[2.6] CI Poison Blink arrow/Mirror arrow Occultist

It's just as a way to get flat chaos damage. You scale the damage through so many ways. The base damage of the clones is not that much, so having any flat damage (and especially flat chaos damage) is insanely powerful. It's probably the best possible support gem you can use for this build. Remember that the only way to get any base damage on a poison scaling build is through physical damage and chaos damage. Physical damage can only be gotten through your bow, which is 85-302 damage. Added chaos damage is 170–256. So it basically doubles your damage, PLUS its chaos damage and most mobs can't resist chaos damage.

I had to repost this, somethings wrong with the matrix.
This build guide has been updated for 2.6. It is a rough draft and I will updating it more in the future. I also plan on adding new videos for 2.6.
IGN- FrOArrow
Any videos to 2.6 LSC?

What would you say about using both blink and mirror in 1 6-link and doing another 5/6 link with animate weapon totem link? I am just wondering would it be possible and viable because it seems kinda fun and would speed map clear a bit
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3.0 new support gem decay has been tested to be very strong. Despite the ES nerfs perhaps this build has high potential in upcoming update?
Has anyone played this recently? I would like to give it a try again :)

[EDIT] Tried it for a few hours, doesn't seem viable anymore due to the changes to Poison.
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