2.3.0c Hotfix

Patch 2.3.0c
  • Fixed a client crash related to Shield Charge.
  • Fixed some problems with preloading aura effects.
  • Asynchronous preloading now works on Windows XP.
  • Fixed a problem where certain unreleased hideout decorations were available early, and at the wrong prices and levels. These are unfinished and will probably be destroyed tomorrow. We will refund favour spent on them when this occurs.
  • Improved Brazilian Portuguese translations.

This has been deployed without a realm restart. Just restart your client to have the changes take effect.

We are still investigating many issues such as the sound problems. More fixes will be deployed as they are ready!
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ty ggg
Yay patches :D
cool ty
TYVM on hard work for sound issues! :)
I dont know if it is intended but Shield charge does not benefit from any leech other then the support gems themselves while they still show in the character panel.

Archives, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2206812
Can you guys at GGG fix this bug too? I died in Temp HC League and in the Ladders it said "A character killed in Hardcore is moved to its parent league.", but I respawned just in Standard League :/
Can't wait for poe to stop crashing my computer though. In 18 levels my pc has crashed to poe 5 times.
Cast on Crit too much fun.
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