[2.2]I'm the juggernaut B*TCH! - Tanky 8 Endurance charges Earthquake build

sheryo69 wrote:
hi i got a question there , is this possible to use endurance charge on mele stun with vengence for not cast endurng cry manualy?

and nice build im lvl 57 just start merciless in hc perandus and leveling is realy easy and safe dont need to buy bypass boss i can do it my self with 0 stress xD

Glad to hear the build is doing well. You could probably do Vengeance - Stun - End charge on melee stun - Warlord's mark for max stun efficiency(As well as a stun belt) - Otherwise, I doubt the damage would be high enough. Feel free to experiment though. I've done what I felt was best personally, but there's always room for improvements
thx for the answer mate, yes i do endu charge link with vengence and stun , for warlord mark i use blasphemy , the only aura i dont use is hatred because i dont need the dps for now , im at dominus in merciless now and keep doing well in solo play .

i post a reply when i start map to say if i change something or fi is keep doing well :p
wouldn't going for unbreakable allow you to have more damage instead?
I'm playing this build in new hc league and it's been a breeze. I originally planned to make cyclone marauder but when i picked up EQ for leveling i decided it is safer and just fits my style.
I hope, that i'm not too late, anyone care to elaborate is it worth dropping AA for enfeeble aura
by using essence worm? That would free some mana, which could allow me to remove blood magic from skills. Not sure if it's enough to sustain EQ. Last but not least, thanks for making this guide.
Hi and thank you for this build, I started SC Prophecy with it and love it!
I decided to follow your tree almost to the letter, only difference I took 1 more +5% inc aoe node
My current lvl 68 items are the following:

I decided to go Juggernaut for constant max endurance charges and high survivability+damage, my only (minor) complain is clear speed, only because I'm used to my only other char, a slayer flicker striker that can clear gorge in 2/3 minutes, so I'm spoiled :(

I pretty much make up for mov speed with:

and enhance survivability with other flasks:

one shooting everything but though rares and bosses in a so wide area is amazing!
all that said, great instructions and advices, my thanks to you RainbroDasher!


I really like your Build, and want to do a Marauder EQ, but i have a short Question; Which flasks are you using? Specifically which roles?

Greetings, Meridián
During patch 2.2, the original poster may not have had the clairvoyance to make a build that is perfect for Uber Lab, but he did. Granted, this build is quite similar to other Juggernaut earthquake builds using the cheap marohi erqi.

Why is this perfect for Uber? First, traps - press enduring cry (or you probably have endurance charges already) self cast immortal call (about 5 second) and no trap can damage you, other than the burning ground. With my two movement speed flasks I can just zip by anything.

Second, Izaro - again, get your endurance charges and self cast immortal call, place totem, attack 4-5 times in succession. Then rinse and repeat. Izaro cannot damage you at all (unless ele damage buffed). Caution: be careful, if you drop immortal call, you will likely die or go very low health.

Third, damage. Damage is good for the cheap weapon Marohi. Nuff said. With Lion's flask, synergizes well with overall damage and bleed mechanics (knock back makes monsters bleed more). Too bad Izaro cannot be knocked back.

May not have the uber dps to carry 2-3 ppl but definitely can carry one person in lab. Already farming Uber Lab currently at lvl 83.

Out of many similar builds I chose this cuz the tree made the most sense.

Edit: look at my character's passive tree for a few optimizations (save a few points) - GomGomEndures. Final tree will grab 3 more jewel nodes and that will be all. The damage increase from jewels will be alot alot. The stats to look for is: increased physical damage, increased damage, and increased aoe damage to double dip on bleed.

Edit 2: I solely use this as a lab runner because I needed a lab runner. You can use this build for general mapping but I do not because of one weakness - you will die alot to elemental damage if not careful. I prefer to use other characters for general mapping.
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I found this a very well written guide and i've read a lot of them. I started an earthquake marauder without reading any guides, and i've gotten to tier 8 maps so far without dying, but ended up with something quite similar to you. (i do have a lot better gear than you have, at least at the time when you wrote this guide, because i'm fairly rich :) )

I decided it was time to start reading earthquake guides before i started doing end-game maps and your's is the first i've read. I gotten several ideas from reading it and now that i've gotten a full free respec, i may make some changes. There are for sure some flask and gem choices i'm gonna consider thoroughly.
this build isa beast. solo malNO DEATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!never die really too its really great build

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