Sky Goddess of the Vortex -- BV CI -- TWIN CORE CLEARED.

So, first things first, I have no clue how to really do any formatting around here, so this guide will be rather threadbare, as it's my first experience with:

A) An Energy Shield character (I died quite a few times in cruel)

B) A Pathfinder

C) Blade Vortex

D) A whole host of red-tier maps and boss fights that I've never thought I'd be able to see.

This is me simply writing down my experiences. As I'm not sure how to record videos, I don't have any video evidence, but every single time I thought "okay, this encounter's going to completely wreck my day", the build has constantly positively surprised me. To put it into perspective, it melted Vaal Temple Trio faster than I could even manage the kill order (killed the dual striker first, then the ranged boss, then I was left with just the cycloner who I just drain-tanked).

Another disclaimer: this build is the exact opposite of cheap. I saved like crazy and took inspiration from several guides before my take on a blade vortex character.

Here are my inspirations:

God-Tier Blade Vortex:
This formed the foundation of my idea. Skyforths and a 6L ES chest are a must. The difference is that my variant is a Pathfinder. It gives up a substantial amount of raw tooltip DPS and unconditional ascendancy power in return for a more defensive chaos inoculation variant, and sustaining the new vessel of vinktar from behind a permanent max block Rumi's. This means that your power floors are much lower (you have absolutely no ascendancy bonuses without flasks), but the power ceiling, in my opinion, is substantially improved (god-tier blade vortex WITH max block, a sustained vinktar's-based (or even Atziri's promise on backup) drain-tank, and double-dipping poison as far as you can push it thanks to master herbalist).

Number one PHC Pathfinder:
This is a much more economically feasible blade vortex build. I'm fairly certain that outside of a 6L carcass jack, every single piece of equipment from that guide can be obtained in the chaos price range. On the other hand, it does not have chaos inoculation, cannot infinitely sustain a 6L blade vortex rev-up (at least, I don't think it can, as it doesn't run clarity), and needs to run a second utility blade vortex, which eats away at gem slots. That said, it's far more feasible from an economic standpoint, so if anyone just wants a taste of pathfinder blade vortex, I urge them to go to this guide.

Pathfinder CoC blocker:
This guide demonstrates the viability and potential of a poison pathfinder. It cleared twin core with one death, and, in my opinion, with a setup that stretches resources into two separate directions -- one to raise the critical chance of cyclone to trigger the spells, and then to actually scale the spell damage. Furthermore, whereas physical CoC uses a combination of a weaker blade vortex and bladefall, it both moves faster thanks to more attack speed scaling with whirling blades, and hits its power ceiling basically immediately just by spinning and winning. Furthermore, as it is a cyclone build, it does not depend on a certain red pair of boots which inspires this build's name. On the downside, as I've spoken to a friend playing a similar build (CI cyclone CoC pathfinder), the power ceiling seems to be a little bit lower, as it isn't a self-cast blade vortex with increased duration nodes or gem support, and nor does it use the conc effect gem, which is a massive boss killer.

Death and Taxes GG EZ mode:

Shrine Piety 8-mod blown up in 5 seconds:


Now, onto the guide:

- Can run ANY map besides blood magic (physical reflect will kill you if you don't respect it with preparation, though).

- No Achilles Heel in our defenses. No neglected chaos resistance.

- Three flexible flask slots. While Vessel of Vinktar and Rumi's Concoction are mandatory, the last three flasks are more flexible. I use a surgeon's flask of heat, a surgeon's basalt flask of grounding, and atziri's promise, but the atziri's promise can just as easily be a taste of hate, or a warding flask (I'm planning on taking on hall of grandmasters, and might need that).

- Our color requirements are very manageable. While I use an Atziri's Splendor, this build does not require four off-color slots.

- SUSTAINED VESSEL OF VINKTAR. Or basically very close to it. My tooltip crit chance on BV is around 80% with 5 power charges, add in assassin's mark blasphemy and you're talking about 90% with one increased duration cluster.

