ZNko19IXZOKuOfZ6AwfIbOTP8j00p9fytRR8EzQzGPYDnUlQU31D7Pjb_nVMMz2sGNfnb32cYIie0_veYFtdQjJP1aGi5TdO23tjH6MpSa8cLs6Nb_3tNvBS11y6CffwJdaLTFKlsi6psmeu_qYr6npuDKqWKsefbDOjIBsKtlTWyMQzYqOLIZxIK9Np2qUuzPeorwR342PWHr6UZVhetjelOlyxEvtUjUQoRvdf0WvyaVYeJVS4w2idNwUioLbyeaag==

EDIT: Didn't change ascendency yet.
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have you tried uber atziri or t15 maps?

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