Second Wave of Trade Improvements

Your trades will take place on a live exchange where buy and sell orders are automatically matched. The trading interface is fully customisable. We also support more advanced order types such as options, futures, stop-loss orders, margin trading, short selling and butterfly spreads.

Our advanced in-game analytics tools allow you to track the order book as well as view technical and fundamental analysis signals live in the Path of Exile client.

The below screenshot illustrates a relatively minimalistic use of the new trading tools:

In addition to a live market analysis of Wraeclast equities, the tools allow you to create a diverse index-linked portfolio of unique items to help achieve your financial goals across varying time horizons. There's a technical charting tool to identify oversold orbs and perform realtime intraday analysis of currency item volatility. Social integration features allow traders to instantly engage with investors who specialise in lesser-known growth uniques. We expect high-speed trading and institutional algorithms to dominate daily market volume.

I don't know about you guys, but this is is exactly how I always imagined the future of Path of Exile. Speaking of the future, I think Chaos Orbs are about to break out before the end of the league with the robust volume we have been seeing lately. It could even lift the entire sector of rare crafting if we see a sympathetic reaction from the market in the coming days. If I'm right, there's a lot of currency left on the table for anyone who positions themselves wisely.
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Nice Change. Definitely needed, will make controling the world so much easier.
Exile for Emperor!!
... and a happy April 1st to you, as well !!! :-)
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Is it bad that I wish this wasn't for April Fool's?

Also the orb price ticker is so deadly that should stay...
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its 31, yet not 1 :D
The April Fools is stronk with GGG
Why hell-o Ap Fools
IGN = Dearest (Warbands)
You know how we know this is April Fools?

Because if it was serious, you would gate it behind the cash shop.

Also because you would never deliver anything that the community asks for, but would rather go into obscure "improvements" that nobody would ever need or want.
Still waiting for GGG to admit that they made mistakes and actually work on fixing them.

You'll find me when pigs start flying.
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72 mirrors.

What orb do I use to index-link my items?
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