- double-dipping poison into the stratosphere. Several times, I constantly dreaded doing certain map bosses (EG Village Ruin, Colosseum, Vaal Temple), and each time, I was constantly amazed as to how fast certain notorious bosses dropped.

- Physical reflect will kill you if you do not prepare for it. Most of my map deaths are from when I did not respect reflect (namely, it was on an unid map, and I didn't detect it fast enough, so didn't slot in my physical to lightning).

- Blood Magic. It's fairly gut-wrenching rolling for double packsize on red maps, hitting three packsize mods, and one being blood magic. IT HURTS THE SOUL.

- Not a top-tier tooltip build. If you want one of those damage-at-all-costs builds, refer to a zillion other guides. This one is structured around sufficient damage to take out packs in solo play, without compromising effectiveness for tougher fights. In return for max block and unique flask sustain, it gives up overkill damage.

- Obscenely expensive. Sorry, but this is an ES with skyforth and Enlighten 4 build. Again, I refer you to the PHC guide if you want a very effective pathfinder on a budget.

- Need an SSD to play this if you don't want to get kicked out by lag occasionally because GGG's engine leaves something to be desired.

Passive Tree (level 95)

My Gear

My helmet cost 6 exalts, my chest I traded a 6L Shav's for that I bought for 12 ex and divined 5x for a 200% shield, so that's about 13 ex, Skyforth cost me 22 ex (the lunatic that sold it to me vaal'd it so now I can't get the leech on kill enchant...seriously, for the love of god, PLEASE DO NOT VAAL A SKYFORTH. EVER.), my shield cost me 20 exalts and I wish I could get it on a titanium base for the 3% additional block (GGG, please, change-of-base recipe: rare + white item of same functionality + 2 exalts sold to vendor = old item on new base!), my left ring (corpse coil) cost me 4 exalts, and my other ring cost me around 40 chaos if I recall correctly, before I put Elreon's mod on it and divined it twice. My amulet cost 1.5 exalts, the facebreakers cost 1.5 exalts, and the dagger cost 100 chaos. My perfect Rumi's (non-negotiable) cost me 1.5-2 exalts IIRC.

Now, here's what we're looking for from our gear:

1) 169/169/169 resistances in our hideout. This is so that we're capped for red elemental weakness maps.

2) Around 130%+ mana regeneration from gear to sustain a 6L blade vortex. More if you're going to use controlled destruction in the links.

3) A high mana roll from our skyforth.

4) Somewhere in the category of 30 additional strength from gear. Between primal spirit, a couple of strength pathing nodes, and a +30 with ranger's 14 starting strength, you'll need one suffix or belt property (whether implicit or Magnate) devoted to strength.

5) Flask buffs on belt. Whether you use the Magnate, a Rustic Sash with strength, resist, and reduced flask charges used (definitely preferable to flask duration, as we get flask duration from flask quality, Witch alchemist node, Ranger's Druidic Rite, and Pathfinder Ascendancy), a heavy belt with double resist and reduced flask charges used, the choice depends on how your resists are coming along.

6) Damage from gloves. The unique gloves to consider are Maligaro's, Facebreakers, and Shadows and Dust. The way I see it, the ranger start gives us enough dexterity, and 20% critical strike chance is equal to 15% critical strike multiplier (for instance, consider Shadow's Doom Cast cluster), thus facebreakers provides 6 points worth of stats, maligaro's provides around 4.5 (50% crit chance = 2.5, 30% multi = 2), Shadows and Dust in that same category. Furthermore, it is far more feasible to find a vulnerability-on-hit corruption on Maligaro's/Facebreakers, while that same corruption on Shadows and Dust will run an obscene amount of currency. Also, something I would love to find but cannot are a pair of Hrimsorrow gloves with an elemental weakness on hit curse for reflect maps. If you don't use a unique set of gloves, you want a pair of energy shield gloves to shore up your resists.

7) Damage from belt. Again, following point 5: rustic sash or magnate, choice is up to you. The question ultimately is do you want more damage, radius/duration (corrupted magnates only, please), and flask recharge, or flask charge reduction, resist, and a little less damage (24% rustic sash, spam those blessed orbs) from a rustic sash.

