[2.2] Crit Freezing Pulser Elementalist - Perandus HC / 83k GMP Pulse

tks for your bui guild
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Thank you for your build guide!

I didn't play freeze pulse since open beta, but I picked it up for perandus again and following your guide I got to lvl 90 quite easily. great fun! thanks especially for the tip to level with "bitterdream".

to level up further I'd need to invest in better gear, but as perandus offered so much stuff, I pretty much played self found (besides bitterdream for leveling and the belt) and am happy enough with what it is.


As ascendancy class I picked occultist for the free power charges and defensive energy shield stats.

defense: MoM + hybrid life/es + arctic armor + some evasion
3.500 life
2.000 energy shield
900 unreserved mana
3.000 evasion

gems are not even fully leveled
offense tooltip with 8 power charges + 4 frenzy charges:
55k single dps with 4-linked FP
35k dps with gmp 5-linked FP

freezes most bosses as is (without cursing or frostbomb). the freeze is nice for party play, but the damage should be boosted with better gear for further leveling.
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Very good build man!!!
Ty for share :)
Hi, ty for this awesome build. One question:

What are the stat priorities on jewels? Cheers.
This my starter build thank for you guy !
Trying out your build, it works awesome!

I had a 20quality crit multi gem that I found in my stash. What do you think of that instead of Crit Chance gem?

Thanks alot for the awesome build <3
Hey, thanks for the build. I had a lot of fun with it on this league! Don't think I'll run it again, but I invested the rest of my currency in Perandus to make it work well and it's pretty cool. Got near 95% crit chance with 6 power charges and ice golem.



It was pretty cheap to gear, mana regen on rings help out a ton. It takes around 187 mana/second to cast at 5.13 casts per second. With Vaal Haste that turns into around 208 mana/second. I currently have around 225 mana regen/second so I probably went a bit overboard on it, but it's great to not worry about mana at all (Except those 60% reduced regen maps).

I have around 4,000 hp and 3,200 ES. Chose to run with an Atziri's Promise over a basalt because as long as I played a bit safe I wouldn't get hit that much. I also got Liege of the Primordial over Beacon of Ruin because like you said, everything was already being hit with GMP so the prolif didn't really make a difference.

Casual Twinned Gorge with extra damage, ele weakness
what gives the projectile spped to them ?

in tree i only found 10% , that much makes that much differnce ?
Zangetas wrote:
what gives the projectile spped to them ?

in tree i only found 10% , that much makes that much differnce ?

quality on the freezepulse gem.
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