Milkyslice Buildlist

3.2 Builds:

Started with RF and SR totems from my guide

Theory - Mighty Varunastra Scion

So far only theorycrafting, but i start leveling the char over the next days.

I planned the build over the last weeks and now it's time to make it real.

The build will be centered around the unique jewel Might of the Meek. I will use a total of 5 Meeks, because why not.

For lvl 90 remove the dagger wheel for excample.
The jewels are socketed in all 3 scion jewels, the one pathing to the marauder and the shadow one.

Varunastra will benefit from all the nodes and receives 1.5% basecrit from the shadow start (pure talent) and assassin subclass.

With one jewel left i might use dual strike and the threshold jewel, but some. statstick action with reave, sunder, bladeflurry etc would be great as well (most likely even better). In that case a watchers eye would be fitting.

The skilltree might change slightly. could go for almost full conversion or even poison. thats just the basic pathing.

Gearwise, besides pure talent, the might of the meeks and 1-2 varunastras i have nothing major planned.

The abyss gloves are tempting or the bleedplosion ones for clearspeed. For the chestslot belly is a obvious choice, but i got a inpulsas 6l which might be usable if some chromes hit. If nothing works i just use a random rare 6link ;)

For gems it depends on the mainskill.

Whirling blades or leapslam for movement, then dual strike + melee phys + multistrike + ancestral call (full life swap) + crit + phys to lightning might be the way to go at the first glance, but might change.

I will update the post once i have more stuff planned out

RF Inpulsas MF Scion



+ Very cheap and easy to start
+ good clearspeed
+ good survivability with high life and max resists
+ map mod friendly, only has problems with no leech.


- bad singletarget dmg
- not good for partys

Compared to some Windripper MF it´s much cheaper (gear literally costs less than a nadoshot helm enchant alone), but a fully geared ripper will outclass it in singletarget dmg easily. I wanted a rather cheap mf build (besides the costy mf gear ofc) to generate currency, not a mf build to dump in all my currency like a windripper does :P Tier 13 no regen, -9%max res Caldera map

3 days of farming with the stuff below and i got a Headhunter, Null and Void AND this awesome shield for 4.5 ex.
Farmed over 65 exalts in the time including 5 doctor cards.

Gear wise i am done, nothing to change without HUGE investment. Probably check new jewels in the future, but first i wanna reshape the atlas to something else than burial chambers (cancer with shield charge).

Gear before Headhunter

Watchers eye costed me 10c, which is pretty good for freeze and ignite immunity and the life% in one.

Conquerors Potency i mainly used for 2% IIQ with Divination Distillate. On top i gain 1% max res with my ruby and topaz flask and a bit evasion, movementspeed, IIR and dot dmg.

cold attack dmg and onslaught on kill was important for me (ee proccs, faster mapping and no need for silver flask). Life, atkspeed, dot dmg with shields are good things to have on abyss jewels.

For normal ones i would choose %life and aoe dmg (since it also works with inpulsas), then burning dmg and atks speed

73% IIQ / 122%IIR atm

The Concept:

Using Inpulsas for better coverage in packs and extra dps against rare monsters.
Vessel of Vinktar shocks enemys and enables the explosions.
Those explosions leech 20% of the damage and doesnt end at full life (slayer subclass). I can literally run No-Regeneration maps with this.

Mind over matter is used to enable Divination Distillate for 22% IIQ and 5% max all res (flask effect). Probably running the flask effect jewel as well for a bit more IIQ.

Since the goal is to have no manaregen left with 99% of my mana reserved with puritys i need bloodmagic gems which lowers the singletarget dps (not a great bosskiller, but works out for normal maps).
RF drains my mana completely and the flask doesnt stop before the duration ends. On top it lowers the dmg on my lifepool a bit.

Trickster works great with the 50% recovery on my leech and life/manaregen, frenzy generation for faster shieldcharges and more rf/inpulsa dmg, powercharges help to trigger EO with shieldcharge and the manaregen with movementskills lowers the degen as well.

Slayer saves me 5 skillpoints with the alternative start, which grants me attackspeed for the mapclear and some accuracy for shieldcharge hits/crits.

The non ending leech is the main selling point, but 20% aoe and culling strike are nice on top of that.

I need not a single attribute on my gear to use any gem and most gear at my will thanks to the scion.

Skilltree: Basic outline is done. Grabbing the remaining lifenodes including the ranger start and jewelsockets.
Maybe i add the templar start as well since i wanna use Pure Talent which helps for inpulsas explosion dmg (and the regen isnt bad either).


Got all the good flasknodes for high flask substain.

Vessel of Vinktar for the leech and explosion enable as well as extra dmg for RF and the explosions.

Witchfire Brew for the curse, evasion% (mainly evasion gear) and some dmg. dont need a blasphemy curse with that.

Divination Distillate for the max res, iiq and iir

Ruby flask for the fire res ofc

Quicksilver for the shieldcharge speed

My flasks obviously need some quality here and there and a better witchfire is something i want

My Youtube channel with builds, unique and mechanic discussions etc
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My Youtube channel with builds, unique and mechanic discussions etc
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Milkys Essence Drain Xirgil Tank

Hi guys.

currently i am theorycrafting and leveling my next OpieOP build.
Its designed to be insanely tank with around 80% es regen/s and max block in the optimal case.
I'll post with what i came up and will write a whole guide when i reach higher level. This will be a CI character as an occultist.

This time i first start with the item i build around.

Gear and Gems

Xirgils Crank is a Perandus only unique Staff. We gain a decent amount of spelldamage, 33% block, energy shield, +1 to gemlvl and 20% chance to start es regen on block. Combined with the Occultist Wicked ward node we get uninterupted ES recharge on block (20% chance).
This can also be triggered manually on phys/ele reflect maps if we use a lowlvl phys/ele spell in addition to our setup, because reflected damage can be blocked.

Essence Drain + Controlled Destruction + Empower (2+) + Void Manipulation + Rapid Decay + Pierce or Poison

Heretics Veil is the Helmet of choice. Has a good chunk of ES, added blasphemy and reduced mana reserved for blasphemy curses. This allows me to use my aura/curses without (or minor) reservation point investement on the skilltree.
This build should be tanky enough without a 3rd curse (enfeeble).

Discipline + Enlighten + Vulnerability + Temporal Chains

Bated Breath gives us 50% increased ES recharge rate, es, int and some damage. The recharge rate is important for Xirgils staff & wicked ward.

Winterheart Cannot be chilled and 20% liferegen while frozen.
I use Taste of Hate + 3x reckless defence to increase my chance to get frozen while increasing my survivability too, more about it later. This build doesnt focus on Winterheart and can be replaced with eye of chayula, but i think i will survive any stunlock while dealing damage on top.

Rare ES chest:

Just for tons of ES. I want 2x 3link for it.

Contangion + inc AoE + Faster Casting
Wither + Spelltotem + Faster Casting

Contagnion to spread the Essence Drain and Wither for bosses to deal even more damage.