8) Flat ES everywhere you can find it. If you can get it on rings, great. On belt? Great. You get the idea. Currently, my character sits at around 9.6k ES, which is fairly low for a CI character. However, I'm going for EHP, as opposed to simply raw shield.

9) Enemies can have one additional curse from your amulet. Whether that additional curse comes from a curse-on-hit glove corruption (vulnerability or temp chains depending on offense or defense, I'd love to find an ele weakness hrimsorrow, as I said, willing to pay several exalts in PSC), or a cast-when-damage-taken enfeeble, you'll want this. It's also something that the Romira's-Voll's Devotion gimmick builds most likely will not get because GL HF getting +1 curse on Voll's Devotion.

10) High spell critical strike chance on both dagger and shield. Daggers can go to 100%. Shields can also go to 100%, but again, be warned, a high ES shield (500+) with resists and high spell critical strike chance will cost a fortune. In fact, I think it's the slot with the highest amount of pressure to get everything lined up in one item in the build and will (or should) cost you more than your Skyforths and your 6L ES chest.


Reckless Defense (4% block) to bring up spell block to cap (or near cap), energy from within (melding cluster slot), and conqueror's potency (yes, this "garbage" jewel actually provides around 2%-3% additional block and spell block for me, and it also provides an additional 1 maximum resistance from vessel of vinktar (and any other resist flask you might run)).

The fourth jewel slot (and fifth, if you so choose) can contain any additional resistances you need to get to 169/169/169, area damage (double-dips poison), physical damage, global critical strike multiplier, spell critical strike multiplier, faster casting, faster casting while holding a shield, more %ES, and any other goodies you can think of for a physical aoe spell.

Bandits: Kill, Kill and Alira.

I'm not going to go into a leveling guide, since I myself don't really have good advice for how to level an ES character. I died quite a few times still wearing my tabula in act 4 cruel. Simply, I don't know how to handle the power trough in act 3-4 of cruel, when a tabula + goldrim + 2x lifesprig NO LONGER (sorry, edit) faceroll the content before it has a chance to hit you. I'm fairly certain there are guides out there that go into detail about how to handle this, but I'm not sure where they are. Knowing how to handle the power trough when your leveling gear starts to falter but you can't wear your top-end level 68 requirements ES gear is mandatory for hardcore. However, these are the important features we're looking for:

1) Shadow/Ranger/Scion aura clusters (Influence, Charisma, and the first two of three in Scion leadership cluster), aside from Scion's leadership node. We need all of that reserved mana, and I think shadow's influence may be too good to pass up (but I can be mistaken).

2) The vital flask nodes: Primal Spirit, Druidic Rite, and Alchemist.

3) Witch power charge and corresponding power charge spell damage buff.

4) Critical strike clusters -- shadow assassination, witch annihilation, shadow doom cast. Because of strength requirements, I elected to go up through Shadow's trickery node.

5) Shadow physical damage scaling. The "lawn mower" guide I saw branched out to Templar's Sovereignty cluster. I tried that and simply feel that one more aura is just not worth the opportunity cost of giving up shadow phys/chaos start and the force shaper damage scaling route. Then there is also fangs of the viper and will of blades, both of which are terrific, in my opinion.

6) Potency Of Will duration cluster. We're playing blade vortex, so we need at least one of those. If you can somehow make the Exceptional Performance cluster (and Arcane Chemistry for 15% reduced flask charges!) work with your tree, I think it'd be terrific, but I'm simply at a loss for what you can cut in order to pay for the opportunity cost. The advantage of a life-based pathfinder going through scion life wheel is that it can pick up both duration clusters. An energy-shield variant has to make do with just one, however.

7) Harrier, Occultist's Domain, and Coordination nodes. These are our only nodes that provide faster casting on the tree outside of a fourth jewel.

