Im surprised this has such few replies...

All golems in general need tuning, flame shouldn't be miles ahead in terms of pure DPS and "attack" should disappear.

Chaos Golem is so weak it's not even funny.

Though my main complaint is they don't feel good. Flame golems do, they have 3 kinds of different abilities, all somewhat cool. Balance wise, they don't even need accuracy... and already pack more of a punch.

I want all the golem to look nice and feel nice.

PS I love Occultist (will probably love it more when curses are reworked) but my Meme Chaos golem occultist is worse than flame and that feels bad.

Hey there,

planning on playing Ice Golems Occultist starting with Betrayal today, and PoB shows that the attack range of it is just 6. Any plans of bringing all minions attack range to 9?
While test-running the build with the Primordial Chain amulet i also found my golems cuddling up in a corner and being idle for some moments when trying to fight stationed bosses like Kitava and Arakali quite often. Probably after using their Cyclone Spin attack, but i dont know if they try to hit it with melee attacks and cant reach or just get stuck after the animation (doesnt occure otherwise, only on stationary bosses).

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