Rare ES Gloves

Gloves and Boots are the part where it gets a bit unusual. I want cwdt/cast when stunned setup for the same spells we already use. I wanna deal damage while being frozen/stunnlocked, but i dont wanna rely on being frozen/stunned.

Essence Drain + Cast when Stunned or high lvl cwdt + Contr. Destr. + Void Manipulation


Skyforth are best in slot, but i dont have the currency for it :p
Ill go for rare ES boots.

Lowlvl cwdt + contagnion + AoE + Vaal Lightning Trap or Vaal Discipline.

Maybe i change aoe with duration.


Resists, ES and stuff


3x Reckless Defence for 4% Block, 20% of block to spellblock and chance to get crit, which is actually useful to get frozen. This helps us to get Maxblock and a good chunk of Spellblok while Rumis is up.

1x Energy from within is a nice ES boost in the socket at Conduit between shadow/witch.

1x Intuitive Leap is a good lategame choice at the armour jewelslot to get Staffblock and reduced damage from crits for fewer points.

Rumis Concoction
even a 20% roll + Staffnodes + 3x Reckless defence results in 75% block. Granite base on top

Taste of Hate Phys migration + chance to get frozen for insane regen + max cold resi, nice.

Stibnite Flask (Smoke cloud) + Bleed removal.

Jade Flask + Shock or curse Removal

Quicksilver + Movement

The Avenger roll can be sweet for 3 charges when critted, will switch flasks depending on the encounter.

Skilltree and Bandits

planned maximum Skilltree.

I will see how i will progress with it and what my feeling says i need first etc.

Overall important stats and nodes:

- Dualcurse

- Up to 298% ES + 15% more ES on the Tree alone

- 120% ES recharge rate (170% with Bated Breath)

- 22% Block, 10% Staffblock, 12% with Reckl. Defence on a 33% baseblock staff. 55% Block overall, add rumis in the mix for maxblock.

- 5,5% liferegen, not that huge, but its on top of the rest.

- Good chunk of Chaos Damage and stuff


Kill all... everytime


Max Block

With the Staff (33%) + 3x Reckless Defence (12%) + Staffblocknodes (10%) = 55% Block

With a perfect Rumis (30%) i can drop the Staffblocknodes.


Depends on the roll on Rumis. 3 Reckless Defence Jewels grant 60% spellblock of block.

Without Rumis with staffnodes i reach 33% spellblock.
Without Rumis without rumis i reach 27% spellblock.
With perfect 30/15 Rumis and Staffnode i reach 66% Spellblock, Rainbowstrides or a 4th Reckless Defence would cap this.

and so on...
It highly depends on the rolls of jewels and rumis and if i pick up staff nodes or not.

ES Recharge

I will gain up to 170% faster ES recovery. The base recovery is 20%, this adds up to 54% es per second.
While frozen we can add another 20% ES regen on top and 5.5% regen from the skilltree.
In the best case its 79.5% ES regen per second, thats 7950 ES per sec on 10k ES :O

Trashed this char because it is too disgusting to play with essence drain... never again

My Youtube channel with builds, unique and mechanic discussions etc
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Low Life Crit Zombie Summoner

I am currently planning a summoner that focuses heavily on Zombies. I will level this char the next days and probably post videos and the char.
It was always a pain in the ass for me to resummon those spectres after each crash/logout, so i just use them unlinked as a support/decoy in this build and take what i can get.

The skilltree

Planned skilltree

Special note: avatar of fire is used for my arc+elemental equilibrium as my zombies will deal cold and lightning (vessel of vinktar) damage.


Minion Resists

Zombies have 35% all resists/0% chaos resi on each difficulty, we gain 16% all res on the skilltree, 8% all resi from the necro aegis shield for a total 59% resists. This means we need at least 16% Minion resists on jewels which can be done with 2-3 jewels.

Chaos dmg is greatly reduced by Atziris promise (35%), the skilltree (20%) and the shield (11%) which almost caps chaos resists.

Animated Guardian has 25% all res, doesnt have the benefit of flasks but can easily cap resists with gear we offer him + jewels we already take.

Golems have resistances depending on the element. Stone golem has capped lightning resi.
Those are hard to cap with all resis and not worth it. They can be pretty tanky on a summoner and dont cost much to recast as we have no linked gems to the golem.

Specres resists depend on the Minion. One of the best supportive spectre, the undying evangelist, has 35% resistances to all elements and is capped with our zombies.
Other spectres can have different values, you can check them on the Undying Evangelist link.

Flasks for Minions

I use the Umbrilicus Immortalis belt on this build.
With this belt our summoner dont get any benefit from Flasks, no life/mana regen or buffs from utility flasks. This is the reason why i picked an ES based character which has to deal with the content without lifeflasks anyway and can get a good effective HP pool.

Flasks used will buff/heal our Zombies and Spectres, no other minions like Golems, Skellis, SRS or Animated Guardian.

Flasks with a ground/cloud effect like Aquamarine, Stibnite, Sulphur and Vessel of Vinktar will appear under/around ALL Zombies/Spectres.
We can basically afflict Shock, Blind, Chill to the whole screen + set up ground effects which heal for 4% life per sec.

This can have a big supportive impact in Partys or while playing solo which no other support character can do instant.

There are several flasks that increase the Zombie/Spectre damage by a lot, each flask can count as an addition damage support gem. This was not possible before this patch.

Quicksilver and Silver Flasks transform our chilled Zombies to Zombies on Cocaine.
They are redicules fast with those and at least one a must have for mapping.


We use Mistress of Sacrifice which buffs ourself in addition to the Minions.

Which one we use depends on the situation and content.

We can only use one Offering at the same time!

Flesh Offering is the offensive one. It increases Cast/Attack/Movementspeed of our minions and us.
Its especially good on easier maps with few or no damage mods or if you just want clearspeed.
The benefits for minions are clear. For us we want the attack speed for whirling blades and castspeed for Arc, Offering, Descecrate, Vaal skill and Convocation.
It just makes everything smoother and faster and helps us evading stuff.
If you dont want to/cannot use a movementskill, the movementspeed is a solid replacement for the missing Quicksilver Flask.

Bone Offering is the defensive Offering. It raises the block chance by a lot and gives the minions Life on Block on top.
The Block works for our Summoner even if we have Necromatic Aegis!

Minions have 59% block and 34% spellblock with the offering and the shield.

This Offering is especially great in High Tier maps, maps with many damage mobs, against Perandus packs and Bosses.

Necromatic Aegis

Our minions get our shield with their bonis. We dont have a shield anymore, no life/es/resists/bonis apply to us, except the gems socketed in.