8) Energy Shield clusters: Foresight (on the way to potency of will), arcane focus (since we're in the witch area already), infused shield (CI build), nullification (again, we're in the shadow starting square, so this is the in-between connecting fangs of the viper and assassination), melding (again, very much on the way, coupled with the Energy From Within jewel slot), and witch energy shield start.

9) Mana regeneration and max mana: we get most of it with the ranger start, but we still need more from Scion's shaper node and witch ES/regeneration starting node. Blade Vortex spam costs a LOT of mana.

10) Keystones: your standard offensive energy shield nodes--vaal pact, ghost reaver, and your choice of pain attunement (Shav's low-life variants) or chaos inoculation (CI variants). All of them are on the way.


Master surgeon + master herbalist. Pretty straightforward. Master surgeon is the entire identity of the pathfinder, and the seventh link from master herbalist is of course, terrific. Also, for those not playing chaos inoculation variants, it's a free 30% chaos resist, which when combined with Atziri's Promise buffed by 50% or so, will put you into positive chaos resistance territory in merciless without having any on your tree or gear.


Vessel of Vinktar (conversion variant) and Rumi's concoction are mandatory. Grounding suffix is mandatory for vessel of vinktar, and heat suffix is mandatory because ES builds will get destroyed by cold debuffs otherwise. The last flask is completely up to you. You might want a warding suffix for hall of grandmasters (have yet to tackle it) due to some of the grandmasters use elemental weakness and another single element curse (that is, conductivity/flammability/frostbite). You might also want to use Taste of Hate for physical mitigation. For my last three flasks, I use a surgeon's silver flask of heat, a surgeon's basalt flask of grounding, and an atziri's promise for poison scaling. If you do not use the increased critical strikes gem (or as I like to call it, increased vessel of vinktar charges), you will need to use a diamond flask. If you do not need/want the surgeon's mod, then I think the alchemist (reduced flask charges) mod is best on a basalt and silver flask, which when coupled with reduced flask charges used on a belt (or just hitting the perfect 25%) will allow you to get two uses instead of one on a single full flask.

My justification for my three flask choices:

Basalt flask is our only physical mitigation outside of the paltry 4500 armor Rumi's provides, so it's fairly vital.

A silver flask's onslaught both allows for much faster whirling in tough situations, and also, while this build stands and trades (or, in a more derogatory term, "facetanks") with a tough boss (think Ambrius, Vaal Temple Trio, etc.), the 20% increased cast speed will allow us to keep blade vortex stacks higher while we leech from vinktar.

Other good choices include a ruby flask (Atziri and Malachai both have some heavy fire damage) and a diamond flask (again, for those not using increased critical strikes in their 6L).

Lastly, Atziri's promise because it's around 30% more damage in the form of chaos damage, which double dips on both the blade vortex hit AND the poison from master herbalist. So, again, absolutely massive single target damage not reflected in the tooltip.


Movement: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify: standard fare stuff.

Vaal skills: increased duration - vaal haste - vaal discipline - vaal clarity. Vaal haste and vaal clarity are essentially your nitro when you really need to quickly rev up. Furthermore, vaal clarity lasts a very long time and will really prove to be a great quality of life in maps with regen debuffs, such as -60% on red maps, or even worse, players cannot regenerate life and mana debuffs. Vaal haste combined with a silver flask makes you a speed demon. Vaal discipline is your one "ES flask". Use wisely. Also if you want to micromanage it, I believe that un-slotting a filled vaal skill and puttig it in your inventory keeps its charges, so if you have 6 level 20 vaal disciplines around, you can essentially charge 6 of them up, and use them liberally in prolonged (Uber, Core) fights.

Note: if taking on Hall of Grandmasters, drop vaal clarity and replace with frost bomb.

Aura cluster 1: Enlighten 4 - Hatred/Haste - Discipline - Clarity. Discipline and Clarity are mandatory, then Hatred or Haste goes depending on tastes. I like the defensive buffs that hatred provides, and I also cannot sustain blade vortex on just mana regeneration with haste running. However, if the map is a temp chains map or an elemental reflect map, you will want to give haste serious consideration. I keep a level 20 lying around in my stash. Enlighten 4 is mandatory here, so save those exalts and buy it. (NOTE: trying to collect 11 "Wealth and Power" cards is very risky, since so few people sell them. Buyer very much beware. I got two of them before I got some very cold feet.)

