[2.2] Crit Freezing Pulser Elementalist - Perandus HC / 83k GMP Pulse

2.2 Ascendancy Perandus HC

So nothing changed in the skilltree, other than we got the Ascendancy points, and I decided in Talisman already, that next league I will start as this exact same Freezing Pulse setup, but it's going to only be running Dried Lake and farm currency for the Reave build I made in last league aswell.

So, why Elementalist ?

Main thing that caught my attention before the expansion was out, was the Elemental Conflux, which makes all damage types you do, is it cold or whatever, all that will cause Shock, Burn and Chill and we already freeze things 24/7, with the exception of some map bosses. And then behind that node is the Beacon of Ruin, which will cause all these effects we get for free pretty much, to proliferate, sounds good enough ? Just bear in mind that Elemental Reflect will cause some trouble if not careful enough, the 50% more damage from shocking the enemies does hurt.

Just yesterday I got the Merciless Labyrinth done and the remaining options to place the points are not really that great, I took the Pendulum of Destruction, just because, why not ? Other would be the golem giving double boost and 40% increased damage of matching element.

Something worth trying could be to take off the Beacon of Ruin and taking that Golem node instead, but I'm seriously not into minmaxing at the moment so maybe somebody else wants to try that out. Might be the proliferation node's aoe isn't that great, like the gem is nowdays and maybe I'm just imagining it's good or something.
To be honest, I haven't even kept eye one single time how it proliferates the elemental statuses to monsters. And in fact, with GMP, the entire screen should have the elemental status effects even without anything proliferating those.

First I was looking to go as Inquisitor Templar this league, with the crits penetrating entire resists of monster, but that's not very good if you're critting on almost every hit, while the reflect hurts quite a bit with just cold penetration gem. You do so much more damage when the enemy has no resists to a given element, that the amount of reflected damage gets so huge, it wouldn't be good for HC atleast. Keep in mind, that the flasks are aswell just 6% max resist currently.

So that in mind, I thought Dried Lake never gives any big surprises damage-wise, when you've done it several thousand times, it really shouldn't be any trouble with no armor or anything, just stacking some life and es from gear, which by the way is the most horrible thing you can do with a character, forgetting armor and just go for big hp/es pool, very bad, as I've known it without even trying.

I've also had a burnout issue with the game, last league I made 3000-4000 dried lake runs in a timeframe of 3 weeks, doing that now again causes some serious headache, but seeing the currency stack quickly helps a bit.

Use the Bitterdream unique Sceptre from level 32 onwards, it's crazy for leveling like it was before.

The new buff for Increased Critical Strike chance gem is crazy, use it.
Ascendancy gear

Why Heretic's Veil helmet ? I found it while leveling and I'm way too lazy to minmax this build this league. Everything is identical to 2.1 version, we just gained ascendancy classes.

Talisman Inspired Learning jewel video

Lovely new flasks and new mods on them, so nice. Sulphur flask specifically is extremely nice, 40% damage and has 3 uses without any mods? Give me one of those.

Search template for jewels CHANGE YOUR LEAGUE IN: SHOW SEARCH FORM

Ascendancy stats

Life: 4677
ES: 1889
Armor: 315 (lol)
Evasion: 2662
Crit Chance: 6 PC 91.32%
Crit Multiplier:300-350%+
Damage in town: 46 000 6L GMP (gems not all max level / quality)
Damage in Hideout, Pendulum of Destruction buff on: 54 700 6L GMP
Damage with Ice Golem, Herald of Ice: 56 200
Damage with Ice Golem, Herald of Ice - Pendulum of Destruction buff on: 66 000
Damage with Ice Golem, Herald of Ice, 6 Power Charges: 71 500
Damage with Ice Golem, Herald of Ice, 6 Power Charges - Pendulum of Destruction buff on: 83 400
Gem links
FP / GMP / Echo / Faster Casting / Cold Penetration / Increased Critical Strikes
In lower content, like Dried Lake farming or lower maps, Faster Projectiles is very good replace for Cold Penetration.

Blasphemy: Whatever it is that you desire or require. Need power charges ? Assassin's Mark. Need Endurance Charges and life/mana leech ? Warlord's Mark. Enemies hit too hard ? Enfeeble. Enemies hit too hard and can't run away from them ? Temporal Chains. Or build it in a way you can use +1 Curse item(s) and combine something great out of all the available curses.

Herald of Ice / Curse on Hit / Assassin's Mark OR Warlord's Mark

Golem of choice, or in Ascendacy, Ice Golem.

Elemental reflect monsters: Fire Trap / Conc Effect / Fire penetration / Trap&Mine Damage or you can try to spam pulse from a bit farther distance.

CWDT / Immortall Call / Increased Duration
Enduring Cry and/or Rallying Cry if needed

Whirling Blades / Fortify / Faster Attacks

Damage will get higher and higher, with more jewel slots, I still have only 3 jewels equipped at the moment and some gems are with 0% quality. I wouldn't be surprised of 85-90k dps 6 Power Charge dps.

Ascendancy Dried Lake IIR setup

Ascendancy Mapping Endgame tree with big armor shield
For this to work, you need a shield like this, or not exactly like that, but 1500+ armor is prefered, I'm just linking this from standard, as I do not currently have anykind of high armor shield in Perandus HC league. Evasion helmet, evasion+es chest and armor/evasion or pure of either one boots. That will give you decent amount of Evade and from the shield alone you will get 4k+ armor.

Dried Lake run with IIR gear and Chill of Corruption jewel

Plateau with current setup

Plateau video with old wand

Explosive fun at Dried Lake

How to make easy currency in game

Atziri viable ? Atleast Vaults.
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Very impressive. #Nicebuild
Not a fan of armour would evasion + energy shield be fine? I was also planning going with grace and blasphemy assassins mark.
What bandits did you take?
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SenyaPoet wrote:
Very impressive. #Nicebuild

Thanks ! :)

ruinedsleep wrote:
Not a fan of armour would evasion + energy shield be fine? I was also planning going with grace and blasphemy assassins mark.

I think it would work indeed, as most of the time things are just frozen and multiple rapid physical attacks shouldn't be happening that often atleast. But have to keep in mind that physical attacks will hurt a lot when they happen.

Vyvanne wrote:
What bandits did you take?

It is Oak / Point / Alira
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Uploaded a new just for fun type of video with Consuming Dark and Pyre ring equipped.

Do you think the pye + consuming dark is actually viable long term? Seems fun.
The tree looks kind of thrown together, do you agree or think it's in a fairly good state?
Well built and easily answers the "is it HC viable" question.
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I like that build. What bandit rewards do you take? I am guessing, life, skillpoint, power charge?

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