This is a offensive choice for a summoner, especially the drop of Life/Es and Block.
However, this helps the clearspeed a lot and keeps our Minions alive depending on the shieldchoice.

here are some useful Shields that help in Maps/Bosses:

Victarios Charity 24% Block, 8% all res, 11% Chaos res, 10% chance for a power charge on kill, 5% chance for a frenzy charge on hit, 50-70 life.
Those charges are shared between the Minions and Players, but it doesnt count for charges gained from other sources like endurance charge on stun, curses etc. Those still only count for the minion/player eho made the kill and ARENT shared.

This shield is awesome for maps, the charges are almost permanent up.
Minions gain other benefits from charges than Players.

Malachais Loop 23% Block, ~200ES, +2 pcharges, 20% powercharge on hit, loose all pcharges + 4sec shock when reaching maximum charges, 6% spelldmg per charge.

This shield is more useful for Spectre summoner, but it can have its uses in this build.
The Pcharges on kill from Victarios are unreliable on Bossencounter and will run out if no power charge on crit is socketed.
It is possible to weaponswap on this shield for 2-3 secs in a bossfight to get charges up if you wanna min-max the dps, just recast the animated guardian afterwards or socket him in another item.
The shock can be countered with a shock removal flask.

Saffels Frame 24% block, 70-80% block as spellblock, no normal block, 4% max all ele resi, 14% allresi, some spelldmg.

This shield is awesome for heavy elemental dmg mapbosses like piety, atziri or the crematorium/volcano boss. With an elemental resi flask + this shield + bone offering our minions get 75% spellblock + 85% elemental resistance + life on block.
I would definetly get a pair to swap it in when needed.

Rathpith Globe25% block, 40-60% spellblock, 10% life, ~200es.

This item gives, with a max spellblock roll and lvl 20 bone offering, 70% spellblock to our minions without losing the normal block chance. This can even go up to 75% spellblock with minionblock nodes and lvl 21 bone offering.
The 10% life are ok, but not a reason to use this shield.

Matua Tupuna 24% block, spread tar when taking a crit, 10% aura effect on the minion, +2 minion gems are the only onteresting stats here.
Good for the early game, but there are better options.

The deep ones hide 26% block, casts vulnerability lvl 5 on block. The rest is not so important. Good shield if you are super super lazy to selfcurse in the early game.

Broken Faith can be useful. 12% Block, 12% all res, 30% chance for unholy might on block, 5-10% extra chaos dmg based on phys dmg, minor leech and some inc dmg with no es.
It can work decent with Bone offering, but it is outshadowed by Victarios.

Those were the most useful shields, the rest can be used too, but they are far away from the powerlevel of those.

Victarios and Saffels are overall the most solid shields.


Minions have other benefits from charges than players. Please note that i dont have a source for the values of the charges on minions. Those are only spread widely in the net.

Frenzy Charges:

Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge: +20%
Cast Speed per Frenzy Charge: +20%
Movement Velocity per Frenzy Charge: 3%

Havent read anything about the 4% more. damage.

Frenzy charges are generated with Victarios Charity + Necromatic Aegis. It has 5% chance to share a frenzy charge on hit. With 8 Zombies, 2 Spectres, 1 golem and 1 anim. guardian they are up all the time.

Another option are Ape chiefs which have a warcry that grants frenzy charges to nearby allies. The aoe and frequenz on those warcrys is low and requires at least two of those to keep charges up.

Poachers mark is not a option because it only grants a charge to the minion that made the kill.

Doedres Elixir

Power Charges:
Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge: 200%

Minions have a basecritchance of 5% which can be increased with a critchance gem.

Pcharges are generated with:

Victarios Charitys 10% power charge on kill which gets shared among the minions/party

Malachais Loop 20% pcharge on hit to a max of 4 charges. Resest if it goes higher.

Assassins mark on kill effect.

Doedres Elixir

Endurance Charges

Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge: 15%
Resist All Elements per Endurance Charge: 15%

Insane physical reductiom for minions, but not easy to gain.

Endurance charge on melee Stun works, but requires a gemslot and minions wont stun most bosses.

Doedres Elixir, charges on flask use at the cost of minion life.

Ambus Charge (animafed guardian only) Pcharge when critted. shares with party members (not minions).

warlords mark on kill effect.


Victarios Charity with Necromatic Aegis gives our minions frenzy+power charges and some life, resists and block.

Umbilicus Immortalis gives the minions our Flasks. This can potentially result in a HUGE dps boost and has extra utility uses (flask section)

Shavronnes Wrapping BiS for low life builds

Lioneyes Paws can help a lot with Stats and offers stun immunity, but has no ES

The rest can be rare gear or mixed with some uniques like Bones of Ullr, Sidebreath etc.

Useful weapons are Midnight Bargain, Montreguls grasp, Ephereal Edge, Advancing fortress and several other ones.


6l: Zombie + Melee Phys + Melee Splash + Minion dmg + Critchance + poison or crit multi (depends on the last color and testing). Swap melee splash with multistrike for bosses.

4l: Blood magic + Vulnerability/AssAssins mark + Clarity + Temporal Chains

Level Clarity as high as possible. This depends on your total lifepool and the level of bloodmagic.

Temporal chains helps Zombies to actually hit moving targests and adds safety

4l: Descecrate + Convocation + Arc + Faster Casting

4l: Hatred + Generosity | Haste + Discipline


Hatred + Generosity + Haste | Discipline

If you like haste on yourself take version 1.

3l: Animate guardian + whirling blades + faster attacks

3l: Vaal haste + offering (bone or flesh, swap what is needed) + inc duration

Unset rings: Spectre and Golem

You can swap the Faster casting gem in the utility setup for one of those if you dont have 2 good unset rings.


This is really interesting for this build and there are many options aviable with too few flaskslots. With the Umbilicus Immortalis Belt our Zombies and Specres gain our flasks, which can be used offensively of defensively.
There is no best choice for everything, i will just cover everything.

Useful Unique Flasks

Taste of Hate gives the minions extra cold damage, Cold resists and damage migration.

Vessel of Vinktar Shocks everything around our minions, with phys to lightning conversion the zombies will gain a good amount of leech too. A flask with shock removal is recommended in addition to that.

Rumis ConcoctionArmour + Block + spellblock for our minions for situations where survivability is needed.

Atziris Promise Chaos resist + extra chaos dmg + leech, especially good with a poison gem added in the setup.

Lions Roar adds armour, knockback on hit and use, chance to flee and More physical damage. Can be used on bosses to cheese some of them ;)

Doedres Elixir gives 1 of each charges at the cost of life. We already gain frenzy and power charges, only useful to keep those up on bosses and for endurance charges. Also one use only.

Utility Flasks

It highly depends on how many unique flasks are used. Especially useful are Movement and shock removal (vessel if used) rolls on the utility flasks.

Silver gives our minions movement/atk/castspeed.

Quicksilver Big movementboost

Stibnite one usage and we have Smokeclouds on the whole screen, especially useful if enfeeble and a jade flask is used.

Aquamarine Chilled Ground under every Zombie/spectre, a very defensive flask. Even better with temporal chains on top.

