[HC] Video 2.2 Bladefall poison trapper saboteur atziri/high maps 6,5k life + evasion acrobatics

Hello everyone Dejavi here if you want to see my build in action come and visit my twitch channel


Just to mention that build was originally made by pohx I just share my experience and how this build works in ascendancy.

I've been playing this build the whole talisman league and still playing it on perandus with almost the same passive tree reached lvl 98 so far.
I can easly clear high tier maps and atziri, video will be included.Bladefall has been nerfed in perandus league but with new sublcass saboteur it's still very strong and safe build.


+ high dps
+ immune to reflect
+ can do all map mods (there's some mods risky to do in hardcore "curse immune" for example which I personally avoid)
+ very tanky
+ easy leveling with deerstalker boots
+ its cheap for what we get


- clear speed is limited due to traps charges (cooldown recovery is quicker as saboteur)
- damage can't be boosted in party
- you need mana pot


Oak/kill/kill or you can go frenzy charge on merci


leveling gear

Use Ethernal knives from lvl 1-12 then use essence drain + void manipulation into lifesprig and contagion till lvl 31 from here you start using deerstalkers with bladefall - poison - trap and mine dmg and multi trap till you get chain reaction passive once you get that swap multi trap for cluster trap

40 points


61 points


final tree at lvl 97




you can also use Hexmaster for extra aoe for enfeeble


chest 5L : bladefall - trap - poison - cluster trap - trap and mine dmg
chest 6L : you can choose between conc effect(more dps less aoe) and controlled destruction (less dps)

faster attacks - whirling blades - vaal grace - inc duration
blasphemy - inc area of effect - enfeeble (you can swap inc aoe for purity of elements if elemental weakness map mod)
cast when damage taken - immortall call - inc duration - and choose between enduring cry (for endu charges) or rallying cry (more dps)
smoke mine - minefield - vaal lightning trap (you place smoke mine before boss for more AOE from bomb specialist passive)
spell totem - wither - faster casting - inc duration for more dps at boss


on jewels you want atleast %trap dmg + %maximum life then AoE dmg all res or whatever stats you need.


still best in slot gives life regen damage over time and spread poiosn
get as much evasion as you can life and res
same for shield evasion life res
most important item in this build gives us loads of survi its quite cheap in this league if you can't afford it go for hyrri's or belly of the beast
so here is explanation
Why southbound?
1. It gives a load of cold res and HP for very low price (mentioned already)
2. While using Poison on Traps, Totems or Minions the "On Killing a Poisoned enemy" Bino's effect only works if the Poison kill the enemy.
Therefore, we face a huge problem: most of mobs are killed with Bladefall's first impact, not Poison => Bino's affix doesn't work and we don't get our poison spreading (which greatly slows down our clearspeed).
However, Southbound unique affix "Your Hits can only Kill Frozen enemies" fits this case perfectly. It does apply to Bladefall initial damage, but don't apply to Poison DoT. Therefore, Bladefall will lower HP of mobs to 1, but won't kill them. Then Poison applies and finish mob instantly, and Bino's spread the poison. Works like a charm!
(open-post doesn't mention this mechanic, and it can confuse a lot of beginners (like it did with me :D )

again best in slot life movement speed %dodge spell sweet
highest amount life you can get and res + tora's craft +20% trap and mine dmg
for jewelery we need missing stats int or str res and life
you need atleast one pot with bleed immune freeze immune then curse immune is also nice to have on mana pot because you spam it alot then atziri promise gives nice dmg boost









RIP VIDEO at lvl 98


Thanks for reading if you have any questions ask me in game "dejavi" or visit my twitch


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Hey man sick build, this is exactly what I was looking for. Not all the trapper builds grab scion life wheel. I just ripped at 86 and I am rerolling this build right now, thanks again.
@BlizzardAdmin I'm glad you find this build useful stay safe.
Well, since this is the same as Pohx' build, I guess we can continue the discussion from there. Perhaps we can get a more active conversation here.

1. Why use wither? AFAIKT it has practically no effect on anything except slowing enemies.
2. Why use Bino's + Southbound when you don't use Bear trap? That combo was used to make poison spread, but that is not necessary on this build.
3. How the hell does anybody ever get anything 6-linked? (Well, that is more a personal problem of mine rather than anything related to this build).
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@sikker I'll mention that build was made by pohx.

1.for 7% more chaos dmg
2.binos gives us life regen and with southbound gloves spread poison when you kill mobs nearby enemies are poisoned too, bear trap was using for single target dps its not needed anymore because we got chain
reaction passive now and less cooldown recovery.
3.I did not say 6 links is a must in this build you can use whatever links you can afford and by the way
I bought that chest didnt linked it myself.

hope that helps.
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What do you think of playing this build as mines as opposed to traps in HC? The skill tree would practically be the same, expect for less trap nodes and more mine nodes.

