2.3.0c Hotfix

Keep up the good work!
I'm really looking forward to this lacerate-related sound stuttering fix, cause you've done a great improvement of the sound. I loved the Grand arena's theme before and after 2.3 launch it was a pleasure to listen to it once again. But unfortunately I decided to go lacerate so my experience was kinda spoiled by this bug :(
So don't let your and our dreams be dreams. Fix it. Just DO IT! xD
Can you guys at GGG fix this bug too? I died in Temp HC League and in the Ladders it said "A character killed in Hardcore is moved to its parent league.", but I respawned just in Standard League :/
Death spawns you in Standard in this scenario. You only end up in Hardcore if you survive the temp league iirc.
Computer specifications:
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I don't mean to be a pain but how soon can we expect those hideout decorations to be released those r literally the last remaining hideout decoration iv been waiting for GGG to make to build a few of my hideout of the week ideas. not that they weren't cool and completely awesome I wondered why some of the massive items were so cheap and available way to early on but hey I'm down to waiting I mean now that I know they r coming oh flipping pagesus hype but dang

lava glow
skull fence
lava fountain
weird remains from mines( supper hyped about those hype )
and basicly everything I saw from tora everything down to the voll confession and lab plague

few suggestions
only really sad part was you didn't include the one table from the volcano map I think it is. anyway the one table with bunch of skulls on it in a sort of mini platue part of the map.

and the malici heart from malici phase2 fight or parts of the malici phase 1 arena would be insane aswell from Catarina

few request
can u throw in the dragon from act4 town or some kind of dragon statue
maybe some sorta pool of lava
the mini tiki monsters in koam path

but I checked all of them out super hyped for all of them
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I can't help but find this disappointing. I thought my Zerg Creep hideout was coming along quite nicely =(

Just not seeing a reason to keep going with Cat this league now.
Ok, nice,

now buff exp and map drops again, will ya???
oooh yeah, shield charge fix !
Coffee & Cigarettes
Never had any troubles with the client since beta, but with 2.3.0 i constantly get white window errors and other stuff. Every login and every new instance has a good chance of crashing the client.

There is no point in playing the ladder like this to me.
See ya in 3 months.
give us an option to disable new loading system :/ , stable 60fps before patch on compatible with winxp(sp3) , totally unplayable now.
IGN : TaylorSwiftDoItBoyz
So the game was totally unplayable for me with the game crashing every 2-10min and some areas crashing every min. Then I put the game in WIN XP compability mode and the game stops crashing (only hedgemaze in normal are unplayable, that area crashes ever 30sek).

Then I woke up and saw the new patchnotes: "Asynchronous preloading now works on Windows XP" WELL RIP, So now I crash in compability mode also. Not as often that I do without compability mode. But now its like every 15min.
I have just third crash inside Endagame Labirinth !

And becouse found keys is so slow - fix those crashes !

Or if crash inside Lab then let be teleport dont be closed or let be key be back in inventory.
So annoying.

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