Diamond More crits for our Zombies > more damage

Sulphur 40% increased damage and consecrated ground for liferegen, pretty solid

The rest just adds survivability and can be swapped in depending on the encounter or map (high elemental dmg, high phys dmg etc). Not much to say about those.

Planned mapping setup:

Sulphur Flask /w shock removal
Quicksilver Flask /w Movement speed
Silver Flask /w curse or bleed removal
Taste of Hate
Atziris Promise

This is pretty solid, Quicksilvee and Silver Flask help the movement/clearspeed of zombies, Sulphur is a decent dmg buff and adds regen for bosses/perandus packs, Atziris + ToH can be used on perandus packs and bosses, shouldnt be needed too often.
Doedres Elixir works too instead of Silver Flask.

Hard Boss setup

Taste of Hate
Sulphur Flask /w shock removal
Vessel of Vinktar
Lions Roar
Atziris Promise

Zombies dont need insane movementspeed on bossfights like Atziri, Malachai, Dominus and so on (maps ofc).
We got the highest damage Flask setup to burst the enemy down while keeping 4% liferegen, max lightning/cold/chaos resists,tons of extra leech, 3k armour and phys to cold conversion.

Auras and Curses

The Curses + Clarity are in the helmet. level Clarity as high as possible, this depends on you lifepool and the bloodmagic gem.

Hatred should be linked with Generosity. Haste depends on your preference, i would like it on me too for faster whirling blades and casting, but can be linket to generosity too.
Discipline should NOT be linked to generosity.

So we need a 2 link + 2 socket (or link) item or 3l items + 1 socket.
I dont recommend this in a weapon/shield slot or you need to recast the auras after every weapon swap (which we use to save the Animated Guardian from death).

kill all... everytime


This build is very flexible in Maps and can deal with almost every mapmod and boss. A clever use of the right Flasks, Offerings, Curses and Shieldswaps makes this possible.
Its better to chain maps with mods that require a change (or make them way easier), for excample swapping in a shock removal flask in Shocking Ground maps.

I only write down mapmods that are mentionable, so i wont list EVERY single mod. Also this list is based on HIGH Tier maps, lower tiers often dont require any changes.

Prefix Mods

Armoured - Physical damage reduction not too bad, but its worth a thought to swap in a Physical to Lightning gem for the Zombies if its coupled with other defensive mapmods like extra life or cold resists.

Curse Immunity
A bit annoying, but not too bad. Just use grace instead of those 2 blasphemy auras and play a bit more careful.

Elemental Reflect Havent had trouble with the mod so far due to capped minion resists and spreaded damage over several minions. Swapping Hatred with Grace and Taste of Hate with another flasks are options to consider.

Physical Reflect Phys to Lightning gem for the Zombies is the best choice. Further we can reduce the reflect dmg with Basalt/Taste of Hate and Granite Flasks.

Damage mods like Monster damage, extra elemental damage, Speed or extra projectiles. One is fine, if there are several damage mods on the map use Bone Offering all the time and swap in more defensive Flasks.

Chain A hard mod on some bosses with projectiles and on maps with many damage mods. Chain can wreck your minions and yourself, better reroll or use a very defensive setup.

Prefix Mods

Crit chance/multi One of the scariest damage mods overall. Swap in Enfeeble for Vulnerability and use at least Bone Offering and/or defensive Flasks if needed. The biggest problems are perandus packs in this case.

Ground Effect For shocked/chilled ground use a shock/freeze removal flasks so your minions arent affected by it.
Descecrated Ground and Fire Ground are not a big deal for the minions.
Overall just avoid staying on them as you would with any other character.

Curses Minions are not affected by the curses, that makes curse mobs somewhat enjoyable as they grant packsize with a low drawback. Just keep an eye on your resists with eleweakness and take care with phys dmg/dots on vulnerability maps.

Endurance charges 3 endurance charges result in a huge damage migration for the enemy mobs, keep that in mind.

-max resists Scary for the summoner, minions on the other side are NOT affected by it. If you take care and play non HC its not too bad running this, as we have many friendly mobs in front kf us.

Blood Magic Never rolled this mod in this league, very rare. But if you get it and wanna play the map, dont use the blasphemy curses and clarity.
As long as you dont have Zeloth Oath its possible to still use skills on life with the regen we have.
Use another Helmet if you wanna Curse, thats the best option. Curse on hit + Arc/Ball/whatever + dualcurse is a good choice. We dont need a great item to replace the Heretics Veil, just much ES, as the Veil doesnt have any resists on it ;).

Immunity to Elemental Status Ailments Dont use a Vessel, lowers a bit of the overall survivability as from time to time freezes help a bit in normal cases. Not a bad mod.

Power/Frenzy charges Enfeeble helps with Power and Temp Chains with Frenzy charges. As we already know, Charges are more powerful on minions than on player.

Lower recovery not a big deal. You maybe cant spam your utility skills like normal and the ES recharge is slower.

No Regen We dont leech or use flask for ourself, thats problematic.
The solution is to turn off Clarity, use no Whirling blades and link Offerings to Bloodmagic (swap with Clarity). Use this offering only in rare cases like Bosses or Perandus chests.
Its runnable, just with way less utility.

Notable Bosses

There are some Bosses with high elemental damage like crematorium, volcano, Palace or the shrine boss. Bone offering helps a lot against those and is enough in some cases as they die rather quickly.
To further increase the survivability use the Saffels Frame shield and elemental resi flasks. Enfeeble is always a good choice on hard bosses.

Against bosses with high physical damage like Daresso or the atziri trio use Defensive Flasks with high migration like Basalt + taste of hate + stibnite flask. Enfeeble helps on top of that.

LvL 83 atm


The next levels are more ES (scion wheel) and the rest of the minion life.
Afterwards, alchemist cluster,
Curse effect nodes, ZO, Minion Block or more Jewels are an option.

A 6 link shavs is my next goal, saving currency for it atm. Cant play more than 1hour a day, so it will take some time ;)

My Youtube channel with builds, unique and mechanic discussions etc
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LowLife RF Totems

For detailed information and mechanics check this thread.

This is the same build idea as the life based rf totemer, it only requires a higher budget while granting potentialy more damage and a bigger healthpool.
The biggest drawback is the lack of fire immune totems (if you dont choose chieftain), but its still playable and enjoyable without those.
I've played rf totems witbout the chieftain class last league, i know what i'm talking about ;)

I havent played this Low Life version of RF totems, but that would be the way i would run it. If you have suggestions post it in this thread.

Skilltree and Ascendancy Classes

Generic high lvl skilltree.

This is the layout for the skilltree. Its possible to run this as a Scion, Marauder, Templar or Shadow, too. Those classes however need up to 7 more points which need to be cut somewhere, like the leadership cluster, elementalist or some ES.

