[2.4] EmberStrike - 2h Flickerstrike - Insane damage

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what gem do we scrap if we only have 5 link oro?
thats a tough one haha, I guess i would say faster attacks or fire pen. But you could always use a 5L oro's for the blade vortex and grab a tabula.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
I feel that the build isnt optimized and u can drop clarity if u get the attack leech nodes near the dueliest/ranger. It feels like unwavering stance is a waste because all the evasion from gear gets nullified.If u drop clarity u can run flammability with blasphemy.
I'd say its more a matter of personal preference than optimization. The trade off for losing stun immunity is gaining (ballpark figure) around 4-5k evasion. Which is mediocre. If you're planning to get the leech nodes by the duelist, you would have to have at least 8 skill points. You can save 5 by cutting unwavering. another 7 by cutting the life nodes above it.

By doing this, You lose +75 hp, 20% max life, 4% attack speed and stun immunity. You gain enough points to get the leech, 1 jewel, and possibly 1 or 2 life nodes.

Since I dont have mana issues (I can even do no regen maps) I personally have no reason to get the leech nodes. Blasphemy is nice, but a cwdt CoH blade vortex lasts for 10 seconds and is almost always up.

If Vessel of vinktar is not an option, then perhaps your suggestion would be more accommodating.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
You might not be aware of this, but non-legacy Vinktar doesn't have instant leech.

Linking legacy version and mentioning instant leech is really misleading to most people who will never be able to get it.

If we remove instant leech Vinktar, how would you survive ele reflect?

I have a 2h crit flicker build, and if I use Phys to Lightning in order to convert most damage to elemental, it becomes impossible for me to not die to ele reflect.
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What do u think of this set up instead? I went with pure life instead of focusing on regen. I dont need an alpha's howl to run anger and flammability. I dont face any mana issues even without +mana jewels, jewels can help scale up damage instead. Going pure evasion base chr. Planning to use an Lcoil instead for increased mitigation.
@shajirr - I did not intend to mislead or confuse anyone. I normally play on standard and find that Legacy Vinktar is still relatively obtainable.

@Sourges - looks great man! my only suggestion/criticism is this:
Since you are dropping regen and going life leech, you may want to consider vaal pact, and possibly a few more of the leech nodes to easily deal with reflect. This actually takes care of not being able to obtain a legacy vinktar.

Edit- also I use alphas howl for the freeze immunity specifically. the +2 auras and reduced reserve is just a bonus. This allows me to run a flask of grounding to compliment the legacy Vinktar instead of a flask of heat.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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Would you ever consider doing tri curse with heretics veil?
Is elementalist really the best ascendancy for this type of build? The bottom half of the tree is WAY stronger than the top half of the tree for passives, and all elementalist gives is conflux and a tiny bit of prolif. If everything is dying in 1 hit anyway, wouldn't that give a max of like 6-8 additional stacks of burn?

I would think that trickster (for +1 frenzy, dodge and free mana cost) or slayer (for stun immune and free melee splash) would be equally strong ascendancies since they would give you an extra support gem, and are better positioned on the tree for this sort of build.

I'm thinking about rolling this build for the last month of Perandus, so any input would be really helpful.

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