[2.2] Soulthirst Reave Ranger...Soul Eat Your Way to the Top! [400+ souls]

"You know you've built up serious speed when Whirling Blades starts to look like Flicker Strike. -Akise"

***Tree has been updated - more to come***
** 800% of skill cost gained as life fask = money
** pathfinder = money
** I am going to be looking at alternative skills since I just dont like reave even though it is ** the king for this build

The Soulthirst Reave Ranger (SRR) is my latest creation and it turned out much better then I had planned. This build gets stupid insane amounts of attack speed resulting in over the top and unnecessary amounts DPS all of which is provided by the Soul Eater mod from the Soulthirst belt. If you are looking for an new, unique, and insanely fun play style then this is the build for you.

Generating easily upwards of 400+ souls in a fracture map, this build is just pure bliss to run. Currently each soul provides me with 0.18 APS... you read that right, attacks per second. Imagine this little number multiplied by 400. The result is pure POE monster slaughtering heaven. The fun is later multiplied by an inspired learning jewel for even more hell raising.

I recommend this as being a softcore build as when you reach into the 150+ to 200+ level of stacks the game play gets a bit...hectic. But you don't care as you still continue to maniacally steamroll through the waves of monsters trying to push the souls stack to new levels all while being the size of a god.

HC playing is definitely viable, though I still recommend SC, as SRR runs Acro + Phase Acro + Daresso's Defiance for endurance charges as well as a level 1 CWDT IC set up for a few seconds of immortal call. If this wasn't enough then soul eater also CAPS our physical mitigation. That's right, 90% phys mitigation!

What is Soul Eater?

+Physical mitigation per soul (5% mitigation per soul)
+Bonus to resistances per soul (5% elemental resistance per soul)
+Attacks speed per soul
+Cast speed per soul
+Character size per soul

The Mechanics..The road to 21 seconds of Soul Eater

The build revolves around the specific unique

This belt provide the soul eater mod as long as you have a flask effect active. The soul count is also reset whenever a new flask is pressed and the flasks cannot be queued up. So this means we want the longest duration flask possible.

At almost 21 seconds this is the grand daddy of ever lasting flask duration. Providing by far the longest flask effect this is the dream. But the dream comes at a price, the mana regen. If your unreserved mana reaches 100% the flask duration will end prematurely. This is bad so we want to prevent this from happening.

The fix is easy, run everything off of mana of course. As long as we are spamming either reave or whirling blades we should never be full mana. This is easier said then done. We have two major problems, Being able to attack constantly when running extremely low amounts of mana and being about to spend more mana then the flask can provide.

The first problem is solved by:

This little baby allows us to continue attacking regardless of being out of mana or not. We still are unable to counter the regeneration of the flasks though. The solution is to increase the cost of our skills. The best option is both the cheapest and most efficient way. Slot in these jewels:

These bad boys jack up the cost of our skills tremendously. If one is running a 5L set up then 3 of them will be required but if one has a 6L set up then only 2 will be required.

When you have a 6L set up and your mana cost can be sustained by only two Fevered Minds then we can drop the third in replace it with a nice juicy Inspired Learning jewel for even more fun times. Nothing is better then getting then taking those annoying monster affixes and turning them against the mobs themselves... I personally love getting Storm Herald :)

Just Say NO! to Poacher's Mark and Warlord's

Poacher's Mark and Warlord's mark also are a no-go for this build. Each provide a means of mana regeneration which can and will bring our unreserved mana back to full prematurely finishing the 21s flask effect. Because of this to generate power charges we use PCoC or one could run a Voll's Protector. We ONLY want to use Assassin's Mark on CoH because it only effects a very small amount of monsters at a time giving us our perma charges as well as not fully filling our mana pool.