Occultist gives use some more dmg, es, survivability and the +1 curse

Guardian gives us higher survivablity

Chieftain Fire immune totems, lets us drop Purity of Fire. Allows us to run a 4th blasphemy curse for excample. Take the strength pathing out for the spire of stone jewel.

Auras and Curses

2x curse in the heretics veil + bloodmagic gem
1x curse in the heretics veil without bloodmagic

this means a 3l + 1 socket helmet, not a 4 link.

Generosity + Purity of Fire

this means a 2l + 1 socket weapon or shield

I would run generosity with PoF only with capped resists.


You will find most of the stuff in the life based version, ofc rare gear should be ES based.

Required items:

Shavronnes Wrapping
Heretics Veil

Good Rares on every other slot.

weapons are flexible, Redbeak is a good and cheap low life option which allows whirling blades. For that alone i would pick this weapon.
Doryanis Catalyst is great
Ephemeral Edge for more defence

Kill all, everytime


Priority of Gems in this order (4link or 5link chest)

Chest: Spelltotem + Righteous Fire + Elemental Focus + Increased AoE + Rapid Decay + Less Duration (Burning damage with Chieftain)

Swap Inc AoE with concentrated Effect on bosses.

Helmet: Bloodmagic + Flammability + Elemental Weakness | unlinked Temporal Chains

You can swap one curse with Enfeeble if you like it more defensive.

Gloves: Searing Bond + Elemental Focus + Rapid Decay + Burning Damage

Weapon: Purity of Fire + Generosity | Discipline

2 link + unlinked socket

Shield: Inc Duration + Vaal Lightning Trap + Vaal Discipline

Boots: Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Icetrap or Lightning Trap + Orb of Storms

If you dont need the trap for EE often you can use a golem or warcry instead

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Preperation for my next build

Hidden Potenial Bladevortex Berserker

The plan of this character is to be on a very low budget but able to clear most content!
I wanna use the hidden potential jewel which grants 25% increased damage per magic item used. The goal is to get as much generic damage (area, phys+chaos and increased damage) to double dip on poison and increase Obliteration Wand explosions.
The lack of decent armour/evasion should be compensated via Vaalpact and Berserkers 100% lifeleech. Cast when damage taken spell helps against mobs outside of the BV range.
I expect to potentially run any content, except maybe poison immune guardians and uber atziri. Shaper might be possible but its a long way to that point for me (very little playtime atm)


2x Obliteration wand (~1 chaos each). one with Culling Strike Corruption can be handy for guardians and stuff like that.
1x Tabula Rasa (selffound via div cards/drop/1divine + some chaos).
Alternatively Carcass Jack, any rare corrupted chest with the correct colors (pretty cheap as 6link). There are many useful options, Tabula is the budget one and should be enough ;)

magic gear:
- 2x prismatic ring with life + allresi
- 1x Lapis Amulet with life + allresi (lapis is needed to wear obliteration)
- Two-toned boots with 30% movementspeed + 1 resi
- gloves with life + 1 resi. Temporal chains corruption would be awesome there.
- helmet with life + 1 resist
- leather belt with life + 1 resist

all items just need an item lvl of 72 to get the maxroll, except chaosresists which is 81+

Those items grant 175% increased damage via Hidden Potential.


1x Lifeflask with Freeze Removal. No instant or Bubbling since we leech back to full instantly or die anyway. This is for Traps and to counter degens since we have no lifereg

1x Quicksilver + Movementspeed to move quickly (no good movementskill)

1x Silver Flask + Bleed removal + reduced charges used to obtain two flaskuses. Increases our movementspeed/castspeed by 20% for faster clearspeed. Bleed removal is essential! This flask can be swapped for another lifeflask in the Labyrinth/Trials.

1x Atziris Promis for the chaos resists, some leech if we dont get a savage hit and 25% extra chaos dmg based on our phys damage. Can be replaced with Dying Sun or Doedres Elixir

1x Manaflask with Shock removal. Manaflasks are only needed if you prepare BV to 20 stacks for a boss like uber izaro. Otherwise the 1% berserker manaleech is enough to cast. Can be swapped out for regular mapping.but useful for leveling

Optional Flasks:

It highly depends on the content. Some flasks are not that good in some situation, like dying sun for hard bosses.

- Witchfire brew for serious increased dot dmg and Vulnerability. Wouldn't use it with curse on hit glove corruption. Keep in mind that vulnerability is additive to Wither and not that strong in conjunction.

- dying sun is expensive, but great to clear maps for bigger aoe of Bv and Obliteration explosions. Useless on bosses.

- doedres elxir with low chaos resist can procc a savage hit on demand. One use only for bosses but if youre fast you can keep up charges while mapping with this flask.

- Vessel of Vinktar is always powerful. The shock is insane for our dmg to quickly burst down bosses. Just DONT get lightning conversion or you loose damage. Added lightning dmg to spells is the best here.

- more lifeflasks for uberlab. 2 are often enough, 3 are very safe

- bismuth flask helps with mediocre blues for elemental weakness maps.

- basalt flask for phys migration

There are too many useful flasks ;)
The fastest mapping setup is silver + quicksilver + witchfire + dying sun + atziris promise.


Bandit: help oak normal, kill all in cruel/merc

This is a lvl 100 tree, for lower level just remove the 3 point jewels below scion, right side of scion and at the shadow.

Ok lets explain why i chooses what.
First i aimed for Vaalpact and every AoE node in the skilltree.
The scion aoe nodes are not mandatory and aviable via the Intuitive Leap jewel. Without it get the duration node at least.
Vaal pact removes our leechcap and we can potentially go from 1% to 100% hp with one hit.
Duration nodes are nearby and increase the duration of Bladevortex and our poison. On top some utility skills benefit from it like phase run, smoke mine or cwdt firestorm.
I picked every lifenode on the way, you could choose less for more damage/earlier jewels. The tree has 213% life and potentially 8 liferolls on jewels :)
Stats are plenty on the skilltree and we can level any gem to the maxlvl without needing any stats on the gear (which is good with mainly blue gear!).
I didn't pick the shadow phys/chaos nodes because a jewel can potentially be better than those nodes per point. But there is nothing wrong in speccing/respeccing those on demand.


- Bladevortex + Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect + Poison + Void Manipulation + increased Duration + added chaos damage.
Thats the maindmgskill setup. With another chest like cospris there is room for Empower or Rapid Decay.
Why no spellecho? It has a less damage modifier and with increased duration its easy to maintain full stacks when needed anyway. Inc duration also increases the poison length = more damage.

- spelltotem + wither + faster casting

increases our dmg against bosses

- Rallying Cry + inc duration + smoke mine

Rallying Cry for manaregen and extra damave
Smoke mine gives insane movementspeed for a long duration, but is optional, too.

- cast when damage taken + Bladefall + poison + concentrated effect

maxlvl. Additional damage and leech

- Phase Run + inc duration + faster casting + flamedash

optional, helps to move quicker between packs and in combat

- Haste + Vaal Haste + Vaal Lightning trap + inc duration

Haste is my choice for smoother mapping, can also be replaced with purity or other stuff.
VLT is great against bosses!

