[2.2] RF Blade Vortex Marauder aka the 'Firetwister' >250k dps HC/Atziri viable, Videos added now!

Basically you can RF without any ascendancy points, but getting the extra life regeneration helps a lot.

So i recommend you todo it with at least 4 Ascendancy points. Just take the pathing to "Ramako, Sun's light" then Righteous Fire shouldn't be a problem (use enduring cry and you get 0.5% extra Life Regen per endurance charge - also i would prefer not to use immortal call with CDWT setup, since you would lose your charges).

When you do the labyrinth, i recommend you to turn off righteous fire, until you get to Izaro, then turn it on. When you finish Izaro in each stage and leave the area, Righteous Fire will turn off automatically (it does everytime when you enter a new area).

Merciless Labyrinth shouldn't be much dangerous since you will have very high life regeneration anyways, so only Izaro could be a bit of challenge (but with enough dps/leech you can Facetank him, since endurance charges give you 4% phys reduction per charge and you can use warlord's to sustain life and mana leech).
Hey, i played a similar build in the beginning of the league, and will try to do it again now in flashback. I used iron will and doon cuyebuari to amplify the damage. Also the blooddance boots for easy frenzys and regeneration. They also allow you something very interesting: using phase run as movement skill! This gives 3 boni - faster movement, easier running through mobs, and monsters almost dont realise you are there until they are dead ;-)

Edit: also, why no added fire gem? I really like your call of the brotherhood pyre combo but 20/20 added fire gives 54% added phys as fire, so just as effevtive and u have 2 free ring slots!
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Well i aimed for a pure fire damage build so i have to use avatar of fire, without the rings 50% of physical damage gets lost. added fire damage isnt an option because the only gems to switch are either fire penetration, increased duration or elemental focus. but all of them are a multiplier to the damage, so they are much better than added fire damage.
Really cool build.
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i will be see next day to prophery league!

thx for guide
Thanks for the build guide, I think it's pretty cool. I had a question though...

Could you use Alpha's Howl to get the +2 skill bonus for Purity of Fire? and then use a dagger which would allow the use of whirling blades-fortify.

Not having whirling blades on a blade vortex character seems kinda clunky and fortify is so good.

What is your opinion on this?

Just a question, how do you have additional crit chance to trigger elemental overload. Or you just go with 6%?

P/S: Nvm, tested, worked well, don't mind me
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hey, of course you can use a dagger and alpha's howl. just i was playing hardcore league and i preferred a high armour + resis helmet, but you can switch it to your personal preferences.

You shouldn't forget that the downside of this build is, that you use up 2 ring slots, so stacking life gets harder.
Hi, what do you think about using the new 2.4 unique sword Razor of the Seventh Sun as well as using flammability blasphemy?

"recover 1% of maximum life when you ignite an enemy" should be very tanky since blade vortex has lots of hits per second that can ignite.
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So i found a major flaw with this build CWDT + Curse on hit + ICe Nova does not work... What is the best way to replace this?

blash + curse

or CWDT + Cruse on hit + Cruse + BV?

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