Bypassing the negative side of Soul Eater
Soul Eater in all of its magnificence does have a single flaw. It prevents you from generating Vaal Souls for skills like Vaal Reave. To bypass this we simply slot in another unique jewel. Presenting:

Since our build runs a massive amount of crit multiplier and with Hatred always on we shatter just about everything we kill. This means we will easily be able to generate Vaal Reave and be able to reapply it if it were to ever drop off. This solved a huge issue for me.

Charge Generation explained

Frenzy Charges are generated through blood rage. Since we use VP we have no life regen but the degen will not be as big of a problem as you think. There are two scenarios for this. The first we are running our mana flask and will have 90% phys mitigation + 3 endurance charges so the degen will do nothing. The second scenario is we are not running our mana flask and we can simply use a life over time flask to keep us topped off until we are ready to go again.

Power Charges are generated through Herald of Thunder linked with Curse on Hit and Assassin's Mark. Since we have phys -> Lightning + the damage from herald of thunder and a tremendous amount of crit multi we always shock.

Endurance charges are generated through our chest piece, Daresso's Defiance. Anytime we kill a target we generate an endurance charge. The negative part is that we lose them on receiving a hit. What we do is run a level 1 CWDT taken set up with a 20% quality inc. duration gem to expend the charges for immortal call. This gives us a few seconds of phys immunity, even at only 3 charges.

Required Gear

Be sure to get this with the minimal amount of reduced flask duration, 20%.

You can use the worst roll possible but having a good attack speed roll helps.

DO NOT quality this! Get this same oddly shaped flask and roll reduced recovery on it.

You will need 2 Fevered Minds.

This is so we can generate Vaal Souls while running Soul Eater.

Recommended Gear

Bino's is a pretty clutch dagger providing insane crit chance as well as good physical damage. The life regen is also pretty epic. It would take a good GG dagger to beat this.

Damage...we NEED more damage!

OUCH! why am I running an Abyssus?!?! Screw phys, make me immune!

My Current Gear

The rares are nothing special at all... most stuff from my stash or bought for a couple of C or two

The skill tree


Normal: Oak
Cruel: Oak or Krytain
Merciless: Alira

Gem Setups

Main Attack: Body Armour (in order of priority)
On a 6L
Reave + Multistrike + Melee Phys. + Physical to Lightning + Weapon Elemental Damage + Inc. AoE

On a 5L
Reave + Multistrike + Melee Phys + Faster Attacks + Inc. AoE

*We run FA over Phys to Lightning and WED because it allows us to spam attacks faster and expend our mana easier without the need for a 3rd Fevered Mind.

Herald of Thunder + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark

CWDT (level 1) + Immortal Call + Inc. Duration (20% Quality) + Blood Rage

Vaal Reave + Multistrike + Faster Attacks + open slot [fortify, inc aoe, etc]

Whirling blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Concept Video

Here is a T10 Plateau map @ level 76 where I reach 350+ souls


A quick clip simply to show how the soul eater enhances our defenses and damage


more videos and hopefully a video guide if I can get shadowplay to record my voice coming soon.


Why are you not running Poacher's Mark or Warlord's Mark and why is Assassin's Mark CoH?
We do not run the first two is simply because we can't. The reason is that each of these generates some form of mana regen through on hit, on kill, or leech. This means our mana pool will easily reach 100% of our unreserved amount and prematurely finish the flask effects. We can only run Assassin's Mark on CoH because it can keep our power charges up 100% while not filling our mana pool completely and turning off our flask duration early

Is this build Hardcore Viable?
I guess one could make it HC viable as it is a reave build after all but I do NOT recommend it. You will have to limit the soul amount you take in, limiting the fun, to be sure your game doesn't get to crazy

At what level does this build become fully viable?
You can start the idea of the build at 45 when you can equip Soulthirst but really the build does not start till 59 when you can equip Soul Taker. At 60 it gets really fun with the addition of Abyssus and at 65 its just so choice when you can equip a Bino's or whenever you can equip your GG dagger if you got one

Soulthirst reduced the duration of flasks, how do you keep it at 21 seconds?
There is a flask duration node in ranger, Druidic Rite, that increases duration by 20%.

