Cheap Prolif Flameblast, HC viable - 2.3 updated

Yeah, it indeed does, but lowers your clear speed by a bit :D
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I assume a dual consuming setup can't actually utilize elemental proliferation gem, can it?
I'm pretty sure it can, since you're still igniting/shocking/chilling with elemental conflux.
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Hmmmmm... might have to test that. could enable whirling blades + fortify and fewer issues with map mods
Bandits HP/point/point?
Bandits Oak/Kill/Kill, yes. Will add to the main post.
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btw, were there any bosses that you just had to steer clear of?
While it's possible to do all bosses except probably Core Mala, I would skip T15 Daresso and, if hard mods, Abyss Kaom as well.
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Last edited by jardocanthate on Mar 22, 2016, 4:19:59 AM
What bases are we looking for? ES, Armour, Evasion etc. Cheers for the guide I'm levelling up right now!

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