Thats it.

Other stuff is possible too, no doubt ;)

If you dont like phase run shenenigans use cwdt + arc + firestorm + firegolem

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Assassin Wanderminer

Greetings PoE Community,

i want to present you my Assassin Kinetic Blast Wanderminer. The main idea is based on The Wonderminer, using a wand, kinetic blast and mines. But thats the only real similarity.
The build has most of the current overpowered stuff combined: Bladefall Mines, King of the Forest Chaos bow and the good old Frostwall + Pierce combo.


Pros and Cons


+ It can run absolutely EVERY mapmod as a Hybrid. Obviously some mapmod combinations are insane for any build (dual boss + gmp corrupted piety and stuff like that).
+ Good to start a league and late in the league.
+ Can be played on a budget, but can potentially make use of mirror worthy gear to full extend
+ You can choose between Hybrid, CI or LowLife with almost the same build. 5 respecc points are basically enough to switch around.
+ easily runs stuff like uber lab and atziri
+ combines most of the broken mechanics in the game :p


- need practice to 'target' properly with mines
- could potentially be nerfed (frostwall or poison changes), since some build mechanics are also broken in other builds.
- Mine playstyle may not appeal to everyone
- no way to leech. relys on natural ES recharge and Vaal discipline.
- manahungy in the earlygame, needs a manaflask for longer fights.

The Damage


Except one Skillpoint (wanddmg + accuracy) i have no wandnodes on the skilltree. This has a good reason: Mine, area and projectile damage doubledips with the poison. Poison deals 10% of the combined physical and chaos damage per second for 2 seconds. This means:

We deal 100 phys/chaos damage with our attack. Now we add 50% increased mine damage:

Hit: 100x1,5 = 150 dmg
DoT: 150:10x1.5 = 22.5 dps

With wand damage for excample we do not doubledip. If we use the same values with wand damage instead of mine damage we get:

Hit: 100x1,5 = 150 dmg
DoT: 150:10 = 15 dps

This means that Mine, Area and Projectile damage is always superior to weapon based damage on a poison focused build.

The same counts for bleed, which gives the build a dps boost but is by far not as strong as poison, since it cannot stack.

On top of that i choosed the Assassin Class, which has 100% more poison damage on crit, which doubles the poison damage. In the first math excample it would result in 45 dps.

Another good modifier is increased Duration. The assassin has 30% increased dot duration if he killed recently, which means the dot deals 30% more damage over its duration.

How do we inflict the poison?
The answer is 2x Coated Shrapned Jewel (each 25%) and the Assassin Class for 40% poison against bleeding targets. 90% is fine for me, but can further increased via the skilltree poison node (10%) or another coated shrapnel jewel.
Since me get so many explosions via kinetic blast, bleed is basically guaranteed.

Kinetic Blast, Pierce and Frostwall

This is the main singletarget setup for any Kinetic Blast wander.
Kinetic Blast creates explosions when hitting a target which deal aoe damage, this aoe can overlap.
Hitting a Frostwall (or regular wall) also creates those explosions.
With 100% pierce the Projectiles pierce the Frostwall, but also create explosions for each wallsegment hit.
Now i use Clustertrap + Multitrap + Trap + Frostwall to bypass the cooldown of FW and create tons of walls.

I use this Setup for strongboxes and bosses. It also creates some safety via blocking melees and non piercing projectiles.


I focus on the Hybrid life/es part here, since CI and LL work the same with the exception of Chaos damage.

The main defence is a big fat healthpool. Reaching 10k effective health, ci/hybrid doesnt matter, is not a big deal.
Then we have Evasion. While the evasion is pretty low on ES gear (i only use the Vertex with evasion) we can have potent flasks on demand. 30% flask effect from the Alchemist Cluster helps there, too.
I reach over 22000 evasion with just the Vertex, a Jade Flask and a Stibnite Flask + Evasion% roll. On top we have the Smoke Cloud which blinds the enemys affected by it and it reduces their accuracy.
I use cast when damage taken with enfeeble to futher decrease the accuracy and damage of enemys.
Enduring Cry for charges and Arctic Armour are also options to consider.

I do not use Blasphemy Curses because the build is relatively mana hungry and i need as much free mana as possible.

Hybrid Life/ES vs Life vs CI vs LowLife

Each Healthpool option is possible, but i suggest a energy based build as we cannot leech with mines and ES recharges naturally if we dont take damage.

Pure Life

In my Skilltree the worst possibility. We need specifix jewels (no life rolls) and the tree doesnt offer many lifenodes on the way to our important nodes. Better on other classes like ranger.

Hybrid Life/ES

Totally underestimated and overshadowed by LL and CI.
The build doesnt need many auras, any offensive aura doesnt offer much.
The gear is often cheaper, because the maximum possible ES is slightly lower because there are 3 desired prefixes: Flat es, es% and es% + stun recover%. Life is another prefix,but its possible to get 700+ ES+Life chests very cheap since nobody uses it :)

If we compare it with CI we dont have the chaos immunity (to that later) and the 15% more ES.
The 15% more es often not as high as remaining life. With 10k es we gain 1500 bonus es with ci, but we could also have 1500 (normally even more) life.

Hybrid can run even the Bloodmagic mapmod and reserve Clarity on life. 546 life are reserved with Bloodmagic which are 27% of the life with 2k life or 18% with 3k life.

Ok now we get to the chaos damage. The chaos damage bypasses ES which can be problematic, but it not as bad as it seems.

The difference between a char with - 60 chaos resists and +75% is 6.4.
This means, if i have 2000 life and 75% chaos resist i have an effective lifepool of 12800 life and - 60% resists.

High Chaos resists isnt hart to get either.
early on a Broken Crown for 1 alch gives max 61 chaos resists + atzris promise with alchemist for 45%... a total of 106%. So there are only 29% chaos resists missing to cap with the flask up.
With better gear you can drop the Broken crown for The Vertex (also has chaos resists) and so on.

Stuns are another thing with speaks for Hybrid, we dont necassary need stun immunity (which is based on the HP pool) if we get a decent amount of life

A hybrid Flask or Lifeflask is recommended, the corruscating elixir + panicked lifeflask is a good combination too.
So far i only died once to chaos damage, to the Jungle Valley Boss on a 8 mod map with only 10% positive chaos resists, which was avoidable ;)

Low Life

It doesnt have the spelldmg bonus like ll casterbuilds, but can reserve the life with stuff like Grace or Blasphemy Curse.
Could be played like a hybrid without shavs, but there is no real reason to it. Better use a Shavs, which is quite expensive and has relativeley low Energy Shield.
Chaos damage does not bypass ES, but we still take damage from it.
For this build i would rather take CI or Hybrid.