Build Change Goals

-More life
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WTB Fracture Maps with sea witches in an open tile set or linear progression style like strand... I want to take this soul count to an absurd level.
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Kartikdon wrote:

WTB Fracture Maps with sea witches in an open tile set or linear progression style like strand... I want to take this soul count to an observed level.

Absurd*? o_O
TRiPN wrote:
Absurd*? o_O

isn't that what it says ;)

Anyways, posted a quick clip of how soul eater from Soulthirst plays into our defenses and damage. The video shows only 1/4 what I have managed to reach.

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I played a similar build on THC but as a Shadow and had only minor differences from you (used herald of ice instead of thunder).

In normal maps the amount of souls I would end up with was around 80-150, and could have increased it easily with a higher phys dmg dagger than what I had. I used voidbringer to spike up the mana cost but I think your jewel is a better idea (I didn't know this jewel). I didn't have the Herbalism note because it gives you faster flask recovery which you don't want as it decreases soul eater uptime.

I would actually say it's a pretty good hardcore build in means of survivability. My biggest fear was insane blood corruption stacks so I rolled my mana flask with immunity to bleed. Otherwise it's full resistance, maximum possible physical reduction, and if you get to bosses with nice amount of souls you can speedily clear them. I went evasion like you, but if I ever had to revisit this build, for hardcore purpose at least, I would try to make it CI instead, having 8-9k+ ES with 90% phys reduction, especially in temp leagues where there's no super insane evasion gear for it to be better than just pure EHP (and then Voidbringer would have benefited more also).
I made it to 86 before I died, because out of reflex I pressed my life flask after losing a bit of health, cancelling soul eater while facetanking the map boss.

Definitely a build worth trying for everything, with proper gear you could clear _almost_ as fast as Vaal Spark. Just remember that you can't party with people using vaal builds :D
thanks for the reply man :)

Herbalism is not a problem with this set up. I have NEVER had my duration prematurely ended due to my mana reaching full. But I have to say rolling the bleed immunity on my mana flask would be clutch, I like that. I originally had the life leech on it because I had not reached the duelist cluster yet.

With this set up I maintain about 150 to 200 souls pretty easily as long as there isn't extremely large gaps of travel between two sets of mobs. I also hit a new record in a gorge map today of almost 500 souls. It was a pretty ideal situation though and got lucky with my character actually responding 9/10 with how I wanted him too. It seems that the more souls you get past 200 the more out of control WB gets as it seems to develop a mind of its own.

CI would be a nice way to go as seeing we can easily reach 700 elemental resistances and capped physical resistance. That chaos immunity would end up being very nice. My build could drop one of the Fevered Minds in exchange for either a nice rare or inspired learning. The only problem I see, and honestly I have never played a CI character, is that we have to drop our nice crit evasion helm options, rats nest and abyssus. Also My current set up cannot afford to run discipline. I am just not sure if I could get enough ES without a lot of sacrifice.
-Tree has been finalized.
-Posted a level 80 and a level 95+ tree
-We now generate vaal souls even when running soul eater
-We have Acro + Phase acro + max phys mitigation + Daresso's Defiance for defenses
-We can run Blood Rage dropping Blood Dance to make gearing easier

Overall the build is in an amazing place and ready to do some damage.
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Can you post your jewels? Specifically, I'm wondering if you're using 2 Chill of Corruptions, or just 1. I tried using one Sacrificial Harvest with soul eater up and I never generated a single vaal soul, so I'm surprised Chill of Corruption works. I'm wondering if I need to hit the 100% threshold or something...?
builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1663570/
I only use 2 fevered minds and 1 chill of corruption. I would like to add a second chill of corruption but there just isn't any jewel slots nearby and I am not sure what I would sacrifice for it if there were.
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How are u maintaining soul eater duration with herald of thunder curse since u get a good amount back from killing mobs

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