Aura cluster 2: Enlighten 3/4 - Blasphemy - Assassin's mark: 10% additional critical strike chance. With an increased critical strikes gem, this comes out to around 125% increased critical strike chance, with a "more" critical strike multiplier, and a solid amount of mana gained on kill, which is very helpful in -60% mana or no mana regen maps. (I also use Atziri's Splendor, so that +100 mana gained on kill is amazing for no regen maps. However, I fully recognize it is inferior to a 900 ES regalia with 3x t2 or t1 resists--however, such a regalia would cost you a lot of exalts, assuming you can even find one for sale.)

CWDT: cast when damage taken - tempest shield - immortal call. As I'm using a fossilized spirit shield, I need tempest shield to bring me up to 74/74. If you're using a titanium spirit shield, you might consider either dropping this gem, or dropping the Conqueror's Potency jewel.

Golem: LIGHTNING GOLEM IS LOVE. LIGHTNING GOLEM IS LIFE. 9% INCREASED WHIRLING BLADES SPEED AND 9% INCREASED CAST SPEED IS AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. Manual cast this badass. Those low-life builds with no room for a golem? They're missing out.

6L blade vortex: Blade Vortex - spell echo - increased duration - increased vessel of vinktar charges (increased critical strikes) - increased aoe/concentrated effect (map clear vs. double dip poison to the moon) - increased critical damage/physical to lightning.

Hall of Grandmasters: BV - echo - ID - ICS - Inc AoE/conc effect - reduced block chance (you have to recolor your chest).

Justification: blade vortex (duh), spell echo (duh), and increased duration are all mandatory.

Increased critical strikes, as I just noted, can effectively be read as "increased vessel of vinktar charges". Considering that you need to restore ~60 charges in 7 seconds with 90% increased flask charges gained (primal spirit, druidic rite, Magnate belt), or ~50 charges (20% reduced flask charges used from rare belt) with 40% increased flask charges gained, thanks to master surgeon being nerfed from 20% on pre-release (holy shit, was this node ever hypeHYPEhypeHYPE when it first was released) to 10% now, AND vessel of vinktar charges being nerfed (I contend that the Pathfinder ascendancy class was the reason for this), increased critical strikes goes a long way into making up this ground. Also, since we don't have the Exceptional Performance duration cluster, most of the time, we're not precisely at 50 stacks, so, once again, we need to get as many critical strikes as we can from our vortex. It also sustains our Rumi's and our Atziri's Promise (if you use it--you still get poison without it, just not as strong. In fact, should poison double-dipping be removed, this might just turn into taste of hate for even more physical mitigation and cold damage, allowing us to permanently use haste instead of hatred).

Increased aoe/conc effect: again, pretty self-explanatory. As this build uses neither carcass jack nor divinarius (I can't because I need mana regeneration from my dagger, and I'm missing it on one of my rings), increased aoe is vital for trash clear. Concentrated effect currently double dips poison, and between shadow's phys/chaos start, shadow's Force Shaper node, conc effect double dipping poison, and atziri's promise double-dipping poison, a slot for conc effect is a must.

Increased critical damage/phys to lightning: basically, this is the "how do I adapt to physical reflect maps" slot. I suppose one can put down increased critical strikes assuming the boss isn't Core Malachai or a multi-phase boss (Ambrius), however, for the sixth damage slot, I elected to go with increased critical damage. Controlled Destruction was a no-no because of the 140% mana cost multiplier vs. increased critical damage's 120%, and added fire got left on the table because monsters have resistances at higher levels, and the fire damage doesn't scale with poison outside of an Atziri's promise converting 15% of it. At a high critical strike chance (again, vital for Vessel of Vinktar), controlled destruction does not get too much more mileage on increased critical damage (though that it does at all is an indictment of GGG's balance team). Lastly, for physical reflect maps, while I would recommend that these be rerolled in hardcore (quite a few reflect deaths when I was playing at 2 AM and missed the phys reflect line), with a physical to lightning gem and careful play, one can actually clear a map with this mod on it.