Can get the highes ES pool and is Chaos immune.
Eye of Chayula (or the upcoming 2.4 unique ring) are recommended for stun immunity.
Cannot run Blood Magic maps, but doesnt need to invest in Chaos resist and can potentially wear the most expensive ES gear possible.


Go for Hybrid or CI, whatever you like more.
If you start a char i would pick the most efficient life and es nodes and go for hybrid until you can switch into ci (if you want). Broken Crown helps a lot for a transition!



Ascendancy Class

Assassin is the Class of my choice.
It is not a defensive class, but it allows us to go mostly defensive with the gear and Skilltree.

Noxious Strikes gives Chance to bleed/poison/maim and skill effect duration on kill.
Coupled with 2 Coated shrapnel jewels we have 90% chance to poison bleeding targets (basically all the time, especially singletarget). A great node for this build.
Other classes need 4 coated shrapnels or a poison gem (except pathfinder) to get the chance to poison.

Toxic Delivery doubles the bleed/poison damage and gives 20% extra chaos damage based on phys against bleeding targets. Great node. Reduced dot damage (bleed, chaos clouds...) is not bad either.

Unstable Infusion does nothing

Deadly Infusion does much :P 3% basecrit + 48% critmulti is sweet

small nodes grant us critchance, dot damage and pcharge duration, everything we want.

This class alone + a few nodes on the tree let us reach big crit numbers.

The best class for HC on this build. The skilltree is almost the same.
The small nodes give good ES.
Wicked ward is awesome, es charges even after getting hit is a huge deal and the mainreason for the class.
Profane Blood, Malediction and Void beacon are useful, too.
The downside is that we need 4 coated shrapnel jewels or a poison gem and more critchance on the gear.
Overall deals way less damage but is way safer.


The small nodes are not great with the wasted elemental damage, but mine laying speed is our attackspeed.
There are some pros for the class, overall better for a elemental version, but still possible here.
Bomb specialist gives us 2 more mines and aoe per mine, which is nice to have, especially when encountering bosses with waittime like atziri mirrors or vaal.
Demolition specialist gives some damage and most important mine laying speed. This eats more mana but is great anyway ;)
Chain reactions lets all frostwalls pop up at the same time. Thats huge!
Basically permablind is good too, save the stibnite flask.

Besides the great utility it doesnt give any crit or survivability except the blind


Trickster has some on kill mechanics which could be used to full extend with southbound gloves.
First it has frenzy charges on kill, recovery on kill and dot.
everything up to shadeform is nice for the defence and a good alternative to occultist.
Has the same downsides as the occultist

Ranger Classes
I dont consider those, it takes way more point to get in my skilltree.
However all three are not bad for a life based char

No, there is no good reason for this class except stun immunity via juggernaut



Many stuff depends on your choice of the healthpool, ci, hybrid or low life, i will write a (ci), (hy) or (ll) if its a special case for one of those.


Obliteration Wand is a great weapon to start. Good crit and damage

Rare Wand Prophecy wands are the best base if you wanna craft one. It has the lowest attackspeed which is normally bad, but doesnt matter with mines! Prophecy wands have the highest basecrit and physical damage.
If you find a good one on another base, fine. If you craft one take this and ilvl 83 or even 84 (spelldmg max roll if it fails for selling).

We look for:

Prefixes: flat Chaos damage, flat physical damage and %physical damage

Flat chaos damage is rare, but huge if you hit it (only one tier of rolls).
Since we dont specifically scale physical damage, more the 'all damage', its the best prefix to roll, except you get really good rolls on the other two.
A hybrid phys/accuracy roll wont give as mich damage as the chaos roll.


Critchance, flat Accuracy and crit multiplier. Alternatively Manaregen.

There are no other good rolls, crit has the highest priority (at least the mastercraft).
Like i said, attackspeed doesnt matter with mines since the "attacks per second" depends on the mineplacementspeed and not attackspeed.

With a good chaosdmg roll + mastercrafted critchance you already have a great wand ;).


The Broken Crown is a great item to start a hybrid char or to transition into a Ci or low life. Basically all CI or LL chars start as a hybrid ;) around 60 chaos helps a lot if you wanna stay safe.

The Vertex has 50% manacost reduction, good for the traps. You can boost the auras with the +1 gems (and Enlighten/Empower for excample). The Es/evasion and chaos resists are great for hybrid and ll.

Crown of Eyes(ll)(ci) has accuracy, good es and grants attackdamage for spelldamage. The leech doesnt help us. If you have a high spelldmg roll on the weapon/shield or even amu this can give goos dps. Hybrid cannot really utilitize it because spelldmg cannot be rolled on a life/es/es% shield and vertex strictly helps more.

rare es helmet High ES and resists. Chaos resi and life are great for hybrid. Accuracy is possible on that slot, too.


Rare ES shield High es and resists. potentially Spelldmg for (ll/ci) and crown of eyes or life on (hy).


Rare ES chest ES and resist matter, life for hybrid on top.


Rare es gloves again with high es, resists and accuracy. I would try to get it here.

Facebreaker a pure damage item

Southbound Gloves are okay for (hy). If you can handle the resist and accuracy with other gear it has goos synergy with other items. The mines cannot kill enemys, but the dot will. This will act as your kill with all benefits and downsides. Benefits are obliteration wand explosions and other "on kill" effects. a downside is that you will get bleeddebuffs from bloodline monsters for excample.


Rare es boots with movementspeed, high es or life and resists.

Brinerot Whalers have decent es, some resists and good damage! Shocking griund immunity is nice to have.

Alberons Warpath is a overlooked item and great to start. Decent MS, flat chaos damage (40.5!) some es and some strenght bonus. Its even really cheap.

Deaths Door +1 endurance charge is good if you use enduring cry, bleed immunity, flat strength and some resis. The downside of longer status ailment is countered by flasks anyway.


rare belt Get the strength here. Many other mods are good, flat es, resists, flaskmods, flat armour even. For (hy) i recommend chaos resists and flat life on top!


Eye of Chayula replaced by valyrium ring in 2.4. Especially good for (ll/ci). For low life its fine, but it also lowers our healthpool. So far i was never stunlocked to death on hybrid, but some situations (crematorium boss) can be scary.

rare amulet with:
Prefix Flat es + %es
Suffix Accuracy + str and/or dex + critmulti

There are many many good suffixes in form of resists, crit, manaregen, stats... Pick what your other gear tells you. Low resists, pick those. low stats, pick the stats. Got everything? take crit.


Valyrium for patch 2.4 on all versions. Basically. makes you stun immune.


Prefix: flat ES, flat phys and/or life(hy)
Suffix: flat Accuracy, resists and attributes

- Faster start of es recharge is a cheap leo crafting mod for lvl 3 and a prefix. This can potentially help a lot since we are based on the natural ES regen.
- %ES 5-20% can be bad or awesome for 1ex
- flat chaos damage it the best offensive one
- flat phys is cheaper and doesnt require lvl 7 elreon like chaos damage.


