Upcoming Divination Cards

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Last bumped on May 25, 2016, 2:15:02 AM
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Good card design
Good card design
Good card design
Bad card design

Cards that give a specific unique item should always be corrupted. Want to avoid dealing with RNG to drop that item, want a static way to generate it, fine! here are static values
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1/90 of a mirror hypeeeee
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A card that gives another card... Whats next? A card that gives that card that gives you another card? Pff...
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I always love the art style on the cards.
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90 immortals for one mirror...

And I like the dying anguish, hopefully that will be easy to farm!
Is the throne a... Toilet?

Seriously, it looks like his pants are down and he is reading wiping material, I can't help put look at it that way. @_@

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All nice and dandy, but the cards you want never drop any way, so why add more? Just means more stuff we can't have.
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