Cheap Prolif Flameblast, HC viable - 2.3 updated

Jjahvo wrote:
nemesis288 wrote:
Could anyone please take a look at my char and give me hints on what to upgrade/do. I die alot and almost loose my hp bar for each blast charge!;<

Sitting at around 1500 toltip dps, feels slow...

Pick up +1 curse stone of lazhwar and run Enfeeble and Temporal chains. Change to cloak of flame. Get a lot of dodge / block with rathpith and rumi's. Check out my gear, I got around 3k unbuffed flameblast and I can run T15's with my char. :)

Thanks alot for tip:)!
eichlot wrote:
can someone explain why we use 3x elreon jewells on the slots ?

I mean the mana costs are not that high, so why we use 3 of them ?

My Flameblast costs 10 per stage, witch is nothing

Sivluu answers that earlier:
Sivluu wrote:
Well, 6l 21/20 flameblast could cost you up to 500 mana per sec (I'm not even kidding), so sustaining it off mana might be quite troublesome in a long term :P To me it just seems much easier to get a few reduced mana cost nodes, 1-3 jewels, slap on some elreon's jewellery and be done with it.

It's not just the Flameblast but 5 supports ranging from 1.1x to 1.4x mana multiplier. Also, he wants to make Flameblast cost no mana to be able to run No Regen map mods.
Need a few pointers on how to progress here. I know i'm just level 65 but i feel really squishy playing PHC.

I have alot of mana problems(no -mana cost rings yet). I also feel like the cast time for flameblast is pretty slow even though im running faster casting.

I also wonder how i'm supposed to use enduring cry :)

As you probably can tell im pretty nooby, advice appreciated.

I chose to get a 5 link over using a Robe of Flame atm cause i can't afford a 5-linked one, is this the wrong choice?

The character is named "Minkbay"

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Just wanted to thank you for this awsome build. I had stuff laying in the stash from my old FB build and wanted to give it a try again and its better than ever before. Thank you for sharing. Peace...
For leveling, is a Tabula or 4L cloak of flames better?
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Hi. Did u try to take cold and lightning damage to spells on your weapons? For freeze and shock everything on elemental conflux.
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Cothyris wrote:
Hi. Did u try to take cold and lightning damage to spells on your weapons? For freeze and shock everything on elemental conflux.

With conflux, you already shock and chill everything no matter what type of damage you do. Freeze is only notable on trash, and trash never survive 1 FB. +Fire damage to spell is better as it scales with the % fire damage on skill tree.
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Idk if it has been posted here yet, but here's a tip for those who want to play classic tree(arctic armor+purity of fire+flamability on blasphemy) without using elreon's expensive jewelry.

Im using carcass jack and jewelry with life, cast speed and dex.
All you need is to use your 3l in wand for 2x Vaal Claity+increased duration.

Pros-You can buy better and cheaper jewelry.
Cons-you'll have to sacrifice 1 flask slot to use mana flask and you'll have to use it with each cast of flameblast.

I can make a vid within a couple of hours to show the gameplay with this setup.

EDIT: Here's the video
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The Lab, making a great game good since 2016.
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