[2.1] The Aylardex Mind over matter Cold snapper. w/ videos


The best Ascendancy class for this build would be Templar Hierophant. You get an additional 10% MOM effect and gain free endurance charges from Conviction of power since this build is always gaining power charges.

Planned skill tree for 2.2

Build Idea
I wanted to make a build that was able to use the unique amulet,

Going non-crit rt with romira's banquet seemed to be the best choice since the reduced chance to crit won't be a problem. Cold snap was chosen because, it has high base damage, it perma-freezes everything (excluding some bosses), and I have never played a cold snapper before and wanted to try it out this league.

For defenses this build mainly stacks life and mana while using Mind over matter. MOM plus the Aylardex and 10 power charges nets around 40% of damage taken from mana before life. To mitigate the mana cost, get mana, mana regen, and use rallying cry along with its threshhold jewel, Spirited Response.With this I have around 200 mana regen with all power charges up and have 936 unreserved mana. This is more than enough to regen all the mana lost from getting hit. For multiple hard hitting attacks I use a mana pot to quickly recover mana. I also use cast on damage taken linked to immortal call and duration. this gives us around 1-2 sec uptime of immortal call and can be insta procced by using


With 10 power charges up the average damage of Cold Snap is 9.1k with a cast time of 0.20 secconds.The tool tip would be 45.5k dps but the actual damage would be higher because it doesn't calculate extra damage from frostbite, hypothermia, and cold pen.

Gear Choices

Necessary Items
The build is revolved around this item. It gives us +1 power charge, mini mind over matter effect, somewhat decent mana and life, and a large amount of mana regen.

Romira's is neccesary to generate power charges, without it you can't play this build.

Using this along rallying cry gives us free 10% damage mitigated.

Recommended Uniques

Void batteries are pretty expensive but you can get them pretty easily with enough grinding or luck with chance orbs. They are the BIS for this build as they give +1 power charge each and a large amount of spell damage and cast speed.You can use regular rare wands while farming for these.

Mainly useful because of its AOE.


I recommend getting a wand with at least spell damage, cast speed, and #-# added cold damage to spells. I bought this for 15c around the first week of the talisman SC league. They should be pretty cheap if you can find one that doesn't have crit.

The key stats you will be looking for is: +life, +mana, and +resistance. other mods such as item rarity or +stats aren't super necessary. If you have the currency for it, I suggest getting armor on gear as well as it works well with our mitigation. Getting Armour is the one thing I need to do to upgrade my gear.

My Items

Skill tree

Use Clarity, Arctic Armour, and Herald Of Ice. Clarity is neccesary to have a high mana regen rate, Arctic Armour is to survive hard hitting phys damage, and herald of ice is for damage and making power charge generation so much faster in the beginning of maps.

Self Cast Frostbite. It doesn't take up much time to self cast it and the mana reserved needed to blasphemy it would be a waste. Swap out to Temporal chains for bosses that cannot be frozen, you lose some damage but in return you can easily kite bosses.


Normal - +40 life
Cruel - cast speed
Merc - +1 power charge

Gem Links

Cold snap

Hypothermia - Cold pen - Faster Casting - Spell echo - Controlled destruction

Hypothermia - Cold Pen - Faster Casting - Spell echo

Cold Pen - Faster Casting - Spell echo

Other gems you can use instead of Controlled destruction or Hypothermia:
Increased AOE, Conc. effect, IceBite, Added Cold damage

Spell Totem
Arctic Breath - faster casting - GMP
Use this to get chilled ground on bosses and other things that resist chilled/frozen so we can still get damage bonus from hypothermia.

Cast on Damage Taken
Increased Duration - Immortal call - Summon Chaos golem
Too lazy to self cast my golems. I use lvl 4 Cast on damage taken.


Lightning Warp - Faster Casting - Reduced Duration
Since we are using wands we can't use whirling blades. Lightning warp is the next best option as when supported you travel much faster and farther than flame dash. It is buggy in lockstep mode however.


Basically you need a life flask with remove bleed, a life flask with remove freeze, a mana flask for when you lose all your mana from large hits, and Doedre's elixir. Doedre's elixir is good for keeping up power charges when moving around the map with no mobs to attack and to proc our immortal call before we get hit. The last flask can be whatever you want.

