[2.2 ELE] Atherakhia's BEGINNER FRIENDLY Arctic Breath Elementalist Witch

Jakzca wrote:
Hi Ather! :)

Any plans on updating the build for the new league coming out soon? I came up with an CI version, what do you think of it? :)


Hey neat! I was just thinking of trying this build for 2.4, and considering CI w/ Vaal Discipline because its so fun. I haven't done a CI build in a long time, what is the timing of when you can grab that node safely for HC?
I absolutely love how much you explained everything, thank you!
Highest Character: Level 92 86% Block/Static Strike Champion - Abyss League
I get bored of the grind around 90, probably won't ever get a higher character.
I was wondering what do with the bandits in normal difficulty, should I kill them all, get +40 hp or elemental res (already killed the Alira)
Hey, sorry that I skipped that part.
ALWAYS get Life.

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