One last thing:

If you plan on taking on hall of grandmasters, you'll want to turn that last increased critical damage/phys to lightning slot into a "reduced block chance" green slot because 35% reduced block chance says F U to cancer Aegis builds.

Okay, so that does it for this write-up. It was a stream of consciousness more than an in-depth guide of what I've done with my character. I don't have videos since I'm not sure where to get recording software/how to use it. Noteworthy things I've done:

Melted solo Ambrius on a 2p map with no regen mod (and some others). Thought he'd wreck me, turns out he was barely able to get a single attack off.

Melted Vaal Trio (mods were favorable, however). Again, for a fight that so many people utterly dread, I cleared the fight A) out of order (accidentally blew up dual striker first while trying to get to ranged girl) B) cleared it in what felt like less than a minute.

Blew up Village Ruin bosses. Have yet to get a twinned Village Ruin, but all the other runs, when I rev up to 50 (falls off a little by the time I get to the bosses) stacks of conc-effect blade vortex, I don't even have time to mouse over them.

Blew up excavation bosses. Again, conc effect double dipping poison blade vortex.

Melted regular Atziri, so I barely know the fights mechanics since I don't even try to dodge anything (I might have to for uber if the single flameblast or storm call can one-shot 9600 ES with 75% resistance), I just drain-tank it.

Core? I tried it in a one-portal only scenario since an entire party wanted to try it. Maligaro ROFL'd at everyone but me, and then I screwed up Shav's pattern ("ooh, no thorns after teleport? Okay, no thorns this time! Yay! *Whirling blades in* ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP X_X). Seeing what I have regarding twinned core, I'm fairly certain single core is more than doable under decent conditions. Twinned core seems in the realm of feasible.

Also something I'm waiting on 96 to attempt: Hall of Grandmasters without "cheesing". That is, I've seen people stack up explosive arrow and frost walls before the grandmasters were even activated, and I think that they should aggro the moment someone starts casting something in their general vicinity (aka no head starts). I'm not sure what special changes I'd need to make in order to make this build tailored to hall of grandmasters aside from reduced block (respect the Aegis!), but I imagine putting down the silver flask for a ruby is one of them (righteous fire), putting down vaal clarity for flame dash (frost wall), finding some place to put a frost bomb (gotta pay respect to Dy'ness).

Anyhow, that's my stream of consciousness on my character. Feel free to comment/critique.

Edit: Twin Core CLEARED. Screenshot! (three deaths, was a dirty run, one death to lag, one death to stupidly dying on boss spawn -- don't stand on the hole -- and one to the panic I shouldn't have had...pfft. Will retry for a deathless run.)
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Thanks for sharing this love it.

I play a similar build and i'm wandering how you sustain all of this. For sustain i use warlord mark on blasphemy. You don't so i guess you sustain with vessel of vinktar and life/mana on kill from assassin marks?

Is the mana leech of vessel is enought vs boss? because if it is i realy gona save for a vessel and free up my second BV setup for power charge =)

If it is to not to mutch to ask can you take a look at my gear/tree and point improvement and mistake:

Ranger lvl 83


Thanks you and fly safe ;)
Seems good, i play the immortal low life bv in these forums, if you dont mind me asking whats your ttdps? can do with flasks up obviously since thats the build. I certainly think ci seems better for temp leagues etc hope bv pathfinder doesnt get hit to hard by the nerf hammer.
to the poster above its def worthwhile to get vinktars the leech is insane its kinda funny that ggg let it through.
Cheers fhark
Last edited by Fhark on May 8, 2016, 5:18:53 AM
Fhark wrote:
I certainly think ci seems better for temp leagues etc hope bv pathfinder doesnt get hit to hard by the nerf hammer.
I don't understand why everyone isn't playing pathfinder. I have a very hard time playing anything else anymore.
Tagmatar wrote:

Thanks for sharing this love it.