Optional Unique flasks
If you have the extra currency, Lavianga's Spirit is a good mana flask to get. With this you can cast cold snap with no mana cost and recover mana quickly. Thank you Ennui for pointing this out.

Leveling Guide

If you want to save as much currency as possible, the easiest way to level is as a regular spell caster while leveling cold snap on the side. I recommend first leveling using firestorm and flame totem until act 3 normal, then switching to glacial cascade. I recommend not dual wielding wands for leveling, instead using a shield and the best wand/scepter you have. For the skill tree, prioritize getting life, mana, and damage. you can allocate power charges, mind over matter, and resolute technique as you get closer to level 60. The build naturally paths through strength and Int nodes but you might be short on the dex needed to run herald of ice. Agility, the dex node in-between Templar and Witch, can be picked up if necessary.

Once you reach act 4 cruel. I recommend farming dried lake until reaching level 60. Make sure by level 60 you have all the power charges allocated along with resolute technique. At 60 you can then equip Romira's banquet and switch over to cold snap.

33 Points

77 points

Helpful leveling unqiues

Night's hold is a good item to pick up if you want to breeze through normal, it drops off around cruel.
Lifesprigs are pretty decent wands, I used them to level all the way to act 4 cruel.

It is also Possible to level up using cold snap

To level as cold snap, you need two uniques, Winter's Bounty and Storm Prison

With these you can gain power charges on kill. Equip storm prison as your offhand instead of a shield and prioritize getting the witch jewel socket and the adjacent mana nodes to get 50 int in radius. I would still recommend using glacial cascade as backup because you can run out of power charges in boss fights and against some rares. Once you reach level 60 remove winter's bounty and place spirited response in its place. You will easily generate power charges with Romira's banquet alone.

35 points


There are a few map mods that you need to look out for when running this build. This build can't do Elemental reflect or Blood Magic maps.The "No life or mana regen" map mod is doable, but you have to use a mana leech gem. I recommend keeping a leveled mana leech gem in your stash in case you happen to roll no regen maps. Also, Higher Tier maps can roll "Monsters are Immune to Elemental Status Ailments" which is doable but can be rippy if you aren't careful.


With 5L Cold Snap

With 6L Cold Snap

Just some videos of me doing rare maps.
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To do:
-L̶e̶v̶e̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶G̶u̶i̶d̶e̶
-Video Guide
-Atziri Video
-New Video demonstrations with 6L
-Update build guide for 2.2
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Quite interesting build there!

I happened to buy 2*VB as well but I couldn't make my mind to build a caster to play with because of the difficulty in colouring LC to 4B :P

Tried to do wand coc but didn't like it.

Thought of CS but could not find a single video on how well it performs in 2.1 and all the old ones do not use spell echo for some reason >.>

I was quite impressed after seeing that wasteland voll fight: bring temp chains then colosseum daresso wouldn't be an issue I suppose?
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I haven't been able to try map daresso myself. But yea, generally swapping out frostbite for temp chains is a good idea for bosses that can't be frozen.However, I still use frostbite on bosses I know I can kite pretty easily just so they go down faster.
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Thank you Bada_Bing for putting my build on the Build list :)
You're the first build guide out there to use my unique! Thanks for making something neat with it.
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Xedralya wrote:
You're the first build guide out there to use my unique! Thanks for making something neat with it.

My pleasure! I love your unique, the purple power charges are a nice touch. I kinda wish it gave more stats though.
how about replace faster casting with conc for 1 more multiplier and 10% area dmg?
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how about replace faster casting with conc for 1 more multiplier and 10% area dmg?

Hmm, I don't think that would be worth the downsides. Cold snap needs all the aoe it can get. With the witch and templar aoe nodes along carcass jack I can barely hit an entire pack at once. Also, I don't think it would be worth it for bosses either because taking out faster casting means you will be standing around longer while casting with spell echo. That doesn't change anything for bosses cold snap freezes anyways but it is riskier for bosses that can't be frozen. I've been mapping with a 6L lately and the damage is fine for t15 mapping without using conc. effect. I'll try it out and get back to you though.
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