[2.2 ELE] Atherakhia's BEGINNER FRIENDLY Arctic Breath Elementalist Witch

Actually, not a lot more, at least not to a point where I really notices much difference. Of course, you loose a bit ES and should have maxed out your resistances somehow but other than that, the damage increase from Taryn's Shiver along with your ability to better freeze things usually keep stuff off your back.
Yeah thats the problem, I dont have max resists without the shield. I'll probably switch later on as damage is not a problem at all right now. One shotting most mobs in early maps.
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You can either look for good 2-Stone Rings with useful resists, that's the way I usually go, along with some resist enchantments from masters. That's what I did at least.
Never played a Lowlifer nor too many Scion builds so there is only so much useful Feedback I can give there.
I feel like you are using a lot of points just for a jewel socket and Deep Thoughts. Not sure whether it's worth quite that investment. I would suggest replacing it with the ES nodes at the witch start (which also include mana regen) and the Mental Rapidity cluster for more regen and cast speed (poeurl.com/A8r). If you feel like you have enough defense and regen, you can always go through Elemental Focus and Trickster into the shadow starting nodes for some great value ele damage.
I've finally gotten around to looking at the Ascendant nodes (so bloody many of them). On first glance, I would almost be tempted to go with Slayer for your second ascension. It doubles down on leech and cast speed and gives you an easier way to deal with rares and bosses (which AB can struggle a bit with depending on the map). Also gives you reliable stun as an additional defensive layer. Outside of that, pretty much all the ranger ascensions seem decent enough.

@joeg215 I have the same situation. Level 65 now and very reliant on my shield for resistances (although that's partly because I'm running a Doedre's Damning for extra curses). I'd just run with it until you get them maxed some other way (but for sure make that a focus in your gearing).
The reason for several of the jewel sockets it's for a unique jewel (can't remember the name all of a sudden) but is turns life in radius into ES. I don't care what the life total is because it's all going to be reserved anyways. ES is the primary defense. There is a couple nodes that give both life and something else mana/ES so we get a touch of double dip from a single jewel. Currently my plan is to go occultist for the second ascendancy for the extra ES. I agree with Ranger though, they all look good but for me deadeye seems the best. I also play in a group so what I do may be a little diferent. I never use "on kill" or rely on curse effects because I always play in a group.
MoM + EB varient that I'm going to use in HC Perandus.


Armour + ES gear with life/mana/resists.
Mana regen on rings/ammy.

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I´m new to this forum so forgive me if i´m doing something wrong
I have some questions, can some one post pictures of the gems you use in an item, since it is a little bit difficult for me to understand the slang of this game since i have 24 hours play-time.
Also what is a rough estimate of DPS for this build, i find it very interesting and would like to try it, it should be possible since i had the luck of getting an Exalted orb yesterday.
for the love of god post a video

I'm playing with Ab skill from the beginning of my account. Last League i tested AB with similar build( many freeze change + that staff, Tyrian or something). But better playstyle and easier I have with 9L Corrupted with faster casting Bitterdream it cost 1ex, but it is worth it. casting speed i have is 0,33 per sec.

And of course I got better defense with shield. I prefer to play dual wield or 2h weapon but this version is safe. Maybe i'll test this build Doriani later.

I play with Frost Bomb connected with IAoE and Spell Echo. It put Frost bomb 2 times. Big boost dmg, and explode 6k each bomb ;)

And second argument is that i don't need 6L item. 5L is enough ( of course Carcass Jack ). Build is cheaper ;) I spend 3 ex on all items and i got 9L skill.
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Hi Ather! :)

Any plans on updating the build for the new league coming out soon? I came up with an CI version, what do you think of it? :)

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