[Mod] PoEController - update 10/09/2018

Hi everyone. Just released a new version of the package. It should be faster now and solve some driver issues.
Thank you for your work!

Sadly, it doesn't support Ultra-wide monitor or window mode :(
Thank you for your work!

Sadly, it doesn't support Ultra-wide monitor or window mode :(
anraiki wrote:
Thank you for your work!

Sadly, it doesn't support Ultra-wide monitor or window mode :(

There's an issue on github to fix that. Resolutions shouldn't be restricted anymore by this application (PoEController no longer attempts to read screen pixels).
Doesn't support small screens :( (1280x1024, 1280x720 etc)

Oops, I can't keep that here, let's edit that outta this post to not get hammered into Oblivion.
GGG's awesome. Thank you.
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Hi everyone.

Added a new version of the program

- Removed resolution restrictions
- Added a log file (inside %appdata%\PoEController)
- Added VID/PID 0x45E 0x719 (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver)
Hi! Are you planning on adding xbox one wireless receiver/controller support?
for some reason poecontroller.exe reports it cant find my 360 controller - although the drivers are loaded and it works with all other games.

Any update on how to remedy? I'm running 1.1.1(latest build i believe)
Great work on this. If only GGG would add direct controller support (carpal tunnel is real!). A few issues I noticed:

1. Flasks indeed don't work, like others have mentioned in this thread. JoyToKey can be used to fix this, but it requires yet another program be open.

2. When you use a character with high movement speed, it walks into the cursor (that the program has tied to the directional controller) and causes the character's movement to stutter. I suspect this slows the character down a bit - it at the very least definitely doesn't make for a smooth experience.

3. For keys that you have tied to first move a certain distance before executing the applicable action, there's a noticeable delay between pressing the key and the action happening.

4. For the pick up key, I notice when I press the key, it automatically, ever-so-briefly results in filtered out items showing on the screen. This frequently causes you to inadvertently pick up filtered-out loot near what you actually intended to pick up.

5. Often when I alt tab and mess around in Path of Building, the program will lose functionality when I tab back into the game. Restarting the program causes it work again.

Just wanted to let you know of some probably common issues. I know you do this for free. Thank you, wouldn't be able to play this game without this program!
Tried every version. Doesn't recognize xbox one controllers. Could you update this to do so as I imagine 360 and xbox1 controllers should function very similarily.

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