[2.2] RF Blade Vortex Marauder aka the 'Firetwister' >250k dps HC/Atziri viable, Videos added now!

Hello guys, this is my first guide to a build which i created myself (i couldn't find any similar builds to it). It's a pretty tanky and dpsy build, with 6k life and huge regeneration + leech and >200k dps (still lots of room for improvement left!). HC viable. Sadly it ripped yesterday to some weird lag and the academy boss (Level 92), RIP. But at least I give him the honour and tell you about the awesome character I had. Atziri viable. Didn't try uber though, also need to test the Core map.

As the title already suggests, it's a build with Blade Vortex as the main skill. The special thing is, you use the huge buff of Righteous Fire and Avatar of Fire (pure fire damage build!). It's a non crit build, but we also use the Elemental Overload Keystone, which is also up nearly 100% of the time (with 6% crit chance). The build is pretty easy to understand and not so expensive (under 1 exalted), but it needs certain uniques to make it work.


Build explanation + 1 gorge run (vulnerability): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHZO0amFuco
Another two gorge runs (Elemental reflection / 40% less regeneration): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=753jsck9ov4
Sorry for heavy german accent, english not my native language^^

Full explanation
Since we use Avatar of Fire (AoF, http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Avatar_of_Fire), only 50% of physical damage will be converted to fire damage, the other 50% physical part of Blade Vortex will get lost. But there's a way to use the full damage of Blade Vortex by using certain rings and a certain gem:

If we do the maths:
50% physical to fire (AoF)
50% physical to lightning (Gem)

50% lightning to fire (AoF, means there is still 50% lightning damage unused because of AoF)
50% lightning to cold (Ring, Call of the Brotherhood)

100% cold to fire (Ring, Pyre)

--> full damage conversion, i.e. we do fire damage only!

For Righteous Fire I highly recommend this shield

Rise of the Phoenix is pretty standard for Righteous fire builds, because of the +8 to max fire resistance. It also helps a lot against reflect maps.

Must have:

Weapon: +2 to fire gems (for purity of fire) and spell/fire damage, cast speed also good (doesn't roll with daggers though)
For example:

Boots, Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Amulet and Belt:
any good rares with high life, armour and resis rolls. Later you can buy lightning coil to optimize your build, but it isn't really necessary. On some rares I highly recommend the +dexterity mod, since stacking dexterity through the skill tree can be a bit troublesome (you need at least 155 dex for a lvl 20 BV!). The life/mana leech on boots is optional, but not mandatory.
For example:


1 panic life flask is enough. Ruby flask and granite flasks are a must. Other ones can vary to personal preferences, for example Taste of Hate or Silver Flask.

Linking (You can hover with the mouse over my items to see it faster).

Must have links:

Chest: Blade Vortex, Spell Echo, Physical to Lightning, Fire Penetration, Increased Duration, Elemental Focus (It's an order from 4l to 6l. Elemental Focus gives a huge boost since we do only fire damage. Added Fire damage is no option here.

1. Righteous Fire, Elemental Focus, Increased Burning damage, Increased Area of Effect
2. Cast when damage taken (lvl 1), Curse on Hit (lvl 1), Ice nova (lvl 8, quality very good here!), Warlord's mark (lvl 20) - this CDWT setup is very important for survivability!

Weapon: Purity of fire (must have for righteous fire!)

Other must have Gems: Enduring cry (to keep charges and regen up), Blood rage, Hatred, Rallying cry

The remaining skill slots can be filled to you personal preferences, i like the CWDT + Molten Shell + Tempest shield on my RotP.

Skilling + Leveling:

Chieftain, skill through Ngahamu, Flame's Advance to Ramako, Sun's light and Hinekora, Death's Fury
10% Fire penetration, 20% extra fire damage on Kill, 1% life leech, the %increased Fire Damage and the Regen bonuses are very good and important. With 6 endurance charges you get 0.7 life regen each (0.5 from ascendancy and 0.2 from skill tree), in sum 4.2 life regen, which is huge

Oak, Skill Point, Oak (you could also pick Oak in cruel but a jewel is much better than the 16%.

Till level 65 (because with Level 65 the fun begins, you can use the RotP shield): You can use any skill you like to use for leveling, there are no restrictions except the item requirements maybe. I recommend to take the +30 dex nodes, to make it easier until u have the gear. If you want to use BV early, get the +duration nodes near the scion start.

Level 80 (stacking life, respeccing +30 dex nodes, getting +duration if not done yet:

Level 92. I use the 'intuitive leap' jewel near the scion start to get the extra aoe nodes and to gain access to the +duration points, getting life and jewel sockets:
In the jewel sockets put jewels with mods like %increased fire damage, %increased AoE damage, %increased physical damage, %increased spell damage, %increased cast speed. Increased fire and AoE damage buff both Righteous fire and BV! I also use a 'fluid motion' jewel to stack dexterity.

Level 100: depending on gear either stacking last fire damage nodes (explosive Impact skill point), getting aura nodes or stacking mana. Depends on personal preferences, i think i would've gone on damage nodes, since mana and auras are no problem for me. Getting 20% increased aura effect (for +1 fire resists with an level 23 purity of fire skill gem) doesn't seem worth it, since you got to sacrifice a jewel spot as well.

Pro & Cons
tanky, dpsy, fun to play, good clear speed, both physical and elemental reflect maps are no problem, also mods like vulnerability, slower regen and -max res are doable in most cases.

works badly with maps with the 'no regeneration' mod, shock hurts a lot, medium AoE (but still good clear speed)

DPS fully buffed (Hatred, rallying cry, 3 frenzy charges, Elemental overload up, Righteous fire up):
- 22,5 k * 10 seconds = 225k (rough calculation)
+Righteous fire damage, no tooltip dps since it's wrong. By rough estimation it should be around 25-30k. Most white mobs burn down by the fire only.
Also not to forget the 35% increased damage against burning monsters also the 47% fire penetration from the ascendancy and the skill gem (which could drop the monsters resistances below zero and makes resistant monsters easy to kill).

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed it. Maybe you still have some suggestions, ideas, tips? Leave a comment please :)

If interest is great enough, i can try to create a gameplay video^^
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Hey man, nice ideia i think i will try it. You can do atziri with this build? A carcass jack can be used in the build?
Last edited by claydbp on Apr 10, 2016, 12:01:12 PM
Atziri is no problem. Carcass Jack can be used of course, Lightning coil is the more defensive option.
Ty for the answer, i am going to do the build to see
Added Build Video + Map runs, Atziri will follow later ;)
you think that consuming dark work with the build? Caos damage are op hahaha
Well you can't deal chaos damage with avatar of fire. Even if you would unspec it, it isn't worth it, because your chaos damage would be only 1/8 of your total damage.
how you sustain your mana? Just with warlords?
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warlord's mark, and boots like:

also the reduced mana cost from the skill nodes help too.
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This build looks very cool and well thought out; but I have one question.

Are the Ascendancy points vital to using RF, or could you start using RF with only 4, or even 2? I have quite an aversion to Merciless Labyrinth and was wondering if it was possible to avoid it with this build.

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