Coated Shrapnels 25% chance to poison, flat physical damage. The bread and butter on this build. Use at least 2 for assassin, on other classes 4 or none (poison gem).

Energy From within (ll/ci) The life/es cluster between Shadow and Witch is made for this, a big ES boost.

rare jewels

1. Fix resists if needed (ele weakness overcap)
2. %ES
3. Damage. Projectile, Mine, Area and all damage doubledip with poison/bleed and are the best ones. Other than that critchance/multi is never wrong.


Here are always option, my thought on what we definetly need.

- Hybrid life/mana Flask on low life/ci: a manaflask. We need this to spam mines when its needed. For regular mapping not. Hybrid flask for life/es to refill life when needed.
- Stibnite Flask: Great when surrounded or to facetank some bosses. The blind + 100% evasion is sweet
- Quicksilver flask (+movementspeed): to move quickly.
- Jade Flask: Great synergy with our es/eva nodes and stibnite. Pushed me to over 22k evasion!

- flexible slot:
+ Basalt for phys damage bosses like Uber Izaro.
+ Rumis concoction even better than basalt with blockchance and %armour
+ Atziris Promise for extra damage and BiS for Hybrid if the resists arent capped.
+ Taste of Hate is not that great here. gives some tooltip dps (we still focus on poison) and a similar effect to basalt flask. Not worth the price
+ any resist flask for certain bosses or elemental weakness
+ Corruscating Elixir is good on hybrid. Regens ES depending on the lifepool, doesnt let chaos dmg penetrate es and has great synergy with a pannicked life/hybrid flask. Oh-Shit flask for HC.

Important mods

- %movement, preferated on quicksilver flask
- remove bleed
- remove freeze (duration flask, no life/hybrid/mana)
- %evasion
- with no unique flask pick curse removal or shock removal (esp. shocking ground maps).

This may vary with items that ignore some of those ailments like deaths door or brinerot whalers.

Keep in mind that you wont need some flasks for certain bosses if youre scared of specific elements, like evasion flasks vs atziri.
Its always good to have rolled utility flasks in the stash.


There is always room for costumization, different golems, warcrys or other utility. This is my recommended setup. Gems are ordered in priority if you have fewer links.
This is for hybrid life/es and CI

Kinetic Blast + Remote Mine + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Added Chaos Damage + Minefield.

The first 4 are important to make this actually work. I am not sure about the last two, which one has higher priority, but they share the color and you can try it yourself on a 5link.

Minefield helps with power charges and has a better coverage, but added chaos deals more damage.

Other gems like Ppad or mine damage dont offer that much. You can potentially swap out minefield for Concentrated effect or aoe on some bossfights like atziri or vaal (stationary bosses with preperation time).

Frostwall + Trap + Clustertrap + Multitrap alternatively Frostwall + Spellecho if your linkhungy on another setup.

I use this in the vertex helmet for the -50% manacost since this setup costs over 130 mana per throw without it, spellechowalls are way cheaper and most of the time enough. The trapsetup has higher burst potential but is a bit clunky on rare mobs if its needed.

Cast when damage taken (1) + Enfeeble + Detonate Mines + Immortal Call

Keep Cwdt on lvl 1 and level the gems to a max of lvl 38 requirement.
Enfeeble is a great defensive curse even on such a low lvl, alternatives are temp chains or vulnerability.
Detonate Mines on cwdt help if youre in a bad spot, just place the mines and they detonate automatically. I also "use" this to reduce my time for clearing pack.
Immortal call helps against physical spike damage (quill beasts) and to stop a stunlock if not immune.

Vaal discipline + Flamedash + increased duration + faster casting

Vaal Discipline is our healthpotion for es, helps a lot in bad situations and labyrinth traps. Flamedash to jump over cliffes.

Spelltotem + detonate mines

You can add as a 3rd gem inc duration, totem resis, faster casting or a warcry/golem here. Only 2 gems are important in that slot.

Ice golem + clarity + discipline

You can potentially stick those gems everywhere in the gear if there is a free socket. The spelltotem + detonate mines slot for excample

Clarity + Bloodmagic is possible on hybrid, just do not link BM with Discipline on top.

Alternative Gems
- Frostwall + Spellecho instead of the trapsetup saves 2 gemslots.
- Selfcast Vulnerability. Never bad to have one ;)
- Enduring Cry or Rallying Cry are useable
- Stone Golem instead of Icegolem for liferegen on hybrid against chaos dots (descecrated ground..)
- In a low life build better use the echo-wall to have room for Blasphemy curse + clarity or grace on life for excample.
- faster casting is not mandatory in flamedash + vaal disci if youre desperate for a gemslot.

There are several other ways to do it, i just feel comfortable with my current setup


Boots 120% critchance if you havent crit recently. Mines dont count, "we never crit" and have flat 120% critchance. If you farm for an enchant, start with the boots!

Anything that buffs:

Kinetic Blast
Diacipline/clarity Reservation
or any other skill we use


every procc when hit/crit is fine here, proccs on kill work too IF the dot kills the enemy.


This build is flexible and can be adjusted to other stuff as well. Maybe you can collect some buildideas from here.

- The tree would almost be the same for a Doomfletchs Prism Miner. It should be on the same powerlevel, scales with phys damage but deals ele damage. Just dont focus on poison there ;) Coated Shrapnel is awesome on that one, too. Saboteur would be a better class than assassin.

- Trapper version. Just repick mine only nodes for trap nodes, done. Its a different playstyle which might be better for you. Frostwalls will be more clunky to use, either you cannot throw both at the same time or you use spellecho walls.

- Bladefall mines. Can potentially used with the same specc, but there are more optimized ones out there.


As a Hybrid we can play any mapmod. Sure some are always dangerous on any build, like extra damage, crit, vulnerability, - max resist and so on.
Stuff like Phys or elemental reflect, no regeneration, blood magic, resists and so on, which cant be played by many other builds are doable!

For Ci and some extend low life the Bloodmagic mod is not possible. For hybrid just switch the hybrid flask with a lifeflask, turn off clarity and done.

No regen is handled with a manaflask which needs few charges. Maybe throw in a 2nd,done. Es recovery is not affected by it.

Refect is non existant since mines cannot reflect damage.

Yeah and that are the "worst" mapmods aviable.

My Youtube channel with builds, unique and mechanic discussions etc
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hey milky. for your wander... what did you do with the bandits???
added lab run to the wander

My Youtube channel with builds, unique and mechanic discussions etc
Interesting idea for the zombie summoner. I tried a poison bloodlust zombie summoner last league using femur of the saints but never really got on with it. All the extra move/attackspeed you cna get might make it less frustrating now though.
Lightning golem looks like a nice boost for this too.

How well would this work without using victario's charity do you think? Could squeeze in more auras with a prism guardian, and not use necromatic aegis. Would need to rely on curses for charges though.

Low Life with no shield sounds a bit scary too, if anything does get through the zombie wall!

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