I play a similar build and i'm wandering how you sustain all of this. For sustain i use warlord mark on blasphemy. You don't so i guess you sustain with vessel of vinktar and life/mana on kill from assassin marks?

Is the mana leech of vessel is enought vs boss? because if it is i realy gona save for a vessel and free up my second BV setup for power charge =)

If it is to not to mutch to ask can you take a look at my gear/tree and point improvement and mistake:

Ranger lvl 83


Thanks you and fly safe ;)

Vinktar, Assassin's mark, and Atziri's Splendor mana on kill.
Fhark wrote:
Seems good, i play the immortal low life bv in these forums, if you dont mind me asking whats your ttdps? can do with flasks up obviously since thats the build. I certainly think ci seems better for temp leagues etc hope bv pathfinder doesnt get hit to hard by the nerf hammer.
to the poster above its def worthwhile to get vinktars the leech is insane its kinda funny that ggg let it through.
Cheers fhark

Using increased aoe gem (not conc effect) + increased crit damage:

13k just with hatred and no power charges/flasks.

21k with all flasks up and no power charges (vinktar/silver/atziri contributing--atziri's a massive jump).

26k with flasks up + power charges.

With conc effect, with only hatred for damage buffs, my 13k goes to 20k. With flasks up, I'm at 42k. With flasks up + vaal haste, I'm at 53k. That said, Vaal Haste is simply a false quantity, since I use it for prebuffing, not actual casting during boss fights. Also, some of that DPS is cast speed calculation, so, again, a bit of a false quantity.

Keep in mind, though, this tooltip is misleading, since it doesn't take into account vulnerability on hit, doesn't take into account assassin's mark, and that all of this is applying double-dipped poison from master herbalist.

So, essentially, if you've got 40 BV stacks going at conc effect with poison in effect, it's somewhere around 1.6 million DPS/second (if I understand that it's per blade vortex stack), applying double dipped poison.

Edit: also, crit chance tooltip with power charges is 79.63%. So, add in the assassin's mark and it's around 89%. I feel that should I somehow miraculously hit 100, I'd take the true strike Scion cluster to bring it up to 96% (no Diamond flask!).
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Casia wrote:
Fhark wrote:
I certainly think ci seems better for temp leagues etc hope bv pathfinder doesnt get hit to hard by the nerf hammer.
I don't understand why everyone isn't playing pathfinder. I have a very hard time playing anything else anymore.

They had better not nerf Pathfinder. It's already an unpopular class as it stands, viable with only one real spell (blade vortex). CoC is going to get nerf-smashed at some point, since A) it freezes party play and B) it's just obnoxious how easily trickster abuses it.

And here's the thing about Blade Vortex: it needs an obscene amount of wealth to scale.

The problem with Pathfinder is that IMO, she's the most expensive ascendancy class to build for, since she's all about Blade Vortex scaling, and that can go to the moon.
The ttdps sounds really good makes me want to max out mine a bit more which should be able to get as high, i did try it with redbeak for a while to double dip poison was fun. Gl levelling fhark.
Fhark wrote:
The ttdps sounds really good makes me want to max out mine a bit more which should be able to get as high, i did try it with redbeak for a while to double dip poison was fun. Gl levelling fhark.

The tooltip DPS has me constantly underwhelmed, though =/. Like I saw the "god tier blade vortex" guide and it can max out at like 250k, which is just beyond belief (probably wearing a zillion headhunter buffs, and using vaal skills, and other "afterburner" features which won't be available on a boss fight). Then again, low-life gets the pain attunement multiplier and several auras just because "lulz, lowlife".

The build is an attempt at balance, so to speak. CI has no natural offense unlike pain attunement for low life, and the lack of life globe to dedicate to auras sucks =/.

On the upside, it doesn't have to deal with any chaos/poison damage shenanigans and vision isn't an issue.
Yeah i saw that still gg gear, the ttdps seems really good since ive seen what 24000 ttdps does with poison and a redbeak on low life:D

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