Benefits of mines would be that they are not gated by cooldown and it's better for party play. The downside of course is that you can't offscreen kill stuff through throwing traps, but the range on bladefall mines isn't too bad actually. See this uber farming guide for example who utilizes bladefall poison mines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o7P-kQzC3Q

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Dejavi2 wrote:
@sikker I'll mention that build was made by pohx.

1.for 7% more chaos dmg
2.binos gives us life regen and with southbound gloves spread poison when you kill mobs nearby enemies are poisoned too, bear trap was using for single target dps its not needed anymore because we got chain
reaction passive now and less cooldown recovery.
3.I did not say 6 links is a must in this build you can use whatever links you can afford and by the way
I bought that chest didn't link it myself.

hope that helps.

Pohx got most of his ideas for this build from other people AFAIK, so no harm done I'm sure.

1. Well, even if it is 7% more, those slots could perhaps be better spent ... I just don't know how.

2. That 200 life regen isn't the world, and spreading poison doesn't seem to matter much when things usually dies on first impact. For gloves a pair with more resistance and life would probably be better, but I don't know what to replace the weapon with.

3. Well, that's another thing I don't get. How do people make 14 ex for an armor like that? I am pretty sure there is something about this game I am not getting.
I have found 2 ex, and perhaps made around 100 chaos selling stuff (or a bit less). Still, nowhere near 14 ex.
But I guess that is a topic for another thread.

4. Also, I've now seen that you are taking Explosive expert in the Saboteur tree. Personally I took Blinding assault, but I'll admit I barely ever see that smoke cloud to protect me, I don't know if that Blinding of enemies actually work or do anything noticeable, and being immune to blind is not the biggest deal when your attacks always hit anyway (spells).
So does that extra fire damage matter much? I mean everything starts out as physical so it is only the poison part that isn't buffing the fire damage, which means it might add a little bit. The damage penetrating elemental resistances if obviously irrelevant for a phys/chaos build, and the reduced damage from traps and mines is situational at best.
Perhaps you could explain a bit about why you feel Explosive expert is better?

5. About throwing a few mines for extra AoE before a boss fight, is that really worth it? A boss is usually hit by all waves anyway AFAICT, but I don't know for sure. How much do you feel it gives?

I am glad we got a good new thread to discuss this build as the other seemed semi-dead after pohx left it. I'm looking forward to feedback :)
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I'm also playing a variant of BF Poison trapper and I have a few questions I want to clear up

#1. Do you do more physical or poison DoT damage?
#2. What is your ToolTip for this with 5l and 6l?
#3. Besides Trap and Aoe Nodes that double dip, what is your priority when it comes to other increase damage sources (Phys, Chaos, DoT, Spell, etc)? Personally I think phys since it has an impact on the BF and the DoT after (although not double dip), but I never understood why players picked Entropy over Will of Blades.
#4. Is Binos still worth using? 200 additional regen doesn't have much impact, also sometimes, the ignite from Explosive impact blocks the poison kill which can get a bit annoying.

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Also you decided not to take force shaper, altough it technically gives more tooltip dps than master sapper. Is there somekind of other mechanic behind does for more damage?
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@nookfu hey I havent played mines so you probably know more than me about it there is some pros and cons in both build its all about playstyle as well.
master sapper is a must it gives tons of dmg and 2 extra traps so thats mean more dmg hehe.
to get to shaper ill have to spend another 2 points so not worth it ill prefer extra jewel socket instead.

@sikker hello again
1.well I dont think there is anything else you can use instead but give a try.
2.life regen from binos has been nerfed but 200 its still decent and poison spread is important it helps alot belive me i dont really know any other weapon you can use instead maybe rare with high spell dmg.
3.You need to farm tons of maps and do it quickly even lower tiers maps doesnt matter more you do thats better i farmed alot of expensive items that way and ofcourse do chaos and regals recipe and dont die.
4.well you will only proc smoke cloud when you get hit the other 10% chance on hit doest even work for traps its not worth it so from explosive expert you get some dmg atleast.
5.its worth it helps at some situations like atziri when summons adds for example, you can place 10 mines max. and you get 4% more aoe for each mine

Yathos@ hello
2.tooltip dps doesnt work for poison thats the downside only shows phys dmg and ive got 3867-5801 but that says nothing about real dmg.
3.chaos dmg-DoT-phys dmg
4.bions is still the only choice for me.

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